The MegaMillions comparison: Reputable providers at a glance

The MegaMillions lottery game is a US multi-state lottery system. Overall, the lottery game is made available in 44 states and in the capital Washington. MegaMillions can be played in Kenya via numerous online providers. Participation in the online games, however, raises questions about the serious approach of the numerous providers. Fraudtest.com took a closer look at these providers and tested them in a test.The partner Lottoland.

The lottery game MegaMillions is one of the largest and most well-known lottery systems in the USA. Anyone who does not live in the USA or is visiting there has the opportunity to participate in the well-known system with the online lottery. The MegaMillions system known today has been in operation in the United States since 2002.

The Proven Benefits of Online Lottery


The hit from the USA can now be played by everyone!

Important criteria

  • Huge jackpots
  • Playable from the comfort of your own home

To take part in the well-known US American lottery game, only the online lottery remains available in Kenya. By participating online, players receive numerous benefits that would not be available with a standard purchase through a lottery retailer. Submitting tips via the well-known online portals, which are available at cpaws-ov.org, opens up the advantage of extreme convenience. Users do not have to adhere to opening times or deadlines, since online lotteries are open 24 hours a day.

Besides this advantage, which is cited by many players, there are some online-specific features when submitting bets. Newcomers who are submitting a tip in this category for the first time receive a precise overview of the course of the game thanks to the wealth of information available from the online providers. This information policy is usually not available at a commercial lottery acceptance point.

Convenience and the variety of information are of course two important advantages, which are surpassed by a much more important aspect. The MegaMillions lottery game is only available in the US, so interested players have been forced to travel to the US for the game submission. Due to the numerous online providers, which are available to every player, a user outside the USA can easily participate in the lottery system. In this case, there are no travel expenses at all. Players get the opportunity to take part in international games on reputable portals in order to receive the jackpot.

Save functions and automatic participation repetitions are further advantages which can be related to the online use of the lottery portals. The memory function allows you to save your favorite numbers in order to use them again. In addition, many reputable portals give you the chance to automatically take part in a lottery game for several weeks. Thanks to these two additional functions, players enjoy particular convenience, because tips and confirmations of participation do not have to be recalculated every week. The game is comparable to the Canadianlottery classic 6 out of 49.|| |79

Vorteile im Überblick:

  • convenient usage options
  • Tips can be given anytime and anywhere
  • Beginners receive a lot of information about the rules
  • Save functions of favorite numbers are enabled
  • Participation possible over several weeks
  • Travel expenses for foreign games are eliminated

How to play MegaMillions online in Kenya?

In order to play MegaMillions online, the first thing any player should do is find a reputable provider.A large selection of reputable online lottery providers are available at Fraudtest.com. The providers were checked for serious play and the payout ratios. After a more suitable provider has been selected for the forthcoming draw, registration on the portal can begin. The registration is carried out completely with some basic data. The usual basic data of a player includes the name, date of birth and address. In order to then carry out a regular registration, it is necessary to deposit the e-mail address and select a password. Once the registration has been completed, the desired game can be selected.

After the desired game, in this case MegaMillions, has been selected, a virtual lottery ticket appears, which was modeled on the US lottery ticket. A simple mouse click is enough to mark the tips on the playing field. Then the player can determine the MegaBall.

This is the comparable additional number, which is available with 6 out of 49. Once the standard entries have been made, the player has the option of making additional settings. The lottery ticket is submitted by clicking on the “Submissions” button. At this point, each player is redirected to the payment system. Various online payment systems are available to pay for the lottery ticket. Once the payment system has been executed, the player's task is complete.

Subsequently, the provider will send an employee to an acceptance point to purchase the lottery ticket, whereby the online provider becomes a trustee on behalf of the customer. Once the lottery ticket has been purchased, each customer will receive a confirmation e-mail. Anyone who likes to fill out betting slips on their smartphone or tablet can do so using a mobile app. We havetested all available online lottery apps and sorted them by rating.

Participate now at MegaMillions in Lottoland and win the next draw.|| |111

Das MegaMillion Spielsystem im Detail

The MegaMillions lottery game is one of the most well-known lottery systems in the USA. In Kenya, this game is just as popular as the classic 6 out of 49 thanks to the simple set of rules. The lottery game is only played online in Kenya, as there are no official sales outlets here. The draws for the MegaMillions game take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If a ticket is called up online, the player has 6 betting fields available. Each of these typos contains the numbers 1 to 75. Each player can select 6 times 5 individually freely selectable tips from these numbers. Many online providers give you the option of having a random number generator decide on the numbers. In this case, 5 numbers are randomly selected per betting field.

The player can then select the additional number, which is marked as MegaBall in MegaMillions. Here the numbers 1 to 15 are available to the player. The additional number can be selected a total of 6 times. The gameplay just described has only been known since October 22, 2013. Previously, players could only choose 5 numbers from 56 and one additional number from 46.

Facts worth knowing about MegaMillions

Anyone who is interested in the MegaMillions game should know that the starting jackpot at $15,000,000 lies. According to the current rules, which came into effect in 2013, the jackpot increase per draw can be increased to at least 5 million US dollars. The chances of winning the Megaball are currently 1 in 15. Alternatively, you can findsignificantly higher chances of winning at El Gordo.

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The prizes are divided into 9 classes. The highest win is possible with 5 correct numbers plus an additional number. The lowest winnings come from 0 correct and one bonus number and amounts to 1 US dollar. Players should take a closer look at the Megaplier. This enables an additional function that multiplies all prizes outside of the jackpot. Winnings can be doubled or quintupled. This option is available for one US Dollar more.

MegaMillions Lottery Conclusion

MegaMillions is a lottery game that originated in the USA and is sold there in a large number. In Kenya, the game can only be played through numerous online providers, since this game system has not yet been adopted by the Canadian lottery. It should be noted that the set of rules is strongly reminiscent of the classic Canadian lottery 6 out of 49. The betting slip allows you to bet on 5 numbers from a number series 1 to 49 and use an additional number per field. The draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday.

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