VR casinos – safe or is it all just appearances?

In a VR casino you can have a whole new experience, in such an online casino you play with virtual reality glasses. Table games in particular can be enjoyed particularly well. However, such offers are currently not yet available, but are still in the test phase.

If a VR casino starts, the main factors there are the operation and the visual quality. But there should also be additional features such as voice chat and control via hand movements. Together this results in a completely new gaming experience.

What are VR Casinos anyway?

Selection of a VR online casino

There is no tested VR casino yet. The prerequisite for a review is always a gambling license from a recognized regulatory authority. And then of course we will also take a close look at the game and bonus offer. As soon as a reputable provider is on the market, we will examine it thoroughly. You can find out the result here.

Virtual Reality is the magic word of the future. And that should also be implemented in the online casino. The technology of the future has been touted for many years. However, the first leaps in this area have only been made in recent years. VR glasses are now available on the market at reasonable prices, so that the VR world is always within reach. If the trend continues, the first VR devices will become just as popular as smartphones. The online casinos also want to be particularly well prepared. Because it is the case that conventional casino games do not come close to a real casino experience.Live Casino Games on the other hand are already a first step in the right direction. Because that's where the casino atmosphere comes in. But in a VR casino, players should be able to have many more interactions. In craps, for example, it can then be possible for the players to throw the dice themselves using hand gestures. That would of course be a revolution that would make gaming even more exciting and interesting. This could also contribute to a plus in entertainment for poker games.

Are VR casinos trustworthy or is there fraud?

Of course, there are also the same security standards in VR casinos as in a regular online casino. A valid gambling license must be available in order to be able to offer the games at all. The online casinos have to meet strict regulations. Incidentally, various software specialists are actively involved in the development of the VR casino software. Among others, the software giants Netent and Microgaming are developing the new software. So you can be sure that playing in VR casinos is absolutely safe and fair.

Do you always need data glasses in VR casinos?

It will probably be the case that you does not necessarily need data glasses. It should probably also be possible to operate the menu and the games via a normal screen. In order to be more active, you just have to connect your glasses. You can already move in the virtual world and make interactions. The feeling of being right in the middle of things only comes when you use the glasses. Otherwise you could also play in a conventional online casino if you want to do without this luxury.

Current status of development

At the moment, virtual reality hardware is still expensive fails. VR glasses for the smartphone are available from 10 CADs, but for the right VR experience with integrated screens in the glasses for online casinos, several hundred euros are currently due. Certainly, over time, prices will fall. This will especially be the case as competition increases and technology improves even more.

The software developers are not even ready for a comprehensive VR casino offer. Some manufacturers already have demo versions. Microgaming has now introduced a roulette demo version in VR and NetEnt already has a VR slot machine. The further development of allproven casino games will of course take a while to come. The first demos of the VR games look very promising and exciting. Fully walk-in virtual casinos and interaction with other players determine the gameplay. There is also intuitive operation with hand gestures or keyboards. Especiallynew online casinos that are fresh on the market offer casino players this intense experience.

Conclusion: Many renowned casinos will offer VR functionality| ||96

Virtual Reality wird auch in Internet Spielbanken stark gefragt sein. Wenn auch noch nicht gleich, aber bestimmt in einigen Jahren, werden die entsprechenden Angebote so selbstverständlich wie heute das Live Casino oder Spielautomaten sein. Vielleicht werden dann sogar die herkömmlichen Casino Games durch die VR Games nach und nach abgelöst. Wir können davon ausgehen, dass viele der hier auf our site would like to ride the wave of success. So we are excited and looking forward to what the virtual world in online casinos will soon have to offer.

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