Superenalotto Test: The Comparison of Reputable Providers

The Superenalotto lottery game originated in Italy and is made possible in Kenya through online participation. In this regard, concerns about the seriousness of some providers arise. Fraustest.com has looked at numerous online providers and testedall reputable online lottery providers. The portalLottoland has proven to be reliable in some tests.

The lottery game Superenalotto is considered a typical classic in Italy. This game is based on the tote principle. This principle states that the jackpot is determined by the amount of tickets sold and accounts for around 34 percent of the money previously raised.

What are the advantages of online participation?


Superenalotto is the Italian counterpart to our 6 out of 49 and impresses with a simple game system.

Important criteria

  • Tips pools possible
  • Play from the comfort of your own home

Why should a player take part in the Superenalotto? Players who want to use the lottery game should keep in mind that it is a lottery system from Italy. The classic lottery tickets are only sold in Italy. In order to participate in the foreign jackpot game, enormous travel costs have to be raised. It is known that numerous players do not shy away from going abroad for a jackpot. With online participation, foreign games can be conveniently designed and used from home. Travel costs are no longer incurred for participating in the jackpot.

Besides the cost savings that players perceive by not having to travel abroad, there are other notable advantages. Convenience and independence play an enormous role in online participation. Thanks to the internet portal andsafer online lottery app, customers are no longer tied to opening times. People are always typing, everywhere.

As a beginner, you can enjoy other advantages through online drawing. Questions about the game and the course of the game cannot be asked in a foreign lottery. The acceptance points are too far away from home to confront employees with questions. Online providers give you the opportunity to get comprehensive information about the gameplay, rules, draws and chances of winning. This allows lottery novices to take advantage of the forthcoming drawing without fail.

Convenience and independence or saving on foreign travel are not the only advantages of online lottery. By using the online providers, players still have numerous advantages that relate specifically to the submission of bets. Saving of favorite numbers and automatic participation in draws are stored with many providers, which makes them much easier to use. In addition, it is easier to join a lottery syndicate through the Internet than when using the classic lottery.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Travel abroad is completely eliminated
  • Cost savings due to no trips abroad
  • Typing is greatly simplified
  • Tips syndicates are formed easily
  • Tips saved for favorite numbers
  • Automatic participation in numerous draws
  • Independence
  • Convenience
  • Tips and tricks are given
  • Rules and conditions of participation are conveyed

How is Superenalotto played online?

In order to play the Italian lottery game online, players should look for a reputable provider. A detailed list of providers who are considered reputable can be viewed at cpaws-ov.org. The game providers can be selected directly from here.

If the right provider has been found, you can register via the portal. Basic customer data is required for this. This data consists of name, e-mail and address. Once the registration is complete, the search for the right lottery game begins. In this case customers would search for the game Superenalotto.

Once the selection has been made, the virtual lottery ticket, which is based on the original, can be filled out. After the bet has been entered, each player can deposit different additional charges on the bet slip. If this hurdle is taken, the delivery takes place. In this context, the customer is obliged to make the payment. Reputable providers give customers the opportunity to use the payment systems online.

After the lottery ticket has been paid for, the customer can wait for the response from the provider. This sends an employee to the lottery shop to buy the tickets and later claim the winnings on behalf of the customer. The customer receives an email to confirm the purchase. In the event of a win, there is an automatic notification of the win and an automatic transmission of the win.

Superenalotto in detail

Playing Superenalotto via online lottery is very simple, because filling out the lottery ticket is equivalent to the original . When the virtual lottery ticket is displayed, players can immediately start confirming the numbers with a click of the mouse. The draws take place 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

There are 6 betting fields available on each lottery ticket, which show the numbers 1 to 90. Each player can select 6 numbers from these 90 numbers. Thus, the Superenalotto is a lottery system that can be described as 6 out of 90. A super number or an additional number is not anchored in the system. In addition to this information, the term of the lottery ticket can also be determined.

If you don't want to determine the 6 numbers yourself, many providers can let the computer decide. The costs for the betting slip are calculated per betting field, which takes up around 2 euros.

The minimum prize is 1.3 million euros. If the jackpot is not occupied, the winnings are offset against the next jackpot. There is no upper limit for the first prize category, which is why no maximum prize can be declared.

Worth knowing about Superenalotto

The Italian lottery system provides for 5 prize categories for this game. In recent years, the average payout for the first prize category was 9.6 million euros. The lowest prize category receives an average prize of around 8 euros.

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The highest jackpot was around 177.7 million euros, which was won in 2010 and was paid out to a syndicate.

Conclusion on the Superenalotto

Lotto players who are interested in the Superenalotto should concentrate on online participation. This enables every player to have numerous advantages, which not only save costs but also ensure independence.

The lottery system is easy to understand because it can be compared to the classic from Kenya. Users who fill out a virtual lottery ticket have 6 out of 90 numbers available. The drawing takes place three times a week. There are some reputable providers in the online network. Fraustest.com has taken a closer look at the numerous providers and checked the relevant factors for a serious game.

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