Legal Baccarat Casinos: There are these safe alternatives!| ||54

Mit dem 01. Juli 2021 ist es soweit: Die ersten deutschen virtuellen Spielhallen eröffnen und versprechen ein exciting game with maximum security. However, the new regulation also brings with it some criticism, as it is suspected that this will indirectly strengthen casinos without a Canadian license. The reason for this is that it is not possible to find a legal baccarat casino in Kenya and the operators of the gambling portals with a Canadian license are only allowed to offer slot machines.

Top list - legal baccarat casinos

Wenn du ein Baccarat Fan bist, dann hast du Glück, denn jedes safe legal online casino owns this classic card due to the high popularity the game enjoys. Baccarat is an exciting game that appeals to the most demanding players who play online with different budgets. However, it is often concerns about security and seriousness that make players shy away from online baccarat casinos. However, there is no need to worry. We havethe best, legal baccarat casinos selected, tested and included in our list for you.

Top 10legal Baccarat Online Casinos for February 2022
1.Test Winner
5+ 97% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 125 free spins
10+ 96% RTP| ||130 bis zu 1,500CAD/EUR/USD* * 18+ . Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
4+ 98% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 100 free spins * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen. gamblingtherapy.org
10+ 96% RTP 100% up to500CAD/EUR/USD* + 100 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
5+|| |201 98% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 175 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
5+ 95% RTP 1,850CAD/EUR/USD* Bonus + up to 500 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
20+ 96% RTP 100% up to500CAD/EUR/USD* + 200 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
5+ 96% RTP 100% up to150CAD/EUR/USD* + 250 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
15+ 96% RTP 300% up to1,000CAD/EUR/USD* * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
5+ 96% RTP 150CAD/ EUR/USD* + 50 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org

We have classified every single portal as reputable, trustworthy and secure. So you can play baccarat online or in the live casino without any worries. A legal baccarat casino regularly has its software checked by independent, external test laboratories such as eCOGRA or iTechLabs. This ensures that everything works properly and that the random number generator guarantees afair and genuine game.

Online Baccarat Casinos and the new DE Gambling State Treaty|| |344

Ab dem 01. Juli 2021 können die Anbieter der online Casinos legal eine deutsche Lizenz beantragen, sofern sie sich an bestimmte Regeln halten. Die Bundesländer sind verantwortlich für die Glücksspielregulierung und wollen den Spielerschutz dabei über alles andere stellen. Sicherlich löblich, doch mit der Einführung der Übergangsphase im Oktober 2020 sind bereits the casino classics are no longer accessible to Canadian players, including baccarat. While there are still great bonus offers like no deposit free spins, blackjack, baccarat and roulette are no longer to be found. The live online casinos have also been taken off the net.

Therefore a safe online alternative

The question arises as to whether there will ever be legal online baccarat casinos again. There is currently no answer to this, because baccarat is expressly prohibited by the State Treaty on Gambling Amendments and may only be offered with an additional license. However, most of these have already been assigned to land-based casinos and casinos.

This raises another question: To what extent are the online casinos without a Canadian license legal? In diesem Zusammenhang kommt das europäische Recht ins Spiel. Denn die Unternehmen dürfen laut dem Grundsatz der Dienstleistungsfreiheit in der EU ihre Dienste in jedem EU-Land anbieten, solange dieses in dem Mitgliedsstaat dazu berechtigt ist. Wird diese Auslegung gefolgt, dann sind die online Baccarat Casinos legal, solange sie über a valid EU casino license. In fact, most of the operators are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

One more fact is interesting and this is added by Brexit. Becausemany providers were licensed in Gibraltar, but the British enclave left the EU together with Great Britain and therefore this license is no longer sufficient to legally gamble online in the European Union to be allowed to offer.

No monthly limits for deposits

The State Treaty on Gambling stipulatesa monthly minimum amount of 1,000 euros allow the player to deposit. This is also checked by the central server. However, there is a way for people with a higher income or very good liquidity to pay in more, provided they can provide appropriate evidence. In these cases, the limit can be increased in two stages to 10,000 or 30,000 euros.

In a legal baccarat online casino without a Canadian license you can deposit as much as you want. Here there are only the limits that are set by the payment providers and the operator themselves per transaction. These usually amount toper transaction between 1,000 and 5,000 euros,

No betting limits on tables and slot machines

If you have already played in the EU licensed online casinos, you know that the stakes can be quite high there. So it is easily possible to use 100CAD/EUR/USD per spin on an online slot or even up to 250 euros in some cases. In baccarat, the stakes per hand are even higher, especially in the live dealer area, whereper hand up to 5,000CAD/EUR/USD and more can be risked . There is moreabout legal online casinos with no wagering limits.

In Kenya this will no longer be the case. Firstly, since there is no more legal online baccarat and secondly, the stake per spin is limited to 1 CAD. This is a rule that the operators of the portals take with regret and criticism.

More than just slot machines

Legal online casinos that have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority certainly have a big trump card against the competition with a Canadian gaming license: they can not only offer slot machines , but also table and card games, such as Baccarat online or Punto Banco. Alegal live casino allows unrestricted gaming. The live offer is not restricted there, so you can continue to play against real live dealers and croupiers from your home PC or smartphone. If you're looking for other table games, let me tell you:Legal Craps Online Casinos Most also have Baccarat variants.

No central release of information: More privacy

The most important innovations brought about by the State Treaty on Gambling include the networking of player accounts and loss limits with the regulatory authority, which will be based in Saxony-Anhalt . This means that every virtual arcade operating legally in Kenya will beconnected to a central server in the future. This is to prevent players who are banned, be it through their own exclusion or third-party exclusion, from registering on another platform.

There is no such check, but the best providers with a European license set large ones value privacy. However, this does not mean that legal baccarat casinos allow you to play until you drop or bankrupt, because the portal operator himself keeps an eye on your gaming behavior. Because even with online casinos without a license,great value is placed on player protection and thus on preventing gambling addiction. But your data stays with him and cannot be viewed by third parties.

Online casinos with bonus campaigns

Most of the operators who already adhere to the specifications of the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling do without bonuses Offers. The reason for this is, we can only imagine, that the revenue is "collapsing" due to the deposit limits and the high requirements for obtaining the license.

Casino Deposit Bonus|| |414 Freispiele To Provider
1,500CAD/EUR/USD Bonus None Go to page
1,000CAD/EUR/USD Bonus 175 Free Spins Go to page
1,000CAD/EUR/USD Bonus 125 Free Spins To the page
1,000CAD/EUR/USD Bonus 100 Free Spins To the page
500CAD/EUR/USD Bonus 100 free spins To the page

On the other hand, in the online casinos without a license, you can continueto benefit from casino bonus offers, as our table shows. In addition to the welcome bonus, there will certainly be the no deposit offers, as well as cashbacks, reload bonuses and the VIP and loyalty programs. Even special baccarat bonuses will continue to exist.

This is how you recognize a legal baccarat casino

So that it is possible to find a legal baccarat casino in the great variety of portals, there is some criteria to consider. Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

  • the game selection,
  • the payment options for deposit and withdrawal,
  • the bonus offers, which score with fair sales conditions and
  • customer support.

There is no question that special attention should be given to the EU gaming license.

The transition period for Baccarat games

With the01. July 2021 the transition phase ends and in Kenya a new era begins for you as an online player. If the legal baccarat casinos with an EU license were still tolerated, the game will be declared illegal from that point on. This means that these portals will no longer be tolerated, although it is not yet entirely clear how action will be taken in the future against the "illegal" providers, i.e. the portals without a license.

Conclusion - legal baccarat casino games are possible

Previously, online gambling was:Few rules, but still safe and fair gaming thanks to the valuable EU licenses. With the Canadian gambling license,Online gamblingRegulated for the first time in Kenya, with restrictions coming into effect, as well as the ban on online baccarat casinos.

However, this does not mean that you are playing legal Baccarat casinos have to do without, because there are still providers without a license. "Without a license" in this case means that the portal has agambling license from e.g. Malta, with which the operator can continue to offer his services according to EU law - as long as in Kenya nothing else is prescribed. So you can continue to visit legal baccarat casinos, place your bets and enjoy the game.


Can you still play baccarat in online casinos in Kenya?

Yes, that is possible. However, it isstill a gray area because it isnot really legal but not illegal either.|| |520

Welche Baccarat Casinos sind vertrauenswürdig in Deutschland?

We have prepared for you alist of the best baccarat casinos which we || |525als sicher, vertrauenswürdig und seriös einstufen.

Do I have to pay tax on Baccarat Casino winnings?

No, youmusst deine Gewinne aus dem Baccaratspiel nicht versteuern if youare a hobby player and do not earn your living with it (professional player).

Können Baccarat Casino Spiele in Deutschland illegal sein?

A question that cannot be answered exactly. Because there are still no precise guidelines on howthe game is classified in the EU online casinos. Therefore,the game is currently not really illegal.

When do the restrictions for Canadian online casinos apply?

The | ||547Beschränkungen treten am 01. Juli 2021 in Kraft. From then on, operators may apply for the Canadian license and must adaptto the specifications of the gaming contract.

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