The Cash4life Test: Serious games on the Internet

The newcomer to the lottery world plays similarly to the lottery classic 6 out of 49. Cash4life was brought to Kenya by well-known reputable providers and is mainly offered online. The lottery game can convince with a monthly immediate pension, which refers to 1,000 euros per day. This game is particularly easy to play online. But there are questions about the seriousness of most providers. Fraustest.com has checked numerous providers and found them to be reputable. The providerLottoland, who was able to convince in the test, particularly stood out.

The Cash4life game has been part of the lottery process since 2014. Initially only points of sale could be found in the USA, but in the meantime the game has also found a fan base in Kenya. The lottery game, which is similar to the classic 6 out of 49, can be played online at numerous providers. Cash4life can easily be played online by handing out a virtual lottery ticket, which can help the customer to earn an immediate pension. Fraud test.com should show whether there are reputable providers who have the game on the list of offers.

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Wichtige Kriterien

  • High security standards
  • Good chances of winning
  • Life situation Immediate pension

Canadian companies also offer the lottery game | ||69wie die Onlineanbieter für Lotto, which customers have a large selection to choose from. The game is particularly popular because it offers good chances of winning and is very easy to use. Conditions similar to those of the typical classic lottery also enable beginners to quickly understand the procedure of the Cash4life lottery offer.

Anyone who wants to concentrate on the game online has other advantages than customers who prefer to sell at the lottery stand . Online use enables special advantages, which not only result in flexibility, but also in convenience. If you are wondering where exactly these two advantages can be found, you should use the comparison between normal lottery and online lottery. With a normal lottery, the customer has to stick to opening hours. This not only robs you of convenience, but also of flexibility. If you prefer the online lottery, you can always hand in your lottery ticket. The customer is therefore no longer tied to opening hours and does not have to move out of the apartment, which in turn creates convenience.

Further advantages relate directly to the bet. With online submission, customers have the opportunity to automatically use the same lottery ticket for several weeks. In addition, the favorite numbers can be saved, which in turn is a great relief. With regard to the advantages, it can also be stated that real lottery fans no longer have to travel abroad for a higher jackpot. Travel costs are therefore eliminated.

How is Cash4life played?

Anyone who would like to earn 1,000 euros a day as an immediate pension can use the Cash4life lottery variant. A lot of previous knowledge is not required thanks to simple rules. Basically, for online use, you have to register with a reputable game provider. It is easy to find out which reputable providers are available on cpaws-ov.org. Once the provider has been selected, registration takes place on the game portal. Information on address, date of birth and name are usual in order to be able to complete a complete registration.

After the registration on the desired portal has been completed, the customer can call up the game and the lottery ticket. Each player has a betting slip available, which consists of 6 betting boxes. For comparison, the classic 6 out of 49 has 12 fields. The betting fields contain the numbers 1 to 60. Each player can choose 5 numbers from the 60 pieces per field. The numbers on the online lottery ticket are confirmed with a mouse click. Additional information can then be given, which relates to the additional number, the draw and the length of the game. It should be noted that the cash number represents the additional number and can be selected 6 times. The player has the opportunity to choose one additional number per field. The draws for this variant of the lottery take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Once the information has been entered, the lottery ticket can be submitted. It is sufficient to activate the confirmation button. In the following procedure, you will be asked about the appropriate payment modalities. Well-known payment options are available for reputable portals, which can refer to Neteller, Visa card, Sofortüberweisung and PayPal. Once the payment has been made, the lottery company sends an employee to buy a ticket. Thus, the employee of the lottery becomes the trustee!

If you want to experience the jackpot at the next drawing, you should buy a lottery ticket now. By the way, players can also enter the draw via a mobile app. We show which is the best and most secure appin our online lottery app comparison 2022.

The game system of the Cash4life lottery

Wie wird der Jackpot, welcher sich auf die Sofortrente bezieht, geknackt? Auch hier gibt es keine großen Anforderungen, denn als Spieler benötigt man lediglich 5 Richtige. Wer gerne die Rente gewinnen will, sollte sich bewusst sein, dass die Chancen auf den Gewinn bei 1 zu 21.846.048 liegen. Die Gewinnklassen gliedern sich wie folgt:

  • Class 1: 5 correct + cash number
  • Class 2: 5 correct
  • Class 3: 4 correct + cash number
  • Class 4: 4 correct
  • Class 5: 3 correct + cash number
  • Class 6: 3 correct
  • Class 7: 2 correct + cash number
  • Class 8: 2 correct
  • Class 9: 1 correct + cash number

The prizes depend on the prize category. Class 1 offers the jackpot of 1,000 euros per month. If you get a prize from class 9, you can at least look forward to one euro.

Note: Class 1 and class 2 have the “same” winnings. However, class 1 is rewarded with a daily prize of 1,000 euros and class 2 with a monthly prize of 1,000 euros brought to Kenya by online lotteries. Since then, the game has been made available by numerous providers.

Wissenswertes zum Spiel Cash4life

Cash4life stammt ursprünglich aus Amerika und wurde durch Online-Lotterien nach Deutschland geholt. Seit dem wird das Spiel bei zahlreichen Anbietern zur Verfügung gestellt. Verglichen werden kann The lottery game can be compared with the classic 6 out of 49, which is very popular in Kenya.

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There is not much to note about the game variant, because it is very easy to understand.

Conclusion on the Cash4life lottery game

The Cash4life game originally comes from America and was developed by brought the online lottery to Kenya. The great thing about the game is that a monthly pension can be won. This amounts to EUR 1,000 per day for the first prize category and EUR 1,000 per month for the second. The game can be used online with numerous providers who provide a digital lottery ticket.

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