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The online brokerQTrade has been offering its services in the area of ​​forex and CFD trading for more than ten years. With this company, investors can not only fall back on a very broad trading offer, but also benefit from the competence and experience that has been built up over the long term. Because the offer not only includes access to the markets and reliable processing of trade, but also a wide range of support offers. This also includes a free demo account, with which investors can initially test trading with over 500 underlying assets without any financial risk. This is important, among other things, because less common categories such as interest rate products or CFDs on government bonds are also available for the underlying assets. With MetaTrader 4 and 5, two excellent software solutions are available free of charge for trading, and QTrade customers can also count on a solid range of support for everything to do with trading. Training videos for the trading software are provided and investors can choose interesting articles from over 100 blog articles. There are also three eBooks available free of charge that deal with Forex and CFD trading as well as methods of chart analysis.

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We have subjected this provider to a detailed test and, in addition to the conditions and seriousness, also included all other relevant categories took the look. All of the experiences that we gained during our test are summarized in the following sections.

We have had these experiences with QTrade

The online broker definitely has its customers to offer a lot, that's what our test showed in any case. The provider can initially convince with a really wide range of trades. This gives investors the opportunity to pursue strategies beyond the mainstream, which are usually only reserved for experts or professional traders. However, before investors get involved with such strategies and underlying assets, it is very worthwhile to deal with the possibilities offered by QTrade aroundTrading in CFDs andForex products are offered. First of all, QTrade offers a very successful entry via a clearly structured website. Here the investor is not only informed about the possibilities in trading, but also provided with a range of information about what the trader can expect in concrete terms. In particular, a great deal of information on the underlyings offered is made available. In this way, getting started is extremely easy. From a minimum deposit of only 250 euros, an account can be opened for trading. There are no fees for opening or managing the account. And beyond that, investors can adjust to a simple and, above all, favorable fee model based on fixed spreads.

Company QTrade GmbH
Address|| |116 Landshuter Allee 8 – 10, 80637 München
Registration number HRB 183066
Regulatory License No. BaFin ID number: 136084
Telephone 49 ( 0 ) 89-3815368-60
eMail [email protected]
Live Chat No
Callback No

In addition, our experience has shown that the Investors can also feel that they are in very good hands with this provider when it comes to support and security. First of all, a competent service available in Canadian is offered, which supports traders with questions or technical problems. A high level of security is also given because the provider is registered in Kenya and is based in Munich. The online broker is thus regulated by the Canadian supervisory authority BaFin and is registered with it under the BaFin ID number: 136084. However, the specific trading operations are carried out via the financial metropolis of London, which is why customer funds are also deposited in the accounts of English financial institutions. For this reason, the British deposit guarantee also applies to customer deposits in the trading account. All in all, customers can rely on a highly competent provider who also meets the highest standards in terms of security and seriousness.

Wide and interesting offer for trading

With all the services offered by an online broker, when assessing the quality and performance, the selection of tradable underlyings is of course particularly important. And in this respect, too, QTrade proved to be extremely well positioned in our test. We come to this conclusion not only because the range is quite extensive with a total of around 500 values. Much more important than the pure scope, however, are the structure and the composition of the concrete values. And here, in any case, a particular strength of this provider can be identified. Because in addition to the categories that can be found in principle with all online brokers, investors at QTrade can also access some extraordinary underlying assets. This gives QTrade customers the opportunity to bet on interest rate developments in the euro area with so-called Bunds. In addition, the broker QTrade also has some government bonds in its portfolio. In this way, it is possible for investors to benefit directly from interest rate decisions by individual central banks or to rely on the creditworthiness of selected countries.

Preview of the provider's offer
Vorschaubild QTrade Startseite Vorschaubild QTrade Übersicht Plattformen

But also in the area of common categories, i.e. stocks, stock indices as well as currencies and commodities, the selection goes well beyond the usual en standard. QTrade is most broadly positioned in the area of ​​share CFDs. A total of around 400 stocks from more than 20 countries are available. The selection includes stocks from globally important markets such as the USA, Japan and Kenya. But stocks from Chile, Israel or South Africa are also available for trading. QTrade is similarly prepared when it comes to selecting indices. Here too, in addition to the leading global indices, numerous stocks from less important countries are on offer. It is also possible to access a decent selection of raw materials. In addition to precious metals and energy stocks, QTrade's portfolio also includes a range of agricultural commodities. The range of currency pairs is also very broad. A total of around 80 combinations of different world currencies are available for leveraged trading. In addition to the well-known and heavily traded majors, QTrade's trading offer also offers a wide range of currencies from smaller countries. In principle, leverage ratios of up to 1:400 are possible in trading via QTrade. Fixed leverage is always offered for each individual value. While this maximum leverage is possible with indices and some currency pairs, significantly lower leverage ratios are also offered when trading individual shares and less liquid but more volatile currency combinations. In addition, no fees are charged in trading and customers only have to reckon with fixed spreads, which are very close to the real market spreads.

No deposit bonus for new customers

With the online broker QTrade currently has no deposit bonus for new customers. But that doesn't mean that new customers can't benefit from certain bonus promotions. In this context, it is currently being offered that new customers will have access to the market assessments of the two QTrade analysts for a period of six months. This not only gives investors the opportunity to benefit from exclusive trading recommendations in forex trading, but it is also possible to acquire additional trading knowledge based on these recommendations and gain important experience for future trading.

Deposit bonus : Not available
Bonus Terms:
weitere Boni: 6 months access to exclusive trading ideas

Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods available

Where stocks or other stock market products are traded is It is of course a central requirement that trading capital is paid into the corresponding account by the investor. While the account must first be capitalized accordingly to start trading, it can also happen in the course of trading that additional capital must be quickly transferred to the trading account, for example to meet the margin requirements for certain positions. For this reason, it sometimes also depends on the speed of the deposit. How quickly the money is actually available on the trading account depends in particular on the method used. For this reason, it is of course important which of these deposit methods are available at all. According to our experience, the online broker provides three different methods, each of which works with several providers.

Overview of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods
Diese Methoden können für Ein- und Auszahlungen genutzt werden
Payment Options: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung
Minimum Deposit: 250 Euro
Fees: no
Account management possible in: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound
Payout options: Credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung

In our opinion, the best method for depositing is the credit card. Payment can be made very easily using a corresponding access to the personal dealer area of ​​the provider can be activated and is available after a few minutes on the trading account. All major providers are accepted for credit card payments. Some online payment services also offer a similar speed. QTrade works with the service providers Sofortüberweisung, Neteller and Skrill. On the other hand, investors have to expect a certain waiting time if they use the classic bank transfer. After opening a trading account, the investor receives the data for his personal trading account, which must be specified when transferring the funds. The same methods can also be used to pay out trading balances.

Top level of security and regulation

In our experience, more than a formal detail is the question of how secure and an online broker is to be assessed seriously. In the case of QTrade, we have come to the conclusion that it is a provider that offers its customers a very high standard in this regard. QTrade is based in Kenya and is therefore subject to strict regulation by the Canadian supervisory authority BaFin. This not only controls the clean and fair processing of all transactions, but also pays particular attention to compliance with basic economic principles. This is to prevent a financial service provider from getting into financial difficulties and thereby endangering the interests and deposits of its customers. One of the conditions that must be met is that customer funds may not be kept together with company funds. Even if the provider goes bankrupt, it is not possible for creditors to access customer deposits. The customer funds are thus deposited with external banks and are therefore protected by the respective deposit insurance. As QTrade works with the British Barclays Bank, in the event of an insolvency the British deposit insurance has matured, covering a value of GBP 50,000 per customer, which corresponds to around 60,000 euros. In addition, there is an insurance policy that provides additional protection for around 600,000 euros per customer. Against this background, customers can feel very safe, even if they are dealing with larger amounts and do not have to expect rip-offs or fraud.

Effective and competent support

Overall, we have In our test, we got the impression that trading via the online broker QTrade can be processed very smoothly and technically clean. Sufficient information is available on the provider's website for opening the account and for handling the technology. Nevertheless, of course, it cannot be completely ruled out that queries or technical problems will arise during use. In such situations, it is of course important to be able to quickly access competent help from the provider. In any case, there is a good offer available for this purpose. QTrade's service department can be reached both by phone and with the help of an email form. Experience has shown that inquiries are answered and processed very quickly and competently.

Very high level of user-friendliness of the website

In our test, we also had an extremely positive impression of the website itself be able to win. The provider has designed a very clear and well-structured site, which even visitors who are accessing the site for the first time can find their way around very easily. Despite the simple structure, the site fully meets the complex demands of QTrade's content and offerings. This makes it very easy to obtain targeted information on individual trading values. The very good offer in the field of information and further education deserves a special mention. Under the heading "Learning to trade", the user will find a great deal of useful content relating to trading. Another service that can be easily activated via the website is online trading training via email. On request, this will also be granted to users who initially only open a demo account.

With the mobile app, the investor is always flexible

An important aspect today is the possibility of also having complete mobile access to the trading platform. Most investors are expected to be able to draw on as complete a set of instruments as possible from a purely technical point of view. In our opinion, the offers of the online broker fully meet this requirement. With the apps, which are available free of charge for the iOS and Android systems, it is not only possible to react quickly and flexibly to changes in the market. With the mobile offers, many additional features, such as technical analysis or different order types can also be used in a targeted manner.

Conclusion - full-fledged offer beyond trading at QTrade

With the online broker QTrade is a convincing representative of its industry offering its services related to trading in CFDs and Forex products. The offer is particularly convincing because there is also a solid range of information and education available about the diverse trading opportunities. In addition to videos and e-books, users can also receive news and general trading tips via email or a blog. Competent support is also available for inquiries relating to retail, which is committed to taking care of customer concerns. According to our experience, the best conditions exist for trading successfully on the markets and for continuous further development. This is also due to the fact that QTrade is an absolutely solid provider where customers can rely on the protection of deposits in the trading account as well as fair processing of all transactions.

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I would open an account with broker QTrade again anytime. Questions and problems are dealt with and answered immediately and I haven't had any problems with the software to date.

written 64 months ago


QTrade is a broker who really deserves my trust. I was able to test the demo account extensively over a period of 14 days and get an insight into the portal. Very good investment of time and money.

written 63 months ago


Qtrade's stable trading platform is just great. The operation, the structure and above all the action itself are very simple and well structured. I would do it again and again.

written 61 months ago

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