Slot bonus offers without deposit & with deposit

If you like being active at slot machines you can help yourself to more gaming fun and starting capital with a good slot bonus. Whether it's simple slots or you want to take your chance at comprehensive titles with many features - with a slots bonus you can try your luck even better. Where you can find the best offers of this kind andwhat makes really good bonuses for slots games, we'll tell you in more detail below.

Top 10 || |63Online Casinos für Spielautomaten mit Bonus for February 2022
1.Test Winner
2,000+ 97% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 125 free spins
1,800+ 96% RTP| ||124 bis zu 1,500CAD/EUR/USD* * 18+ . Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
1,600+ 98% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 100 free spins * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen. gamblingtherapy.org
3,000+ 96% RTP 100% up to500CAD/EUR/USD* + 100 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
2,200+|| |195 98% RTP 1,000CAD/EUR/USD* + 175 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
2,000+ 95% RTP 1,850CAD/EUR/USD* Bonus + up to 500 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
1,950+ 96% RTP 100% up to500CAD/EUR/USD* + 200 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
2,400+ 96% RTP 100% up to150CAD/EUR/USD* + 250 Free Spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
1,800+|| |293 96% RTP 300% up to1,000CAD/EUR/USD* * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org
2,400+ 96% RTP 150CAD/EUR/USD* + 50 free spins * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming. gamblingtherapy.org

WhichCasino slot machines you also like to use – you can use an online slots bonus for almost any title. In order to really benefit from the top offers, however, you need top operators who can offer you really fair conditions. We looked around and picked out just such providers for you:

This is what makes slots bonus promotions so appealing

A slots welcome bonus drawscharacterized by many advantages as you will see. If you use your first casino deposit without a welcome offer, your credit will be used up after a certain number of rounds - so you can't explore the casino offer too extensively. However, if you take advantage of a slots bonus, your balance will be increased by 100 to often even 200 percent - which allows you to really trymany slot machines at least briefly. In this way you can find your favorites at a significantly lower risk.

Free gaming fun

Probably the most important reason for claiming a slot machine bonus offer is that your own budget can be greatly expanded. If you meet the requirements, your budget will often be increased bymore than 100 percent, so that you can use it longer in the casino. This means that once your own budget has been used up, you can basically continue playing for free with your casino credit. Because some free spins are often part of the offer, you can explore certaingame innovations or classics particularly intensively.

Try out the slots risk-free| ||356

Mit jedem eigenen Einsatz gehst du beim Online Gaming ein gewisses Risiko ein. Schließlich setzt du Geld und Zeit aufs Spiel, um die Chance auf Gewinne zu bekommen. Durch das Bonusguthaben und Freispiele kannst du deine liebsten Titel allerdings kostenlos spielen, un d zwar ganz ohne eigenes Risiko. Verlierst du die Runde, ist das no financial loss. Trying it out risk-free is also important in that you can first search for your favorite game for free. You don't take any risks when you switch between titles and then decide on your favorite games. This factor is particularly important because there are new games among the games almost every month.

Extended chance of big wins

Very big wins usually only occur then , if you are particularly lucky or spin the reels long enough. The latter is made possible by bonus credits and free spins, which allow youlong play without your own risk. The probability of winning can therefore be increased with lavish bonus money. But not only a slot machine welcome bonus can help here: Tournaments and other promotions can also bring you closer to a big win. For example, if you collect the most points in tournaments,you will benefit from attractive prize money. You see: In a best slot bonus casino you have several chances to become a lucky winner.

Bonus promotions under the magnifying glass: the bonus conditions

As you probably already know, is Every online slot bonus is also subject to certain conditions - after all, no online casino just gives away money. First of all, you have toqualify for the offer, but also unlock it within a certain period of time after the credit has been given according to the company's specifications. We will tell you below which factors to consider.

Bonus amount

If you decide on anOnline Casino Bonus , you must qualify for this one. For this purpose, a deposit must be made, for which there are minimum requirements on the part of the provider. But instead of just making a minimum deposit, you should think about making the most of the offer. Because: Your deposit determines how high the bonus amount will be paid out. If you deposit ten euros with a 100 percent offer, you will in practice get ten euros on top of your deposit. So you shouldthink in advance how much bonus money you want to claim. Please note:

  • Higher bonus amounts are more difficult to clear
  • The bonus amount is capped - for example up to 100 euros
  • Winnings must be wagered as well as bonus money

Basically, the more experienced you are with free spins from an online slot bonus, the higher the bonus sums you can dare. As a beginner, however,you should rather avoid larger bonus sums to be able to fully concentrate on free spins.

Bonus period

Each bonus offer is also linked to a period. After registering, you often only have up to 30 days to qualify for the offer. Once the credit has been made, the credit must be released within a few days.You usually have between seven and 30 days for this. The following applies here: The shorter the free play period, the more difficult it becomes to convert the credit in time and to benefit from it. However, if you only want to use the bonus income for pure gaming fun, you no longer have to observe this condition. Thebonus sums expire after the specified period automatically.


Probably the most important bonus condition for every slots bonus is the rollover Factor. This tells you how often the entire bonus balance, including your deposit, must be used in the casino before it is released and therefore belongs to you. The rollover also applies to winnings from bonus credits and free spins and usually moves betweenbetween 25 and 45x. You should always note therelationship between rollover and time limit. If you have to meet very high rollover requirements in a short time, the offer is not very fair. Example: If you deposit ten euros with a 100 percent bonus, you will receive ten euros in bonus money – you have to wager the total of 20 euros 35x in some casinos – which corresponds to a total of 700 euros.

Excluded games|| |412

Nicht an allen Spielen kannst du einen Bonus umsetzen. Die Bonusbedingungen zeigen meist, dass only slot machines count towards 100 percent. In contrast, your bet with bonus money on table games is often not counted at all or only with up to ten percent. Our 2021 test also showed: Even some slots are excluded from the free spins experience. You should take a closerlook at the company's terms and conditions so that you really don't waste time doing something wrong. Why are some titles excluded? Because they could beprogressive jackpot slots, where your bets could otherwise result in particularly high jackpot sums from the casino's pocket.

Excluded Payment Methods

Currently, not all payment methods can be used to qualify for a bonus. Some payment methods are excluded by casinos in the terms of use because the operator has to pay for these fees orother disadvantages. You must therefore do without these payment options when making use of the offer:

You must use PayPal among other things, because the payment service provider is withdrawing more and more from the industry. This is due to the partly unclear legal regulations for online casinos in Kenya. But don't worry: You will find enough alternatives in the casinosausreichend Alternativen.

Different bonus types in the check

The differentOffers on the market are fundamentally different, as you have probably already noticed. From slot bonuses without a deposit to free spins and lavish bonuses from several tiers, there is a lot to discover. Even as an existing customer, you will not miss out with slot machine bonuses in the form of reload bonuses and weekend free spins.

Free Spins

As already mentioned,Free Spins are very often part of a slot machine bonus. These can either round off a classic welcome bonus or be given away directly with your registration, so that they are not always tied to a deposit. Of course, you have to accept that free spins are also subject to certain conditions. As a rule, they must be used within a very short period of time, otherwise their validity expires. Also you have to wagerwinnings from free spins after the bonus terms in order to keep them. However, because the period of time for this is somewhat shorter, this task is often much more difficult.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is the classic form of a slot bonus that will be credited to your first deposit after registration. As already mentioned, you have to qualify for the claim, for example by observing the minimum deposit amount. The deposit bonusis designed to reward new players for registering and encourage them to actually deposit at the casino. Because the casinos want to advertise themselves with this type of offer, you will sometimes encounter very high bonus amounts online. But this promise alone does not make the best casino, as you will find out: The more money that can be credited, the more difficult it will be for you to clear the bonus. Therefore, when making your selection, it is important to considerwhether a high offer is worthwhile for your purposes.

Reload Bonus

A reload Bonus is there to provide existing customers with a counterpart to the classic slots welcome bonus. The reload bonus online will be credited to you if you qualify as an existing customer with a further deposit of the required minimum amount for a reward. This form ofoffer is often 100 percent up to 50 or 100 euros. Although these bonuses are a little less lavish, they are usually tied to very fair conditions. As a particularly active customer, you canenjoy a lot of added value and make more out of your budget in the long term. As a rule, reload slots bonus code offers are submitted on the weekends - and not infrequently by newsletter invitation.

The top 5 slot machines according to RTP: implementation of the bonus made easy

If you want to make it easier for yourself to convert bonus credits, you can do this withslots with high RTP. The higher the RTP rate, or payout ratio, the better. Because: This indirectly determineshow high your winning probability is. The better your chance of winning, the more compensatory win amounts you'll earn, which you can use to meet rollover requirements.

  • Back to Venus
  • Fruit Million
  • Joker's Luck
  • Blood Suckers
  • Wild Swarm

At this point we have selected some top slots for you, with which implementation should be even easier. You canfind these games from almost any operator as they are some of the most popular in the industry - and from reputable developers such asNetEnt.

Slots Bonuses Sorted by Developer

If you want to claim bonuses specific to certain gambling slots, you've come to the right place. We have sorted the current top slot bonus offers by developer so that you can use your favorite providers andexperience even more gaming fun. All you have to do is select the right slot machine online bonus below.

NetEnt slot machines with bonus

To the test report Bonus until to1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report Bonus until to1,500CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report Bonus until to1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page

NetEnt slot machines are characterized by a particularly high quality. They are among the most popular in the industry - and not without reason. The providerwas created in 1996 and is one of the most experienced software developers in the industry. Almost every month the company launches games that inspire numerous players.

Microgaming slots with bonus

To the test report Bonus until to1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report Bonus until to1,500CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report Bonus until to1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page

As you can see, there are also some top slot bonus promotions for Microgaming games to discover. These are particularly rich in features and provide pure variety. No wonder considering that Microgamingwas founded back in 1994 and has won many awards since then.

Merkur Slots with bonus

To the test report Bonus up to1,000CAD/EUR/USD| ||601 Zur Seite
To the test report Bonus up to1,500CAD/EUR/USD| ||612 Zur Seite
To the test report Bonus up to1,000CAD/EUR/USD| ||623 Zur Seite

Merkur Gaming was set up in 2005 and was initially able to make a name for itself with local slot machines. Thesequickly caught on virtually and are now among the most popular of all. There are also some Top Slots Bonuses to be discovered that can spoil you all around.

Bally Wulff Slots with Bonus

To the test report|| |641 Bonus bis zu1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report|| |652 Bonus bis zu 1,500CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report|| |663 Bonus bis zu 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page

Bally Wulff is actually one of the oldest providers in the industry - already In 1950 the company entered the ring. To date, the manufacturer's slot machines are impressive - and are particularly popular withplayers in the form of retro slots. If you want to discover the games, you have the chance to do so online with the right slots bonus.

BetSoft Slots with bonus

To the test report|| |684 Bonus bis zu1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report|| |695 Bonus bis zu 1,500CAD/EUR/USD To the page
To the test report|| |706 Bonus bis zu 1,000CAD/EUR/USD To the page

BetSoft has been on the market since 1999 and knows players with 3D Slot machines and other special features to convince. The provider is the address for you if you want to play games with a high RTP rate and look forward to a particularly large number of features. TheTop titles are internationally known.

Conclusion: Slots are more fun with a bonus!

Whether you want a slot bonus without making a deposit, you prefer to look around for free spins without a previous deposit or even want to take advantage of comprehensive classic welcome offers - with our help, the slot machines are much more fun. Because: Those who can play risk-free enjoy the rounds even more.

Not only as a new customer can you benefit from many a bonus, but also as an active existing customer. So if you want to bring more excitement into it, you can do it in the simplest way.However, always pay attention to fair conditions to really make the most of your casino stay.

FAQ: 5 questions about bonus offers for slot machines|| |730

Du hast noch Fragen oder möchtest generelle Unklarheiten aus dem Weg räumen? Dann bist du hier genau richtig: We've taken on the most frequently asked questions and will tell you our answers. So you can prepare yourself even better for the selection of your personal slot bonus favorite. You can also always contact the top providers live chat if you don't find an answer here.

Which casinos have the best bonus offers for slot machines?

In ourTop Casino Favorites contains thebest bonus offers in the industry. These are not only secure operators, but also the addresses with the best customer service and a wide portfolio of slots.

What do I have to look out for with bonus campaigns for slots?

If you have a If you want to select a slot bonus, you must first read theConditions of the offer. The more transparent they are shown and the easier they are to implement in the given period,the fairer the offer.

Which slot machines have the best chance of being implemented of the bonus?

The best way to do this is toSlots with a high RTP rate. Because: Theseindirectly increase your chance of winning and give you credit that you can use for further wagering. The more losses you make, the more difficult it will be to free spins in the given time.

Are other casino bonuses more suitable for certain developers?

Of course you can find some slot bonuses that are more suitable for certain developer games. For this you can have a look at ourBonuses sorted by developer which we can recommend to you. OftenFree spins are offered directly for the provider's games and their games are preferred in terms of turnover.

What type of bonus is best suited for slot machines?

Any of the types of bonuses we have mentioned are suitable for slot machines.Various types of bonuses includes free spins, no deposit slots bonuses and more, so there should be something for everyone. Reload Bonuses and Welcome Offers with Slot Bonus Code are among themost popular promotions in the market.

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