The best Neosurf casinos in the test 2022|| |57

Neosurf ist eine new prepaid card on the market and can be used to pay in numerous online shops. But Neosurf is also an option for making a deposit at online casinos. On this page you will find all information about this payment system and which Neosurf Casinos are recommended for you.

Top 5 Neosurf Online Casinos for February 2022
Neosurf Casino Rating Feature Welcome Bonus Secure Link
5.0/5 Huge Bonus Package 100% up to300CAD/EUR/USD To Casino
5.0/5 Top VIP Program 200% up to150CAD/EUR/USD For Casino
4.5/5 Top Slots Casino 100% up to 300CAD/EUR/USD To Casino
4.5/5 Top Live Casino 100% bis zu 200CAD/EUR/USD To Casino
4.0/5 Top Software Provider 100% up to300CAD/EUR/USD To the Casino

These providers are particularly good suitable for depositing with Neosurf. Among the providers that support this payment method, these casinos have the best game offers and welcome bonuses for new players. They also have an official gambling license and are therefore reputable and secure.

Is paying at Neosurf Casino secure?

Neosurf is asecure online payment system|| |154, bei welchem man keinerlei persönliche Bankdaten übertragen muss. Es wird für den Kauf oder die Casinoeinzahlung lediglich ein 10-stelliger alpha-numerischer Code benötigt. Die Zahlung bzw. die Zahlungsbestätigung erfolgt immer verschlüsselt. Der Zahlungsdienstleister ist bei der englischen Finanzaufsicht FSE unter der Nummer 900025 registriert.

General information about Neosurf

Neosurf was founded in 2004 in France. After this prepaid card had established itself nationally, the provider began to expand the dealer network throughout Europe and worldwide. Today there are alreadymore than 150,000 sales outlets worldwide, such as supermarkets, petrol stations or kiosks. Neosurf Pins can also be purchased from certified resellers on the Internet. In principle, Neosurf works in a similar way to Paysafecard. Instead of a 16-digit PSC PIN, Neosurf only has a 10-digit PIN. However, this can consist of numbers and letters, while the Paysafecard only uses numbers.

Company name: Neosurf Cards SAS
Website: www.neosurf.com
Address: 10 rue Vandrezanne, 75013 Paris, France
Founded: 2004
Registration: FSA 900025
SIRET: 478 502 321 00035
APE: 5819Z
RCS: CRETEIL B 478 502 321
NAICS listing for SIC Code: 5099
Länder: Over 45
CEO: Nicolas Saubié
Employees: 380+|| |240

Neben der reinen Prepaid-Funktion der Karten bietet Neosurf auch noch weitere Features, für die man aber einen Neosurf-Account erstellen muss. Mit solch einem Konto kann man von weiteren Vorteilen wie den Geldversand zu Freunden oder der zusätzlichen Flexibilität der Neosurf Card profitieren.

Overview of the advantages and disadvantages

As a prepaid card, Neosurf has the usual advantages - and disadvantages of such a payment system. First of all, you don't need credit cards or bank accounts or other accounts with other electronic payment service providers. You simply buy one or more cards for different amounts in one of the shops for cash and enter the respective 10-digit pin that is printed on the card when shopping online or when making a deposit at Neosurf Casino. Multiple cards can be used simultaneously for a payment up to an amount of 250CAD/EUR/USD. This is particularly advantageous if you want to use up the remaining amounts on individual cards. You can check the balance of a card on the Neosurf website.

  • Full cost control – no impulse purchases
  • Wide distribution – available in over 150,000 points of sale
  • High acceptance - accepted in many webshops and gambling sites
  • Anonymous Purchases - No payment details visible
  • High security standard – All purchases are processed in encrypted form
  • Flexibility – Cards can be used for multiple payments

But there are also disadvantages. Typical for a prepaid card is that you first have to buy a card before you can make a deposit. But you prevent impulse purchases, which is an advantage for players who react too quickly by charging the casino account. Payouts from the casino account are also not possible using this payment method.

  • Prepaid system – Cards must be purchased beforehand
  • Kenya – no Canadian sales outlets yet

Overall, however, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, especially if you don't have any alternative payment options such as a credit card or electronic wallet. Compared to the Paysafecard, Neosurf only has the disadvantage that the global dealer network is not yet so extensive. However, work is currently being done at full speed on this and Neosurf cards will soon be available everywhere in Kenya.

This is how the deposit works

The deposit in the casino with Neosurf is very easy. First you have bought a card of any value, you simply go to the Neosurf option in the cashier area of ​​the online casino. Then you enter the desired deposit amount and the 10-digit PIN of the card.

  1. Find one of over 150,000 Neosurf card sales outlets
  2. Buy any number of Neosurf Voucher Cards with the desired amount
  3. Enter the respective Neosurf pin code when making a deposit in the online casino

If the amount is not sufficient because there is not enough remaining credit on the first card, you will be prompted to enter a PIN for another card or to cancel the deposit process. Neosurf has also put a YouTube video online for the payment process.

The Neosurf official instruction video
5 Stars

Bestes Neosurf Casino

  • Great Bonuses and Promotions
  • 1,500+ casino games

The payment system is so simple that you can hardly go wrong. The necessary entries are limited to the essentials and leave no room for confusion or confusion.

Are there any fees for the Neosurf Casino deposit?

For the deposit,im Casino keine GebĂĽhren neither by the casino nor by the payment service provider. There are no fees for the dealers that could be passed on to any customers. The only fees, which are only charged by Neosurf, are for using the voucher cards (4.5%) and for paying out the myNeosurf account via NeoCash Card (2%) or bank transfer (1.5%).

Buy Neosurf cards - locally and online

Cards can be bought at numerous points of sale such as supermarkets or petrol stations. However, the sales network in Kenya has not yet been expanded, but these cards are already available in numerous European and international countries - and can also be used from Kenya in web shops or online casinos for payments. On the Neosurf website there is asearch function for the nearest shop where you can buy the Neosurf Cards locally. There is also a list of resellers on the internet where you can buy the corresponding Neosurf keys.

Neosurf cards are available at over 150,000 points of sale worldwide and on the internet from various resellers. In addition to numerous online casinos, the credit cards can also be used in 20,000 shops.

Can you pay out via Neosurf?

A cashout in the casino is via Neosurfunfortunately at the moment not possible. As a typical prepaid card, receiving money is not supported. However, it may well be that in the near future this option will be possible in connection with a myNeosurf account, as is currently the case with Paysafecard. Another option could be that the casinos issue Neosurf codes when making a payout, which can be used elsewhere as a means of payment - but that has to be seen first.

More options with a myNeosurf account

In addition to the anonymous and simple prepaid card, a Neosurf account offers additional benefits. After a completely normal registration, as you are used to from other service providers, you can use amyNeosurf account as with other electronic pursesamounts of money Send friends, shop everywhere with the Neosurf Card or withdraw credit at ATMs. The Neosurf account can be loaded with Neosurf cards, credit cards or bank transfers. The payout from the Neosurf account is also possible via various payment methods.

An overview of all the Neosurf casinos we have tested

Alternative payment methods to Neosurf

Since Neosurf is not yet available in Kenya, there is the obvious question of suitable alternatives. Of course you can buy Neosurf Codes online, but this usually involves additional costs. If you bring credit cards with you, e.g. from vacation, you can also use them in Kenya. For regular use, however, we recommend some other payment service providers - above all thesimilar prepaid card paysafecard. But other payment methods also have various advantages that should not be underestimated.

Compared to the paysafecard, Neosurf brings with it the advantages of the account, which offers additional features that go beyond the pure prepaid function of the credit card. But even if the maximum payment amount is limited to just 250CAD/EUR/USD (with paysafecard 1,000CAD/EUR/USD), this should easily be enough for most payments on the Internet.

FAQ about Neosurf in online casinos

Some readers always write us the same questions about Neosurf, I would like to briefly answer the most frequently asked ones here.

đź’ł What is the value of the credit cards?

Neosurf cards can be purchased in denominations of 5CAD/EUR/USD, 10CAD/EUR/USD, 15CAD/EUR/USD, 30CAD/EUR/USD, 50CAD/EUR/USD or 100CAD/EUR/USD . In addition, there are Neosurf voucher cards for children worth 10CAD/EUR/USD and 20CAD/EUR/USD. This means that only child-friendly services can be used - here you can find all information aboutthe available sales outlets.

âť” Is there a minimum or maximum amount for payments?

The minimum deposit always depends on the online casino. Withthe top providers the minimum deposit is5 or 10 CADs, but the Neosurf card can also handle smaller amounts pay. For larger amounts, several cards can be used at the same time, but only amaximum amount of 250CAD/EUR/USD is possible for one payment.

đź’µ Can you exchange unused tickets?

Neosurf offers the option toconvert existing cards back into real money. On the one hand, you can exchange the credit for Amazon vouchers, but so far this is only possible in France. This option will certainly come for Kenya as well, as soon as the card has been officially introduced here and is available everywhere. You can also have the remaining balance paid out to your bank account, but this is only worthwhile for larger amounts, as there is a fee of 5CAD/EUR/USD. Otherwise there are more than enough possibilitiesdoing something useful with a prepaid card.

Conclusion: Neosurf is becoming more and more popular in online casinos

Neosurf is on the rise. Even if the card cannot yet be found in Canadian shops and supermarkets, more and more online casinos are supporting payment with this prepaid card. But many established and thebest unknown online casinos are already relying on the payment service. Until the introduction in Kenya, the cards can also be bought online and used anytime and anywhere. As soon as prepaid cards are available everywhere in Kenya, Neosurf will be a real alternative to Paysafecard and other payment options. However, there is alreadya good selection of Neosurf Casinos for anonymous gambling use.

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