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The game of chance Keno is less known in Kenya, although the game is offered in the state lottery. Keno offers every user a prize of 100,000 euros if the correct numbers are guessed. In addition to the lottery acceptance points that have been offering the game for many years, online lotteries have also discovered the fascination of the keno game. The online game procedure raises questions in relation to the seriousness, which can be answered quickly by comparing Fraudtest.com.Lottoland has shown itself to be a reputable provider.

Keno originally comes from China and was brought to Kenya via the USA. Today the game is offered in many offline acceptance points of the lottery headquarters. Customers also have the opportunity to play the lottery game online and take advantage of the many advantages. The processes of the game are reminiscent of the classic 6 out of 49, which should make handling the lottery ticket easier.

What are the advantages of the online lottery game?

Keno Online

Originally from China, but very close to 6 out of 49, Keno enjoys great popularity.

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The ticket for the Keno lottery game can simply be bought at the nearest lottery stand, since it is an official game of the Canadian lottery . Despite this possibility, many players have taken the opportunity and followed the lottery game online. Why should you bet online when you can also fill out the lottery ticket manually?

Using the portals explained here offers many advantages. In addition to the convenience of being able to fill out a ticket anywhere and anytime without having to leave the house, online users can look forward to being independent. Because players no longer have to stick to the opening hours and can submit the ticket whenever there is time.

Apart from these advantages, there are definitely advantageous properties that relate directly to the ticket and the submission. In addition to the fact that customers have the opportunity to fill out the lottery ticket anytime and anywhere, there is the opportunity to use the memory functions for favorite numbers and automatic participation. Joining a syndicate is also greatly simplified through online use.

Players who do not come from Kenya can also take part in the draw through online betting and thus claim the jackpot for themselves. A similar advantage arises for players from Kenya who want to claim a jackpot in another country. The online draw eliminates travel expenses in order to be able to use the foreign games. In addition, players save the time that would have to be taken for the journey.

There is another advantage that speaks for the online drawing. As a beginner you get tips and tricks for the first game on the various portals and at the same time a more detailed explanation. This makes it easier for beginners to use, of course.

Advantages of playing keno online at a glance:

  • Convenience
  • Independence
  • Typing can also be done via smartphone
  • Rule explanation is enabled for beginners
  • Tips and tricks are provided by many portals
  • Savings of numbers
  • Travel expenses for foreign games are eliminated
  • Game syndicates can be founded
  • Tips over several weeks

How is Keno played online?

If gambling is to be used online, a reputable provider must be found. Reputable providers are, for example, thePariPlay Online Casinos. The numerous tests on Fraudtest.com give users the opportunity to quickly find a suitable provider. If this is found, the registration must be completed using the basic data.

The login takes place with the normal data to be able to register the user. Information on the birthday, name and address including the e-mail address are common procedures. If the data is entered correctly, the user can start selecting the game, in this case Keno.

After the selection, a virtual lottery ticket for the draw is generated. This can be compared exactly with the normal lottery ticket. After the lottery ticket has been generated, the numbers can be registered with a single mouse click. Each player then has the option of paying for the lottery ticket using the known payment methods (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, etc.).

After payment, an employee of the lottery is instructed to take the customer's lottery ticket to a responsible receiving office to pick up. The customer receives a confirmation of the purchase, which is sent by e-mail.

The game system in detail

The Keno game system is designed somewhat differently than many customers are used to . The ticket is made up of 5 betting fields. Numbers between 1 and 70 can be found on each betting field.

Each player decides for himself how many numbers he puts in the selection process. 2 to 10 numbers must be chosen per field. The draw draws 20 numbers representing the keno numbers. During the draw, the player hopes that as many of his own numbers as possible will appear in the draw.

In addition to the actual numbers that have to be typed, the player can determine the number of draws as well as the stake . This can be between 1 CAD and 10 CADs. The additional numbers should not be neglected during the draw.

The costs for the ticket are calculated from your own stake and the number of tips. 50 cents must be paid for each pick.

Keno facts

A close look at the game of keno has shown that the game's draws take place daily. The user can determine anew every day how many numbers he would like to bet. With this feature, the lottery game differs enormously from the usual models. The acceptance deadline is 7 p.m. daily.

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The bonus number is comparable to the game 77. These are the only similarities between the classics and the keno game. The winning margin in Keno is enormous, because everything is possible from 1 CAD to 100,000 euros. The chances of winning can be determined very differently, because the number of numbers typed depends on the win.

Conclusion on the Keno game

Keno actually comes from China and was brought to Kenya via the USA fetched. The lottery game is less well known, because most customers rely on the classics. The game system of keno involves many decisions, because an exact number of bets is not required. Only 2 to 10 tips have to be placed. Otherwise, the procedure is very simple, which makes it easier to use online.

The online lottery offers users many advantages which are not related to convenience. We also recommendour large lottery provider comparison, where reputable providers can be found quickly on cpaws-ov.org.

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