Our Patron FX experiences 2022

You have heard of the company Patron FX and would like to invest in Bitcoin here? Then you shouldfirst read our Patron FX experiences to get a better picture of this provider. Because: This has been reported to us several times by users. Whether you should rather rely on an alternative likeeToro and how likely a possible Patron FX fraud is, we reveal below.

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What you can learn in this article? You will read, among other things,what distinguishes reputable providers. You can also find out what alternatives there are and why you should rely on them. Is Patron FX legit? We also deal with this question in more detail here, so that you get all the information you need to make a good decision before registering.

Patron FX experiences at a glance

In our Patron FX test, we met each other first looked at reports and reviews about the company. Not too many real customer opinions are hidden underneath, so it is difficult to find out more about the company. However, news reports and also someReviews seem very fake.

Die Webseite von Patron FX.

While it's easy to find reviews online, it doesn't completely rule out a Patron FX scam out. Because: Real opinions don't seem to be among them. The company itself is operated by Forex TB –from Cyprus. Therefore, even on second glance, one is not sure what Patron FX is all about.

That's why we suspect Patron FX fraud

It's not difficult to answer how the Broker was able to get hold of so many customers and even stay on the market for several years. The company works with a license from Cyprus and is registered with CySec, which at firstmakes a very serious impression. You should therefore not assume that it is a Patron FX Fake.

If you want to invest in Bitcoin and are looking for relevant information online, the provider will be displayed to you via advertising or will contact you by e-mail - this is an example the case if you have registered for newsletters. Otherwise, the provider makes it clear to you howregistration can be carried out simply and quickly - which appeals to many users straight away.

You can recognize that || |116Patron FX Scam:

  • Aggressive online advertising
  • Simple registration form
  • Call center calls
  • Wrong reviews

After that, the company works like other black sheep in the industry: You will be contacted by a call center employee who wants to encourage you to make your first deposit with real money and promises that you willauf Seriosität und Sicherheit treffen will.

Ein Ausschnitt der Webseite von Patron FX.

Black sheep in the industry often make use of celebrity ratings and statements: These are intended to increase trustworthiness and attract customers. However, in the case of the company Patron FX, we could notfind such types of advertising. So it's questionable whether you have to assume a Patron FX scam straight away.

Patron FX review: What we know about this broker

Browsing through trustworthy comparison sites will make you fast find out that so farno customers of the company have spoken of real profits. So it cannot be said with certainty whether the provider makes it possible to really make or lose money here.

Therefore, we first compare it to other providers such asCrypto Hopper andCrypto Trader same. However, weupdate our Patron FX review at any time if there is anything new here. It's also worth taking a look at ourBlack List of Bitcoin Exchange Platforms.

Think you've already been scammed? Here are our tips

You suspect that you may be subject to a possible Patron FX scam? Then you should first report this suspicion toBaFin or CySec if it is aboutForex Broker. It is also important that youstop any payments in this case and, in the worst case, seek legal assistance in order to assert any claims. In any case, you should get help to confirm this suspicion and possibly get your money back.

Safe Alternatives to Patron FX

Whether there was an alleged Patron FX scam or you just want to avoid a possible Patron FX rip-off – there aresafe enough alternatives on the market to discover. These hold a European license - for example the providereToro or Forex. But not only a license is important for you, but also first-class service and software that can also be easily accessed by newcomers.

Why do we recommend eToro to you? Because the provider works with a license, but also provides safeguards. In the event of insolvency, the company holds up to 20,000 euros per customer to compensate for damage. At the same time, you can use a whole range of currencies here, so theservice is very good.

Patron FX compared to eToro

Vergleichen wir doch einmal Patron FX mit eToro: Bei Patron FX könnt ihr zwar ebenfalls eine Lizenz entdecken, allerdings ist der Service nicht ganz so gut auf die Beine gestellt worden. Es wird zwar ein 24-Stunden-Service versprochen, jedoch gibt es kaum Kundenmeinungen zu dem Unternehmen zu entdecken. Ihr könnt euch also nicht ganz sicher sein, wie die Nutzung der Plattform letztendlich ausfällt – weshalb Patron FX auch not necessarily recommended.

Patron FX vs eToro Patron FX eToro
Is the broker equipped with a European license? ✔️ ✔️
Is the broker listed in the CONSOB register? ✔️
Is the company located in a country that is not is listed on the black list of tax havens? ✔️
Does the provider point out any risks when investing? ✔️| ||224 ✔️
Are the reviews real and understandable? ✔️
Users with this broker already have once made a profit? ✔️

We have to make it clear again anyway: TheInvesting in cryptocurrencies is designed to make profits always risky. Therefore, you should carefully consider beforehand whether you really want to take risks with your capital and whether you can afford it.

Introduction to investing safely in Bitcoin

If you are investing safely in cryptocurrencies you are at the right place ateToro. With very good customer service, you can look forward to clearing up any ambiguities and problems quickly. All you have to do is register with eToro by providing your personal data and verifying your identity - and you can start making deposits and investing. You can even make use of ademo version.

Conclusion on Patron FX

You're sure to be happy with our Having encountered Patron FX experiences when youwanted to invest in bitcoin with a cryptocurrency trader. Because: It cannot be completely guaranteed that you can completely avoid fraud here. The company appears reputable,but cannot score in every category.

Roland Herrmann
eToro allows you to trade with many different currencies.
4.6 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann|| |281

Nachdem wir unsere eigenen Patron FX Erfahrungen zum Trading und Konto gemacht haben, fällt es uns noch leichter, euch eToro zu empfehlen. Denn: Der Anbieter erscheint rundum am vorteilhaftesten und kann euch unter anderem eine Provide security in the event of bankruptcy.

Frequently asked questions and answers

At this point we go to frequently asked questions about the provider Patron FX one. Why? Because the company seems so serious,it raises questions for many users. Many users are not sure whether this is a worthwhile platform or whether it is a scam and fake.

Does Patron FX really work?

OurPatron FX Erfahrungenafter it is very difficult to really make money with the company. Although this platform seems serious and secure, it is not exactly beginner-friendly. The information given here is rather superficial and does not cover the basics such as costs that are readily apparent. Here you can also assume that the company is primarily concerned with customer acquisition and not your security.

Why is Patron FX a scam?

Although we cannot directly from aPatron FX scambecause the company behind Patron FX is licensed. However, it is easy to see through here that you are not really benefiting from advantages: Because more than 70 percent of all investors experience a loss of their investments, which does not exactly speak for the company, in our opinion.

There are safe ones Alternatives?

There are manysafe alternativesto this company to explore if you are not yet sure where to register. These include providers such as eToro, whose advantages are particularly diverse. Take a look at our favorites when it comes to the top providers in the industry - and discover your favoriteCFD broker platforms.

What should you do with the Consider choosing a broker?

You want to start your ownComparison? Then you've come to the right place: We have listed the most important selection criteria for you so that you know what is important when making your selection. You should pay attention to a European-type license, but also to whether the company is CySec-listed. Good customer service also speaks for a reputable company.

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