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Das Lottospiel 6 aus 49 erfreut sich nicht ohne Grund einer solch großen Beliebtheit. Neben der klassischen Tippvariante kann 6 aus 49 online gespielt werden. Die Onlineteilnahme wirft Fragen zum seriösen Verhalten der Lottoanbieter auf. cpaws-ov.org hat die Anbieter daher genau geprüft und zeigt euch hier nach welchen Kriterien wir unsere Bewertungen durchführen.

The test has shown that the providerLottoland besonders seriös ist und das beste Angebot stellt.

The lottery game, which drew the first draw in 1955, is just as popular today as it was when it was founded. The game is also very popular in Kenya. In addition to our domestic variant, the game is also available in other versions. In the USA, the game is called 5 out of 59, but has the same processes as 6 out of 49. In Italy, a number row of 90 is even played with 6 numbers. The fascination with the betting game has also spread on the Internet, since the game 6 out of 49 is offered on numerous online portals 1CAD/EUR/USD

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6 out of 49 online games, the advantages in comparison

Selection of a 6 out of 49 provider

A good lottery portal should always have a size for new customers Offer atis tip. In addition, the prices should not differ greatly from a stationary acceptance point. The so-called “Quick Tip” should also be available to users.

Why should one play 6 out of 49 online when the ticket can be bought at the nearest kiosk? Typing on the online portals explained here opens up new advantages that offer a lot of convenience. In addition, online betting offers independence, because players no longer have to pay attention to opening times and can place their bets at home on their PC in just a few moments.

In addition to these advantages, which many players cite, there are still advantageous online properties when placing a bet. Newcomers in particular, who are giving their tip for the first time, are left to their own devices at the lottery stand. Questions are only partially answered by the employees. In the case of the online lottery, the procedures are described in more detail and players receive tips.

In addition, many providers of the game offer 6 out of 49 storage functions for their favorite numbers. Players who opt for the online tip have the chance to automatically take part in a draw for several weeks with the right portal. Joining syndicates is also possible on the portals mentioned here, which has the advantage that the chances of winning are maximized.

Many consumers travel to neighboring countries because of high jackpots in order to submit a lottery ticket there. With an online lottery ticket you save these travel costs, because the international ticket can be made available online. The player gets the opportunity to access international games on many reputable portals.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Convenience and independence
  • Tips can be given anytime and anywhere
  • Newcomers have the rule explanation available in the online portal
  • Tips and tricks are explained
  • Favourite number saving function
  • No travel expenses for foreign games
  • Joining a syndicate
  • Automatic participation over several weeks

How to play 6 out of 49 online?

To play 6 out of 49 game online, every player should choose a reputable provider at Fraudtest.com. All providers were checked more closely and assessed for a serious way of playing or paying out. After the provider for the upcoming draw has been selected, registration can begin with the basic details. The basic data, which are necessary for all providers, relate to the name, address, date of birth and a password. Registration can be completed online.

Now the desired game - in this case the 6 out of 49 - can be selected. A virtual lottery ticket appears, which is based on the original. The bets on the ticket can be made with a mouse click. Each player then has the opportunity to make different setting options (draw, additional game, participation). Once the lottery ticket has been filled out, payment is made. This can be done with the usual online payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung, etc.).

For the player, the task is now complete. The provider now sends an employee to buy the lottery ticket. Thus, the online provider is a trustee who acts on behalf of the customer. The customer is thus spared the journey to the lottery shop. An e-mail is sent as confirmation of the purchase, which includes a copy of the ticket.

Play now in the 6 out of 49 draw in Lottoland and win the next draw.

The game system 6 out of 49 in detail

The lottery game is one of the most well-known draw games that the lottery empire has produced. In Kenya, the game is often booked online. The draws take place nationwide in Kenya on Wednesday and Saturday. The rules for 6 out of 49 are kept simple so that newcomers can complete this game.

12 betting fields are available, which contain the numbers 1 to 49. 6 numbers are selected and marked in each betting field. The additional number can then be selected. Since May 4, 2013, new regulations have been in force in the lottery. The following rules apply to the game 6 out of 49:

  • The additional number is replaced by the super number. This increases the chances of winning. The super number itself is between 0 and 9. The additional number used to be drawn from 43 numbers.
  • There are new prize tiers
  • The stake for a tip is 1 CAD, it used to be 76 cents

The game 6 out of 49 results in the following prize categories:

  • Prize category 1 refers to 6 correct numbers and a super number
  • Prize class 2 equals 6 correct matches
  • Prize class 3 on 5 correct numbers and the super number
  • Prize class 4 are 5 correct numbers
  • Prize class 5 are 4 correct numbers and the super number
  • Prize class 6 refers to correct 4
  • Prize class 7 on 3 correct and super number
  • Prize category 8 contains 3 correct numbers without a super number
  • Prize class 9 has 2 correct picks and the super number

Worth knowing about 6 out of 49

The 6 out of 49 principle, i.e. the tip on 6 numbers between 1 and 49, is available in some countries. However, a comparison has shown that the tips are different. Austria offers a drawing of 6 out of 45 numbers. This lottery variant is therefore simpler than the Canadian version. Italy has a more difficult system as 6 numbers out of 90 are chosen. The chances of winning are much lower than in Kenya. You have better chances of winning the Spanish Christmas lottery, as ourEl Gordo experience shows.

In Kenya there have already been some wins. The highest win related to the jackpot of KES/EUR/USD45,382,458 awarded to three players. They came from Schleswig-Holstein, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia.

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Conclusion of the game 6 out of 49

The game 6 out of 49 is one of the many variations that lottery winners produce. Thanks tonumerous online lottery providers this game can now be played comfortably from home. Various providers are available for this, which we have checked more closely. There, with a simple registration, a ticket can be quickly filled out in order to take part in the draws on Saturday and Wednesday.

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