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Die Zahlung per Lastschrift im Online Casino stellt sich aufgrund hoher Sicherheitsstandards als positiv heraus. Gerade Spieler, die sich keinen zusätzlichen Account bei E-Wallets, wie zum Beispiel PayPal zulegen möchten, sind über die Zahlungsart erfreut. So kann man ganz bequem eine Einzahlung vornehmen und im Online Casino um echtes Geld spielen.

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Because of the easy handling and the plus In terms of convenience, many people like to use the payment method. There is no lack of security either. Most large online casinos offer direct debit as a payment option.

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Is paying in the direct debit casino safe?

Selection of an online casino with direct debit

The option to pay with direct debit in the online casino should always be available and free of charge.

Important criteria

  • Costs - no charges incurred
  • data – no external access possible

Paying by direct debit is a safe undertaking. The payment system naturally meets the highest security standards. This includes secure encryption and transmission. Above all, a direct debit is only possible if you have given a direct debit authorization. Once this is done, the specified account can be debited. Manipulations are quite unlikely with the payment system. It is so well secured that such a thing cannot happen. Players can use the fraud test to see which online casinos offer direct debit as a payment method. Of course, only reputable and secure providers are displayed that have also been checked in advance.

Are there any fees to be paid?

At the online casinos wetested There are usually no fees for deposits via direct debit. So there is no need to worry about that. Otherwise, there is always an overview of possible costs in the checkout area of ​​the gambling platforms. You can have a look there again. Withdrawals are usually made via bank transfer, which are usually free of charge. So the amount that you requested should really arrive in the account. However, players may incur fees if a direct debit cannot be carried out due to insufficient funds in the account. Of course, this should be avoided so that no high costs are incurred.

This is how the deposit works

A deposit in online casinos with direct debit is very easy and almost self-explanatory. The deposit works in principle as with other payment methods. You first have to log in to the online casino with your access data. If you don't have a player account yet, register and confirm the welcome email. Then you log in to the online casino. There you click on the Cashier section to make a deposit and play slots for real money. Now select the direct debit payment method. The next step is to enter the desired deposit amount. Now you follow the further steps and enter the personal bank details of the account from which the specified amount is to be collected. In the last step, you check the data and the deposit amount again and confirm the direct debit. After that everything runs automatically. You can start playing slots, blackjack and roulette soon.

Advantages and disadvantages at a glance

The simple handling of the direct debit is a point that turns out to be particularly advantageous. Because of the convenience of implementation, many players prefer to deposit via direct debit. You only have to fill out the power of attorney. The payment is then automatically initiated via the online casino. First of all, the power of attorney that has been issued is only valid for the one payment. For further payments, new powers of attorney must be issued. So no one can just use the account like that. But the fast deposit process also convinces the players. Because if you compare with the bank transfer, you can play for real money much faster thanks to the direct debit. However, this only works if the direct debit is made via Giropay, for example. The classic direct debit also takes a few days. This is comparable to the conventional bank transfer. One disadvantage is the long duration of classic direct debits.

Can I also use direct debits for payouts?

Payouts are also possible if you decide to pay in via direct debit has. However, this cannot be described as a direct debit payment, since otherwise the player would have to initiate a direct debit himself. It is the case that the online casino transfers the corresponding amount to the player's account via bank transfer. Withdrawals are easy, but not very fast. It takes a few days for the amount to appear in the player's account. On the one hand, this is due to the processing time of the online casino and the processing times of the banks. Here we would recommend thePayment via PayPal, as this is much faster.

General information about the payment system

The direct debit method is one of the popular payment systems in retail. But online casinos are also happy to offer this payment method. Direct debit has also been known under the term direct debit for many years. It is cashless payment transactions that bring benefits to both providers and customers. There is now the SEPA direct debit procedure. If players notice that an incorrect amount has been debited, they can reverse the direct debit as usual. In this case, the amount will be credited back to your own account. A minus is created on the account of the online casino. Of course, you should only do this if the amount is really wrong.

Conclusion - many secure providers with direct debit

Due to the high level of security and the possibility of having the wrong amounts charged back , direct debit is very popular with many players. That way you always feel safe. The good and simple system has proven itself for many years and is considered very safe. For example, if you do not want to open an e-wallet account and do not have a credit card, a direct debit casino is a good choice. Above all, there are some online casinos that offer the secure direct debit payment method.

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