Online Spielautomaten mit schnellen Spins spielen: So geht es!

Eine riesige Auswahl an Casinos steht dir im Internet bereit. Natürlich verfügt jedes Spieleportal über unterschiedliche Spielautomaten. Auch hier muss unterschieden werden. Neben Slots mit einer Jackpot-Chance gibt es andere Automaten mit Freispielen oder aber der Quickspin-Funktion. Genau auf diese Funktion wollen wir heute genauer eingehen.

Ein Quickspin ist im Grunde genommen eine Funktion, die dir ein virtueller Spielautomat bietet. Wie die Begriffe „Quick“ und „Spin“ wahrscheinlich schon erahnen lassen, handelt es sich um eine schnelle Drehung. Online Spielautomaten mit schnellen Spins bieten dir sehr viel Spaß. So können beispielsweise Freispiele in einem deutlich kürzeren Zeitraum gewonnen werden, da die Drehungen schneller vonstattengehen.

Wir wollen dir einen Einblick verschaffen, wie du Online Slots mit schnellen Spins erkennen kannst. Zudem zeigen wir dir auf, in welchen Casinos du Online Spielautomaten mit Quickspins findest.

Die Top Online Casinos mit Quickspin Spielautomaten

Es gibt zahlreiche Anlaufstellen mit einer europäischen Glücksspiellizenz. Um einen geeigneten Partner finden zu können, sollte man sich vorab immer einen Einblick auf verschiedene Eigenschaften verschaffen. So kann beispielsweise auch dazu gehören, dass das Portal Online Slots mit Quickspins bereitstellt.

Top 10 der Online Casinos für Spielautomaten mit Quickspin für Februar 2022
1. Testsieger
2.000+ 95,92% 1.000KES/EUR/USD* + 125 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
2.000+ 96,64% 1.850KES/EUR/USD* + 500 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
3.000+ Über 95,00% 1.650KES/EUR/USD* + 300 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
2.300+ Über 96,00% 500KES/EUR/USD* + 100 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
3.000+ Über 96,00% 500KES/EUR/USD* + 100 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
2.200+ 95,58% 1.000KES/EUR/USD* + 175 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
2.300+ Über 96,00% 500KES/EUR/USD* + 200 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
2.400+ 96,00% 150KES/EUR/USD* + 50 Freispiele * 18+. Geschäftsbedingungen gelten. Verantwortungsbewusstes Spielen.
1,800+ Over 96.00% 1.500KES/EUR/USD* * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming.
2,800+ Over 97.00% 500CAD/EUR/USD* * 18+. Terms and Conditions apply. Responsible Gaming.

In the casinos we show you will not only findexciting slot machines, but often you will also receive a bonus offer when you register. It is not uncommon for your deposit to be doubled or tripled and you start with a significantly higher starting capital.

Quickspins and the new state gambling treaty

The newCanadian gambling treaty is very unsettling many players. This is understandable, since no official regulation has yet been found and casino portals with a license from Malta or Curacao are still advertising for Canadian customers further conditions,

Neben der maximalen Einzahlungssumme von 1.000,00 Euro in einem Monat gibt es viele weitere Auflagen, which cause uncertainty and misunderstandings. For example, players can no longer work with the autostart mode and have to make each spin individually. This is because only one spin can be made every five seconds. Everyone should know that these propertiesdo not help to remedy the high losses. The five-second rule only gambles away the credit more slowly. In addition, the permanent waiting contributes to an uninteresting gaming experience for many casino fans. Therefore, theCasinos without the 5-second rule are worthwhile.

Further aspects speak for online alternatives

In addition to the properties already mentioned, there are many other questionable contents of the new Canadian gambling license. For example, a register is supposed to monitor the player's deposits, whichis not in line with the Data Protection Act.

A strong limitation is also used by the betting rules. In a casinowith a Canadian license you are only allowed to place 1.00 euros per spin. Even in a Canadian arcade, players are allowed to use more credit, so this regulation also raises many question marks. It is precisely for these reasons that players keep looking around the European gambling market. Due to theEuropean freedom to provide services there is a gray area that does not prohibit playing in anonline casino clearly enough.| ||372

Wir haben dir eine Auflistung der positiven Aspekte einer Online Alternative angefertigt und wollen dir die Vorteile aufzeigen. Wenn du vorab schon mehr Informationen über Online Slots without restrictions in advance, our special page on the subject will certainly help you. Just follow the link!

No monthly limits for deposits

The monthly deposit limit of 1,000 euros is an obstacle||, especially for so-called "high rollers", i.e. players with high stakes |380ein Hindernis. Mit nur wenigen Drehungen kann das komplette Limit bereits aufgebraucht werden, sodass keinerlei Gewinn zustande kommt. Während die Casinos mit deutscher Lizenz an diese Regelung gebunden sind, ist es in Casinos mit einer Lizenz aus Curacao oder Malta weiterhin möglich, mehr Geld einzuzahlen. Auch hier players should set themselves a limit. Due to the non-existent determination of the maximum deposit, significantly more credit can be loaded onto the account.Casinos with no deposit limit are therefore the right choice for everyone who doesn't want to be dictated how much money they play for per month.

None Betting limits on tables and slot machines

TheLive Casino was completely banned from the portals, provided that they appear under a Canadian license. Especially for friends of blackjack, roulette, baccarat or poker, this is also a drastic decision that does not seem acceptable. The betting limit on slot machines also raises a big question mark. While up to 4.00 euros per spin may be placed in arcades, players in aOnline Casino only bet 1.00 Euro may. In order to be able to circumvent this regulation and the ban on live casinos, a reputable and secure provider with a European license is suitable. Due to the European freedom to provide servicesMany casino portals continue to accept players from Kenya.

More than just slot machines

As already mentioned, there is no providers from Kenya who have aLive Casino more in their offer. More than just slot machines, however, can be found in online alternatives. Herean extensive range of table games will continue to be offered. So in order to be able to continue playing games like blackjack, roulette in all forms or baccarat and live games,a look at the online alternatives.

No central release of information: More privacy

We have also already mentioned data protection. With the new Canadian gambling license,a register for all players should be created. Deposits should be inserted here so that the maximum deposit limit of 1,000,000 euros can be enforced. In recent years, we have all had to adapt a little to innovations due to the GDPR. However, the fact that this regulation is now being overridden in order tomonitor players makes many casinos and players doubt the GDPR. In order to be able to continue to enjoy more privacy, a casino with a non-Canadian license is also suitable in this regard. The player's data is also recorded here. However,These remain in the hands of the casino portal and are not forwarded to third parties.

Online casinos with bonus promotions

One or the other casino fan will certainly have already claimed a bonus in a casino. With a new registration, verylarge amounts of bonus credit are transferred in addition to your first deposit. This means that you can place significantly higher bets right at the beginning or make many more spins in an online slot. To find the rightbonus from the top casinos, you've come tothe right place. We have been able to find the best bonus promotions of the casinos in a list. You can find the right bonus for you with just one look.

This is how you can recognize a secure casino with Quickspins

There are various characteristics of a casino that you absolutely have to know more about before registering or making a deposit should be scrutinized. Only when a fair game is offered is gambling fun and offers achance of winnings and payout. An important feature of a casino, which providesonline slot machines with fast spins, is of course the gambling license. A license from Malta or Curacao offers you aEuropean standard that the casino operators have to adhere to! Furthermore, due to data protection, you should always take a look at the security mechanisms. Encryption, protecting data with software and regularly updating this softwarea casino should bring to ensure sufficient protection when gambling with real money.

Conclusion - keep playing slot machines with fast spins

The new Canadian gambling regulations are causing confusion and annoyance in many places. Many players feel unfairly treated and also numerousonline casinos do not agree with the changes.

If youcontinue to If you want to play online slots with fast spins, you have the option of an alternative to the Canadian online casinos. Of course, when choosing a casino, always pay attention to the license so that you have the European freedom to provide services behind you.


Now we come to the most frequently asked questions about online slot machines with Quickspins. Questions about the new Canadian gambling contract and the raison d'être of online slots with Quickspins keep coming up. We will answer all the questions you may have about these games so that there is no longer any ambiguity.

Are you still allowed to play slot machines with Quickspins in online casinos in Kenya?

A case law againstthe best casinos and their online slot machines with fast spins do not exist. You as a player arein a gray area, so it is neither legal nor illegal to spin on such a slot machine.

What Quickspin Casinos are trustworthy in Kenya?

In addition to the Canadian gambling license, there are many other countries that also offer a European license.Malta and Curacao are also located in Europe and therefore have to comply with European gambling laws. Here, too, you are offered afair and secure game, so it may well be worth taking a look at the alternatives.

Do I have to pay tax on winnings from slot machines?

This question can be found again and again in the vastness of the Internet. If you receive a huge amount of profit and invest it, only theprofits from your investment are taxable. In general, online casinos with an EU licensemore privacy and no central release of information. The best way to talk about such taxes is to get a tax consultant who will take care of all the little things.

Can Quickspin Casino games be illegal in Kenya?

Same on this question let's refer again to the gray area.Currently there is no regulation for the wholeEuropean market that restricts the freedom to provide services. A basic statement that it is legal or illegal simply does not exist.

When do the restrictions for Canadian online casinos apply?

Planning for a Canadian license was repeatedly postponed. After an agreement was reached, July 1, 2021 was chosen. However, some casinos and betting providers are already implementing the new regulations. A maximum deposit limit,maximum bets of EUR 1.00 and many otherconditions are already being implemented.

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