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The best lottery providers for EuroMillions in the test

With a maximum jackpot of KES/EUR/USD190 million, many players have decided to take advantage of EuroMillions and try their luck. The jackpot is much larger than a state lottery. It is therefore quite understandable why so many users want to play the EuroMillions. This lottery variant can be played online. Fraud would like to show which reputable providers are available for online use.

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Several tests have shown that EuroMillions is played online onLottoland legally and seriously can be. The game EuroMillions is a multi-country lottery in Europe, which was played for the first time in 2004. There are 10 countries in the association, which makes the lottery variant one of the largest in Europe. The founding countries that introduced this lottery include England, Spain and France. Later Belgium, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Luxembourg joined.

Why should EuroMillions be played on the web?


The lottery unit of several countries promises great winnings!

Important criteria

  • Big jackpots
  • High flexibility

As a potential customer, you are probably now asking yourself why you should use the lottery variant? The gaming method has been established online for many years and is used extensively by many customers. The reason for this extensive use of the online game is that although EuroMillions is a multi-country lottery in Europe, it is not available in Kenya. For this reason, Canadian users only have the opportunity to participate in the EuroMillions jackpot via the online lottery.

This way of playing opens up other advantages. With the online lottery, users from Kenya save the travel costs that would normally be incurred when participating in the EuroMillions jackpot, since it is a lottery game that is not available in Kenya. In addition, players can benefit from the convenience and flexibility made possible by the Internet. You can play from home or via smartphone if acorresponding online lottery app is available. These options result in comprehensive flexibility, because there are no opening hours on the Internet. This means that the lottery ticket can be filled out at any time.

In addition to these advantages, placing a bet offers a number of other advantages. With a special storage function, the numbers typed can be saved with some providers, which means they can easily be used on the next lottery ticket. Joining syndicates is also made easier by the online lottery.

Besides these obvious advantages, beginners can also benefit from the online lottery. Newcomers playing EuroMillions for the first time are usually overwhelmed at a lottery booth and left to their own devices. With the online lottery, newcomers have the advantage that the ways of playing and procedures are explained in more detail.

The advantages of online EuroMillions at a glance:

  • Newcomers are explained how to play
  • No travel expenses for the foreign game
  • Convenience and flexibility in gaming
  • Tips pools can be formed more easily
  • Saving the bet numbers as a favorite
  • You can play the game for several weeks
  • Tips and tricks are mostly given

How can EuroMillions be played online?

In order to be able to play the lottery variant with the extensive jackpots, it is important for every user to choose a reputable provider from the Internet. gives youthe opportunity to look at numerous online lottery providers that have proven to be reputable in multiple tests. Once a provider has been selected, registration for the upcoming draw can begin. Various basic data are required for this. This basic data is limited to name and address or date of birth. Once the registration has been completed, the desired game, in this case EuroMillions, can be selected.

Once the game has been found, a digital lottery ticket appears, which was based on the original lottery ticket. The tips on the ticket can be recorded with a mouse click. The other settings (draw, additional game) can then be made on the ticket. The ticket and the draw must then be paid for. Different payment methods are available for this. Reputable providers allow payments via PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and other online banks.

For the user, the betting is done. Now the task of the provider begins, because he acts as a trustee and collects the lottery ticket on behalf of the customer. The customer is thus spared the trip to the lottery acceptance point. In order to confirm the purchase of the ticket, the player receives proof by e-mail.

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Wie wird EuroMillions gespielt? Das Spielsystem im Detail

In Kenya, the EuroMillions game is now a well-known lottery variant that has found numerous supporters. As mentioned above, anyone interested in the game must find a reputable provider. If this is found, the game can begin. Each player has 6 betting fields on a betting slip that are filled with the numbers 1 to 50. 5 numbers can now be selected from this collection.

If the numbers are marked, each user has the option of choosing the additional numbers – known as star numbers at EuroMillions. The numbers 1 to 12 are available here. The draws for this lottery variant always take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The drawing is the same for all participating countries.

EuroMillions is defined by different winning classes:

  • Class 1: 5 correct numbers plus 2 asterisks
  • Class 2: 5 correct numbers plus 1 star number
  • Class 3: 5 correct
  • Class 4: 4 correct numbers plus 2 asterisks
  • Class 5: 4 correct numbers plus 1 star number
  • Class 6: 3 correct numbers plus 2 asterisks
  • Class 7: 4 correct
  • Class 8: 2 numbers plus 2 star numbers
  • Class 9: 3 numbers plus 1 star number
  • Class 10: 3 correct
  • Class 11: 1 correct number plus 2 asterisks
  • Class 12: 2 correct numbers plus 1 star number
  • Class 13: 2 correct

Worth knowing about the EuroMillions game

The prize money in the EuroMillions lottery game is much larger than in a normal state lottery. Although the win totals are very high, the odds of winning seem lower. The chances of winning in the EuroMillions lottery game are comparable to those of thegame variant 6 out of 49.

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The highest Profit in 2016 on September 30 was 130 million euros. Before that, such a high profit had been made in 2008 and 2007.

Conclusion on the EuroMillions jackpot

EuroMillions is a popular lottery game, which is not available in Kenya. Therefore, the online game variant is most suitable for Canadian players. The ticket is characterized by 6 betting fields, which are declared with numbers from 1 to 50. Here 5 numbers can be selected at random, which are supplemented with 2 additional numbers.

Anyone interested in the game canplay online lottery with reputable internet lottery providers. The best providers are shown on

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