How fair online casino games prevent fraud

In contrast to the games in a normal casino, online casino games have the advantage that there is a higher payout ratio. Fraud also has no chance in a reputable Internet casino based on reviews by independent test laboratories.

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There is a house edge at every casino. This is the requirement of every provider, because if there were no house advantage, the casino could not exist at all.

What games are there?

How to recognize good casino games

The most important thing is the online casino's gambling license. This ultimately guarantees the security and fairness of the games offered.

Important criteria

  • License – Casino and developers are regulated
  • Payout Rate – independently tested
  • Rules of the game – Canadian & clearly understandable
  • Demo mode - to learn the game

In online casinos there is an abundance of casino games. The most well-known online casino games include roulette, blackjack and slot machines. Casino games usually have a long tradition in the respective region. But thanks to the Internet, games that are popular in other cultures are also available. For players, this means that there are modified roulette and blackjack variants. Completely different games such as video poker, craps, sic bo and baccarat can also be found. In a land-based casino, there is a significantly lower selection of casino games. Constant expansions can also be made online, so players never get bored. Since there is no unlimited space in a normal casino, not all games can be made available there. Since there is sometimes too little interest, some games are not even offered. Online, on the other hand, there are usually no cuts. Here is a small overview of the games in the most common variants.

Slot machines

In the area of ​​slot machines, the selection is huge. There are hundreds of slots that vary in terms of reels, rows, paylines and themes. Popular themes include fruits, comics, fiction, and movies. The games that are also known from arcades, including Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot, are also available in many online casinos. There are also modern 3D slots with great bonus rounds. But not only that. There are also jackpots in the millions. A well-known game is Mega Moolah, for example. There are hardly any limits in the field of slot machines.


The common roulette variants include European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. European roulette has 37 slots and a 0 slot. The American roulette has 38 slots. French roulette has the same compartments as European. In the variant, however, players get half of their bets back on a simple chance if the ball lands on 0. Roulette is popular because players can bet very individually. There are many variants of roulette online. Examples include Mini Roulette and Card Wheel Roulette.

Black Jack

In Kenya, Black Jack is also known as 17 and 4. You always play against the dealer's hand in this game. The higher wins the game. Blackjack is a game with a very low house edge. Therefore, it is also very popular with many players. So the chances of winning at Black Jack are pretty good. A very popular variation is Black Jack Switch. Because the variant has the lowest house edge. With a bit of tactics, blackjack can turn the advantage in your favor.

Live Casino Games

There are some live casino games that are offered in many online casinos. Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Casino Hold'em are the most common. You play with real dealers at real tables via a video stream. The stakes in the games are placed with a mouse click. Conveniently, you can also communicate with the donors via chat. TheLive Dealer Games can be played around the clock in many online casinos. There are many advantages for players. These include transparency and security. You can always follow the course of the game. In addition, there is a good atmosphere. The dealers are also very friendly and communicative.

How is the safety of the games guaranteed? How is fraud prevented?

In order for online casinos to be able to offer online games at all, they need a valid gambling license. A gambling license contains many specifications that contribute to seriousness and security. Regular checks of the software used are recorded in it, for example. In addition, the online casinos must record the results. The stored results are ultimately used to check whether these results correspond to the expected value of the game. Millions of game rounds are simulated. The corresponding test facilities work completely independently. The results of the tests should also be published in the online casino. Encrypted deposits and guarantees for player accounts are also part of the specifications. In reputable and secure online casinos you can therefore rely on the fairness of the games. The randomness of the results is also absolutely certain. Due to the fact that there is a lot of competition inOnline Gambling, no provider can afford to make a mistake in the area of ​​security. The players leave quickly and prefer to play with another provider.

Who develops the games?

The games are mostly developed by specialized software companies. Online casinos themselves usually do not develop the games themselves. The games are developed by the software companies and licensed by the online casinos. It is therefore also the case that there are many games that can be found in numerous online casinos. In the meantime, some software manufacturers have emerged as very good. The top providers include Playtech, Microgaming, Netent, Dragonfish, Merkur and Novomatic. Of course there are also other providers who develop top games for online casinos. Here we have listed the big and well-known providers at the moment.

How do I learn the games?

For all casino games there is usually a game manual. In the game instructions you can get very good information about the games with the symbols and features. So you can already get a first glimpse of the game. In addition, players can look forward to a play money mode. Because in a play money mode you can play without any money at first. This way you get the feeling for the game and you can decide whether it is worth playing the game in theOnline Casino in real money mode. This is of course a big advantage compared to land-based casinos, since there is usually no play money mode available.

Conclusion: Casino games are very well protected against fraud

The online casino industry has over so much competition that you will not find in almost any other industry. But even such strict regulation hardly exists anywhere else. These measures prevent fraud with online casino games when youregister with our properly licensed casino providers. Constant checks of the results and high safety precautions ensure fair and serious gameplay. Of course, there is always a house edge. Because it is necessary to keep the casino running.

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