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Das Lottospiel Mini Lotto erfreut sich in Polen einer besonders großen Beliebtheit. Neben der klassischen polnischen Lotto-Variante wird das Mini Lotto zusätzlich online gespielt. Bevor die Online-Teilnahme zur Wahl steht, entstehen häufig Fragen zum seriösen Verhalten zahlreicher Anbieter. Diese Fragen werden auf cpaws-ov.org näher beantwortet, um die besten und seriösesten Lotto-Anbieter herauszusuchen. Als besonders seriös hat sich The provider Lottoland has proven to be particularly serious with this game variant.

Mini Lotto is a popular lottery game in Poland, which is becoming more popular in Kenya . The Mini Lotto is comparable to the classic Lotto game 6 out of 49. Rules and uses appear almost identical. Despite the identical procedure in the game process, there are some differences in the two lottery variants.

What advantages can the online lottery offer?

Mini Lotto

The popular Lotto variant from Poland can now also be played outside the country.

Important criteria

  • Automatic notification of winnings
  • High flexibility

If the Mini Lotto were a Canadian lottery game, the advantages of convenience and flexibility could be cited. Through online use, the player is no longer tied to opening hours and lottery acceptance points. You can bet anytime and anywhere, thanks to numerous online portals and the use ofvarious lottery apps.

The lottery tickets for the mini lottery game issued exclusively at Polish lottery acceptance points. Online participation allows players of any nationality to take part in the game. Travel costs to be able to pick up the lottery ticket at a collection point are completely eliminated by playing the lottery online. The comfort that is made possible by placing bets from home cannot be denied. Most online providers give their customers the option of submitting tips via mobile devices. This results in a high level of flexibility, even if it is a foreign game.

In addition to these advantages, there are other online properties that relate directly to the lottery ticket. With the online betting slip, players have the opportunity to use the storage function for their favorite numbers as well as automatic participation over several weeks. In addition, it is much easier to participate in syndicates via the online portals and thus increase the probability of winning.

Finally, it should be noted that it can also be advantageous to receive automatic notifications of winnings and credits from the respective online to obtain portals. With a normal lottery ticket purchase, the customer has to go back to the acceptance point with the respective numbers to have them checked. If you participate online, you will be notified of winnings and credited automatically. If these points are summarized more precisely, the following advantages result for players:

  • Participation in foreign lottery games possible
  • automatic winning notification
  • automatic credits
  • Favourite number saving function
  • automatic participation over several weeks
  • convenient typing input
  • Independence
  • Beginners will find a lot of information about the game

How to play Mini Lotto online?

In order to be able to participate online, every player on Fraudtest.comshould find a reliable online lottery provider select. Once the provider has been selected, registration and login with the associated basic data take place. The basic data consists of the name, e-mail address, date of birth and other important information for the provider. Once the registration is complete, the desired game can be selected by logging in.

The virtual lottery ticket must then be filled out according to the current rules. In order to register the bets for the next drawing, an ordinary mouse click is enough. After carrying out the tips, the customer has the option of making various additional settings. If this area is also completely filled out, the submission can take place. In order to ensure a complete delivery, the player must pay for the lottery ticket using the usual payment systems on the Internet. Reputable providers enable an extensive payment system, which is considered serious. The providers PayPal, Neteller, Skrill or Sofortüberweisung can be used. If this step is also completely completed, the player has nothing to do but wait.

Now the provider's tasks begin, who commissions an employee to purchase the respective lottery tickets in a shop. With this approach, the online provider acts as a trustee on behalf of the customer and thus has the opportunity to buy the ticket and collect and forward the winnings. The player does not have to move from their original location for this procedure. Once the lottery ticket has been bought, the player receives a confirmation email.

The rules of the Mini Lotto in detail

Mini Lotto is a Polish lottery game, which can be compared to the classic 6 out of 49. Lottery numbers are drawn daily. The player has the opportunity to select individual days or to take part in the draw on all game days.

With the Mini Lotto, there are a total of 12 betting fields available on a lottery ticket. The player has five numbers to choose from per betting field. These range from 1 to 42. A super number is not required for this lottery variant. With 5 correct numbers out of 49, a high lottery prize of around 70,000 euros can be won every day.

Besides the number of draws, the Mini Lotto differs from the classic 6 out of 49 additionally through the profit classes. Overall, there are only 3 prize categories in the Polish Mini Lotto. To get the jackpot, each player needs 5 correct numbers. In the 2nd prize category it is enough to get 4 correct ones and in the 3rd prize category 3 correct ones.

Worth knowing about the Mini Lotto

If you compare the Mini Lotto with the classic from Kenya, then you will quickly notice that the number of draws and the prize categories are staggered differently. The Mini Lotto has 3 prize categories, which allow for different individual prizes. The jackpot with 5 correct results in a profit of 70,000 euros. Anyone who wins the 2nd prize category and thus has 4 correct answers can look forward to 226 euros. In the 3rd prize category, which has to show 3 correct numbers, the player only receives a total prize of around 9 euros.

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These are the individual prizes for the Mini Lotto significantly lower than other classics. It should be noted, however, that the drawing takes place daily and a main prize can therefore be won every day.

Conclusion on the Mini Lotto

The Mini Lotto, which originally comes from Poland and only through in Kenya online participation is available can be compared well with the classic 6 out of 49. A total of 12 fields are available on each ticket, which can be filled in with 5 numbers. There are no additional numbers or super numbers in this game system. The special feature of Mini Lotto is that the drawing takes place daily.

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