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If the publicly available information is to be believed,PokerStars is not only the largest poker room in the world, but also the most valuable. The company is said to be worth three billion dollars, and even in this country no one would call that peanuts anymore. Not even 15 years old and only founded in 2001 by a company based in Costa Rica, PokerStars is a company of superlatives and has certainly contributed a lot to making the game of poker socially acceptable worldwide. Many other poker rooms ultimately became what they are today in the wake of PokerStars. In any case, the provider is always there when it comes to holding up the flag of the poker game in any way. But what about the seriousness of the provider?

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🎲 Featured Games Razz, Badugi, Mixed Games, Fast Fold Poker
💻 Players Online 15500 (7-Day Average)
🎁 Welcome Bonus 100% Bonus up to $600, $100,000 Freeroll
⚖️Regulation|| |77
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No other poker room has hosted or sponsored as many tournaments as PokerStars - and does still. The eleventh poker tournament season ended in Monaco, as befitted its status. This is also planned for 2016. However, as a fan, you first have to endure the Geissens, who are also sponsored by PokerStars at a tournament organized by them. The main participants are celebrities, including Mario Basler, Simone Ballack, Claudia Effenberg, Massimo Sinato and Rebecca Mir. All in all, it's an impressive 100,000 euros that's being gambled on here. And in fact, at least one amateur should also be invited, via a so-called wild card.

The poker provider is also active in world record attempts time and time again, and thus stands out positively. In 2008, PokerStars started a world record attempt and organized an online poker tournament with more than 35,000 players. This record has now been surpassed several times, most recently in 2013 with 225,000 participants. Well, there are less attended events. After years of trying one after another to break their own record of online poker tournaments, they failed for the first time in 2014. The desired 75,000 additional participants in the tournament, which would have been necessary for a new record, could not be motivated.

Video preview of PokerStars

In the following video you can find our experiences with PokerStars in the summary. We'll also show you how to sign up and also show you how to get started with the provider.

Watch the video now for a preview of PokerStars:

PokerStars, Security and Licensing

A prank about gambling licensing continues to rage in Kenya. Despite the general confusion, PokerStars managed to get hold of one of the coveted licenses from Schleswig-Holstein. That's nice and we're also happy for the poker provider. But what you can or should really do with it, no one knows exactly. Of course, this license is ideal for advertising purposes. On the other hand, the political situation is very confusing. Actually, in Schleswig-Holstein one would like to demonstrate that one is quite capable of having one's own opinion and of expressing and enforcing it, as has been expressed in the area of ​​gaming licenses. On the other hand, you don't want to play the breakwater in this area. Irrespective of the demonstration of independence, one would still feel much more comfortable if one could scurry back under the umbrella of the Canadian State Treaty on Gambling. There one is sure, it is dry, and all other 15 federal states agree that things cannot go on like this. The Canadian license is initially valid until 2018. One can assume with a certain degree of certainty at PokerStars that it will not be renewed after the political situation in the northernmost Canadian state has changed.

Company Rational Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Address King Edward Road, Onchan, IM3 1DZ, Isle of Man
Regulation/ License Isle of Man
Telephone: Not available
Email: [email protected] .com
Live Chat: Not available

It's a good thing that the company has additional licenses in various other European countries and the original license to commence operations as a poker room by the Isle of Man authorities. The control authorities on this island are known to take a very close look at whether the licensed providers are actually doing business properly. Licenses have been revoked here more than once. PokerStars has now split the licensing further. A license from Malta is now used for Europe, which inspires no less confidence than that of the Isle of Man authorities. This, in turn, continues to be used for the rest of the world.

The PokerStars app

As an industry leader and multi-award-winning poker room, PokerStars must of course also offer its customers the option of using an app on the go play poker wherever the players enjoy it. The company advertises that not only is it possible to play poker on the go, but that deposits can also be made and support can also be reached via this. The mobile offer applies to all common mobile devices. Interested poker players with sufficient experience can sit down at the poker table or take part in tournaments while on the move. Nobody has to sit at home to play a tournament anymore, you can also sit on a park bench, on the bus or train. While tournament play or poker in general is safe on a park bench, you should be a little more cautious on buses and trains and think twice before opening a poker game for yourself. Moving trains rarely orientate themselves using the radio masts of mobile data carriers, then the reception is quickly gone, then the platform disappears and with it your money – game over. However, the PokerStars app offers a lot more than "just" all the options for playing poker in full. Other apps provide information about tournament dates, rules of the game or interviews, even videos are available.

Preview of the provider's website
Die Pokerstars Webseite mit Software DownloadUmfangreiche Informationen zur Sicherheit bei Zahlungsvorgängen

What PokerStars offers

The success of PokerStars has by no means fallen from the sky, he has quite tangible reasons. One of them is turning away from the behavior of otherpoker rooms. Not only did they bashfully draw attention to themselves with whispered propaganda, but instead they went all out with sponsorship activities and television advertising. This self-confidence has paid off, as has the unique range of games that none of the competitors offer in this form. It's no wonder that PokerStars has more players at the tables than second and third place combined. But the company never allows itself any real breathing space. The software provided is constantly being improved. These are the truly amazing experiences at PokerStars. If you speak, chat or email directly with the players about the software and general options, you are talking about an optimal offer that can no longer be improved. And yet the company comes around the corner with an update only a short time later - and everyone is enthusiastic about the improvements. In the end, this leads to the immensely high number of players and always fully occupied tables, no matter when you enter the poker room. Everywhere you look, PokerStars is a top notch provider in every area. They are so far ahead of the competition when it comes to offering satellites and tournament schedules that you can't even spot the second best with binoculars.

PokerStars Bonus is one of the best

Also at Bonus, PokerStars is breaking new ground. It starts with the fact that it takes a long time to find another poker room that pays a $600 sign-up bonus. We can assure you that we have been looking for a very long time and have not yet found anything. The amount, taken by itself, is not even the sensation. It consists more in the simple possibility of utilizing it. In contrast to the competitors, who consistently make this dependent on the amount of the first deposit - if they pay a bonus at all - PokerStars even accepts a maximum of three deposits in order to fully exploit the $600 bonus. Of course, there are also rules and conditions that must be observed. So you can't make a first deposit today and another in 2017 and then expect the full bonus. You can only reap the full bonus for payments if they are made no later than three months after the first deposit.

Deposit Bonus: 100% Bonus up to $600 (Code: STARS600)
Bonus Terms: $10 credit for every 200 VPPs collected
Validity: 180 days
Other bonuses: alternatively $20 instant bonus (Code: FREE20), $100,000 Privilege Freerolls

You can now use the bonus amounts that you have secured through deposits to let your gaming instinct run free. You don't have endless time to do this, but you do have 180 days. This is also an exceptionally long period, which is kept much shorter by other poker rooms.

Deposits made easy

In order to present a smoothly functioning platform and this, as well as the existing software, Of course, to constantly improve, PokerStars must also have the financial resources. It's no wonder that all poker platforms are interested in easy and smooth options for depositing money into the player's account. The same applies to the players, since they do not have access to real-money games beforehand. And PokerStars makes it really easy and simple for their customers in this respect, with a large selection of payment methods that takes into account every imaginable payment wish. One can absolutely expect from a market leader that the most common and popular payment methods, such as credit cards, are available. All deposits made, regardless of the payment method, are eligible for a bonus.

Overview of deposit and withdrawal options
Übersichtliche Auflistung aller für dezet
Payment options Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Entropay , Mastercard, ELV, bank transfer, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, Paysafecard, Ukash, Maestro, direct transfer
Minimum deposit: $10
Fees: geringe Gebühr bei Währungswechsel
Account management possible in: US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars
Withdrawal Options: Skrill, Neteller, Visa, Entropay, ELV, bank transfer

However, it's not just about whether customers like payment methods or not, it's also about the customer's funds arriving safely at the poker room and not moving around dissolve in nirvana. In this respect you can be absolutely reassured at PokerStars, here everything is done properly, fraud or rip-offs do not take place, and no matter how hard you look.

To have enough money for the stakes in poker As already mentioned, in order to have it available, it must be transferred to the player's account at PokerStars. This isn't really a major problem. All you have to do is download the PokerStars software and then set up a player account. As in real life, you then go to the checkout and select the payment method that you would like to use now and in the future. You may have to search for a lot and it is often difficult to get an answer to important questions. But one thing always works, and that is the way to the checkout. The checkout where you can hand in your money is always centrally located, accessible to everyone and cannot be overlooked by anyone. Of course, all of this doesn't happen at breakneck speed, but it goes quite quickly, everything is done in a few minutes. If you have cleared all these hurdles without making a mistake and sent the first euros on the way, nothing stands in the way of your new gambling career. You can get started right away and take part in exciting, expensive and profitable games or tournaments. PokerStars believes that in order to avoid confusion, funds should be collected using the same method used to bring them. If you have used the Mastercard for this purpose, you will also receive the winnings paid out in this way after you have selected "Cash out" at the checkout. For example, if you have arranged a simple bank transfer instead, you will also receive the prize back as a transfer. It is clear that not only life can be easy, but also the deposits and withdrawals at PokerStars. So if you really want to gamble with real money, you've come to the right place.

Customer friendliness that's hard to beat

The support available at PokerStars is undoubtedly very good. However, as already mentioned when listing the advantages and disadvantages, there is not really much available, the service can only be reached by email in our test, but this is fast, friendly and competent. Still, setting up a phone hotline and live chat would be something that customers would really miss and would welcome setting up. Even if it sounds extremely fast compared to the times of the competition, that you get an answer within a few hours, many would be happy to receive an answer "Now!". It doesn't help much that you can also ask the support questions that have nothing to do with poker. The knowledge of the support quickly reaches its limits anyway. In any case, they couldn't answer my question about the soccer world champion of 1934.

PokerStars conclusion

PokerStars now has a magical attraction for poker players. The reputable reputation does its part, as does the dizzying prize money that beckons when you win a tournament. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the poker room. The interesting tournaments with the high prize money attract players like moths to a flame. So if you want to get such a honey pot, you have to compete with thousands of players beforehand. Of course, one thing is certain: someone will come through and win this sum! These conditions are certainly attractive and interesting for seasoned poker players, but not for newcomers to the poker business, they should first gain experience on other platforms.

Lars Vollmer
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PokerStars is without a doubt the largest and most reputable poker provider and has the highest security standards.
4.5 / 5.0 rated byLars Vollmer
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Pokerstars is not only the market leader in online poker, but also my personal favorite when it comes to online poker. That's why I've been a customer there for years and will remain so in the future. The number of tournaments is unbeaten and unbeatable. Several big tournaments start every day. The real poker experts sometimes don't have time to take part in all of them, so that large parts of the profit go to smaller poker players and amateurs. I, too, have often achieved top positions there that were related to cash payments. The tournaments always relate to very different games, not just pure Texas Hold em Poker.

written 73 months ago


I'm excited about the Sportsbook section at Pokerstars. I can switch directly from the casino area to the betting area, it's very simple and gives me the chance to place a bet.

written 64 months ago


I always need a way to pass the time when I'm on the go. Pokerstars offers me this opportunity. With the mobile app, the poker games can be used directly, which is great fun.

written 63 months ago

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