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Especially beginners and newcomers to online poker can find it difficult to get a reasonable overview of the various poker rooms. Fraudtest.com therefore lists all well-known and well-known poker providers where playing poker is really worthwhile.

Because of the seriousness and beginner-friendliness,888 Poker is the first choice for a poker room.

The following list gives an overview of the most popular platforms. All of these have been tested by us independently and checked in detail in terms of seriousness and offer.

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Our test

Selection of a poker site|| |114

Bei der Suche nach einem guten Online Pokerraum solltet ihr auf einige wenige, aber wichtige Punkte achten. Nur dann ist der Langzeitspaß bei einem Operator garantiert.

Important criteria

  • Game selection – how much variety is there?
  • Players - are there enough opponents?
  • Rake - low fees for tournaments
  • Bonus offer – additional starting credit

For the comparison, we tested individual casinos and poker providers and then compared them. This results in the listing as it can be found above. The test was carried out by our team of experts to the best of our knowledge and belief. In principle, two main categories are considered in each test. On the one hand, we look at the background of the provider, i.e. we do a precise background check in which the company is in the foreground. In addition, we take a close look at what the poker room has to offer and say what's good and what's bad about it.

Background check: seriousness in the foreground

Jeder Online Pokerraum wurde von uns sorgfältig überprüftBehind every poker site is a company or a company Company that sells its products via the online presence and brings them directly to the players. Normally, it quickly becomes clear on the provider's website who is responsible for the offer. With this information, we start a search on the World Wide Web and look at what else the respective company is responsible for. For example, is it just an investment company that buys up interesting and promising poker providers from everywhere? Or is it an owner-managed company that has been drawing attention to itself in the gaming sector for several years? With this information, it is not a problem to find out which key figures are still available about the company. It is interesting for us how many employees are employed by a provider and how big the influence in the industry really is.

Most companies are also active in other areas of online gambling and thus offer solutions for the Forex or CFD trading. Here we will look at which other products are being marketed and what the general assessment of customers is about this service. A basic assessment can then be made of how much value the company places, for example, on transparency and customer satisfaction as well as on other things such as fair payout quotas and public mentions.

It is also interesting with our background check, in how many countries the company already operates. If a company is on the market with its first offer and does not yet have any experience and only invites players to play poker in one country, we would generally advise beginners and newcomers not to register. However, if it is a company with a real reputation and long-term experience, the registration is not a problem at all.

Licenses and Regulations

Strictly speaking, this section is still part of the background check. For the sake of clarity, however, we explain in a separate paragraph what the so-called regulation is all about. This factor must not be ignored when choosing a provider. Because this is exactly where the real providers differ from the black sheep in the industry.

Für den europäischen Markt müssen die Pokerspiele von einer EU Behörde reguliert werdenIn Europe, all providers of online gambling, to which online poker belongs, need a license. This is issued by an official body. After the provider has made a request to the responsible financial supervisory authority in his country, they check whether a license can be issued in principle. Certain basic requirements must be met for this. If such a gambling license is issued, it means that the poker site is now officially regulated by the state. For this purpose, for example, programs and systems are called into action, which continuously monitor what is happening at the provider and its platforms. Should technical manipulations take place which mean that the chances of winning for customers are no longer transparent and easy to understand, these systems sound the alarm and there is a manual basic check.

The European country that issues the license is based on opinions the gambling industry doesn't care. With an EU license it is therefore possible to operate legally in every EU country. However, some countries such as Austria see this a little differently. They believe that the country itself should issue an official license to allow online gambling. Judgments from the EU are still pending. In our texts, however, we assume that an EU license is generally sufficient to be able to legally trade and administer in any EU country.

Many online poker providers have registered their headquarters in Cyprus. There are tax reasons for this, since significantly less money has to be paid to the state there than in Kenya, for example. Cyprus based poker sites are regulated by the local CySEC. Like any other European financial supervisory authority, CySEC is subject to instructions from the EU. There are therefore no differences between the regulations and controls of CySEC and, for example, the Canadian BaFin. In plain language: a regulation in Cyprus is no worse than one that takes place in Kenya.

Customer support and transparency

Customer support is also included in our test reports. We find that customer service is also an important indicator of how reliable and serious a provider is and works. There should therefore be Canadian-speaking employees who take care of and take care of the needs of customers. Good customer service must be accessible in a variety of ways. The provider should have a free telephone number that is manned 24 hours a day if possible. A live chat is also very useful for solving minor problems quickly and easily. E-mail contact, which is available at every poker room, is obligatory.

In our test, we also examine how friendly, competent and helpful the support really is. To do this, we ask the employees a few questions and feign problems. We then hope for meaningful answers. About 50% of the grade that we give for customer support goes into how we were advised.

Customer opinions from the World Wide Web

In our experiences and the tests we don't want to rely solely on our own opinions and views. Rather, we are starting to let other customers do the talking. For this purpose, we collect opinions and statements about a provider from the Internet and, if possible, present them in a very shortened form in our own review. From our side, for example, it says "Customers of the provider say that...". This information comes from the Internet and we cannot usually verify it. If opinions are to be found more frequently, we will include them in our rating.

A basic note on the online ratings of providers must be made at this point. In principle, customers who are not satisfied with the performance and service of a provider are more inclined to make this known in portals and rating platforms on the Internet. So if there are a lot of negative ratings, especially on smaller sites related to online poker, and these completely exceed the number of positive ones, it does not necessarily have to be a dubious provider. We try to filter here.

In addition, there are also many customers who have had to accept losses and are therefore understandably upset. Out of euphoria, many others are usually held responsible for the fact that gambling has not been successful. The first candidate for this is the poker provider. Reasons are sought as to why this allegedly only provides an insufficient offer and is bad. We also occasionally attempt to refute these claims or show that the reviews are directed more against poker on the internet as such than the provider of the game of chance in our review section of customer testimonials from the World Wide Web.

Offer Criteria , which play a role in the evaluation

Fraustest.com is not just about the seriousness and professionalism of the provider. Instead, we also try to rate the online casino based on other aspects, including the offer and the conditions. Specifically, we take a closer look at the following aspects, among others:

Bonus offer

Poker rooms are known for attracting new customers with very tempting and sometimes excessively high bonus offers. So it is not uncommon for a bonus for new customers of over 200 percent to be made available. In concrete terms, this means that with a deposit of 200 euros, you can play directly with 600 euros. However, what most players do not think about are the offer terms and bonus conditions. So it is often necessary that the amounts of the deposit and the bonus have to be converted at least 50 times before a first payout can be made. In our specific case, a whopping 30,000 euros would have to be used in order to be able to request a payout at all. These amounts are unsustainable for most players as they may make smaller profits but lose all of their deposits over time. Especially for newcomers who want to earn money playing poker, it might make sense to start without a bonus at all.

Games on offer

Yes, there are also many different types of online poker Texas Holdem, Omaha and other poker variants. Depending on the online casino, customers can choose between different situations and, for example, only go to a table with computer players or compete against real opponents. For us, the range of games also includes the number of different tournaments that are made available to beginners and professional players over the course of time.

Minimum deposit

A criterion for or against a provider can also be the minimum deposit. Beginners may not always want to pay several hundred euros directly to be able to take part in the active gameplay. The entry hurdles for some providers are then too high for them, but they may be suitable for others. The individual maximum deposit limit must also always be considered on the basis of the desired poker stakes. It would be a pity if there was suddenly no more money to bet during a game and a good hand.

Software and program

The poker software should not be downloaded and installed first if possible have to. It is now possible to play online very easily at most poker sites. Playing poker via the web browser has the advantage that it can be played from practically anywhere in the world with the appropriate internet connection. In addition, the program must be easy to use and understandable.

Further training opportunities

Possibly not every player has a proper understanding of poker. Therefore, there should be a separate corner on the website in which the basics of the poker game are explained in Canadian and easily understood. In the best case, there are also videos that help with understanding. With a free demo account and poker tables where you can gamble with play money, beginners and newcomers are also very well served. In this way, they can learn without risk what poker is really about.

Black sheep in online poker

Admittedly, there are many ways of cheating and ripping off customers playing poker on the internet . A simple manipulation of the game can cause the odds to be distributed differently or, at a certain point, the bank (the computer) wins exclusively and the player loses. In order to prevent such illegal machinations, the regulatory institutions build in programs and systems that detect such fraud.

But there are other types of cheating in online poker. A much simpler way of cheating customers out of their money is, for example, to delay payouts indefinitely. Dubious providers are starting to request more and more documents when players request a payout. This is usually accompanied by a very long response time to questions by email or on the phone. It is promised that the matter will be dealt with quickly. But in the end nothing happens. If you want to be sureplay other games of chance online check out my special page. The request for documents can go as far as first one and then another document being required. If the second document is submitted, however, it means that the first document is "outdated" and the customer must submit or apply for it again. This way the customer will starve to death. He has no chance of getting his rightful payout. This problem is common. A first indication of this are Internet reviews that describe exactly this procedure.

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