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Anyone who has looked around for attractive investment opportunities in recent years will probably have come into contact with real estate as an investment object. For a long time, this investment opportunity has stood for a combination of high security and continuous and attractive returns. Real estate prices have been rising continuously for about ten years and there seems to be no end in sight to this development. And against the background of a lack of alternatives, it can be assumed that there will continue to be attractive investment opportunities in this area in the future. However, a good selection of objects is and remains important. And this is exactly where it gets complicated for the private investor. Without extensive research and industry-specific knowledge, it is rather difficult to identify properties and projects that promise security and good returns. This is where the concept of ReaCapital comes in. The provider from the field of crowd investment brokers lucrative investment opportunities in selected real estate development projects. This results in several interesting and attractive advantages for the private investor. Because an investment in real estate is associated with some difficulties and obstacles. In addition to the problem of finding suitable projects, very high investment amounts are also required for smaller projects in order to participate. For this reason, for a long time it was reserved for investment companies and wealthy individuals to invest their money in this way and benefit from the attractive returns.

🥇 Best Offerer
Valuation 4.0 / 5.0
🐂 Yield up to ca. 6.5 percent
📈 Term more than one year
💻 Investment from 250 euros

With the offer of crowd investing by ReaCapital, private investors now also have the chance to benefit from return opportunities in the range of between four and seven percent from an investment amount of only 250 euros. In a detailed test, we want to find out how ReaCapital's business model works in detail. In addition to the current projects in which ReaCapital can invest, we also looked at other important aspects. We wanted to know, for example, how well the investors are informed about the projects, what specific support they can expect from ReaCapital and whether additional costs or fees can be expected. The aspect of safety was also particularly important to us. How solid can this investment actually be assessed and can ReaCapital be considered a reputable provider. It should be ruled out that investors are confronted with fraud if they invest their money here. We would like to start our review with an overview of our experiences with ReaCapital.

Our experiences at a glance

The experiences can be summarized in the following context: in very few simple steps, this company makes it possible its customers to invest their money in attractive real estate projects. The starting point is a compact presentation of the projects. All framework data, such as term, location, return but also the current status of previous investments are clearly displayed. Even without registering on the ReaCapital platform, a lot of additional information about the projects can initially be called up. In order to receive detailed information in the form of a detailed prospectus, however, it is then necessary to register personally by e-mail. This essentially means that the prerequisites for investing in a specific project have already been met. There is always at least one project to choose from, but sometimes several projects at the same time. Over a longer period of time, new projects are constantly being offered via the ReaCapital website. For this reason, it is in principle also very easy to invest continuously in different projects. On the one hand, this can further reduce the investor risk. On the other hand, savings can also be made regularly or continuously. After the projects have come to an end, customers can expect regular payments. So the money is not tied up in a project for a long time.

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And the investors will also be regularly informed about the progress during the course of the project. While the essential information can be accessed online, there is of course also the option of contacting a ReaCapital employee directly. Open questions about the investment process as well as individual projects can be asked both by telephone and by e-mail. The return opportunities that are possible as part of an investment through ReaCapital depend on the respective project. According to our experience with ReaCapital, these are in a range between four and six percent per year. Before we now present our experiences in detail, we would first like to go into the aspect of security and seriousness of ReaCapital.

ReaCapital under review: Fraud or serious?

In the past there have always been cases in which customers were tricked into investing money in real estate projects with false promises, which in the end did not keep what they promised. It was not uncommon for fraudulent intentions to be behind it. Before deciding to leave your money to a specific project sponsor, you should carefully check how serious the provider or the specific project can be assessed. In the case of ReaCapital, we definitely got a very serious impression. All projects are carefully selected before being offered to investors. In addition, continuous monitoring is also carried out during the term. The projects that have been carried out by ReaCapital so far have always provided the investors with the announced returns and the investment amounts were paid out in full at the end of the term. Even if there is of course no absolute security, due to the careful and serious approach, it can be assumed that this will also be the case in the future. Fraud, on the other hand, should not be expected based on our experience.

On the ReaCapital offer

With regard to the offer that customers can expect from ReaCapital, three different aspects are of particular interest. In addition to the specific projects that are financed by ReaCapital, we would like to go into the expected returns and possible costs and fees.

The ReaCapital website
Vorschaubild Startseite ReaCapitalVorschaubild Projekte ReaCapital

Always attractive projects in the Offer

ReaCapital currently has exactly one project on offer in which the customer's money can be invested. As with all other projects that have been available for private investors to invest in in recent months and years, the minimum investment here is also 250 euros. The investment amount is not capped, although it can be increased in steps of 250 euros. The other key figures, on the other hand, differ from project to project. Specifically, money is currently being collected for a construction project in Homburg. Exclusive penthouse apartments are to be built to the KfW 50 standard. In total, the project comprises 32 residential units, which are to be sold separately to different owners after construction.

A return of 5.5 percent is offered for the customers who invest in this project. The investment volume is 550,000 euros. The capital and the agreed interest are to be paid out in February 2019. The projects in which investors have been able to invest via ReaCapital in recent years include a day-care center in Hamburg-Bramfeld and a residential and commercial building in Berlin-Kreuzberg. While the investments in the first project have already been fully paid out, the financing phase of the second project has just been successfully completed. In the future, too, it can be expected that new projects will be offered for investment at regular intervals.

ReaCapital offers very good return opportunities

ReaCapital's private customers should certainly be interested in which projects they are investing in. Ultimately, however, it is the concept of ReaCapital to take care of the selection and control of the projects, so that it is not absolutely necessary to deal too intensively with the construction project. In any case, the term and the return are likely to be the key indicators for most investors. No general information can be given for the provider, as a specific yield is determined for each individual construction project. How high this actually turns out depends not only on the requirements of the project but also on the alternative financing options. Higher interest rates on the capital market could also result in higher returns. Based on the projects that have been offered currently or in the past few months and years, interest rates of between four and six percent can be assumed for the time being.

In the case of the currently offered project, 5.5 percent is offered annually. For the other two projects briefly described here, in which investments can no longer be made, the returns were 6.5 percent and 6.25 percent, respectively. A general term cannot be given either. However, experience with ReaCapital shows that maturities of between one and three years can be assumed. The interest is calculated according to the term and paid out together with the invested capital at the end no additional costs and fees are to be expected. Registration on the platform can initially be made without obligation and without any fees being charged. The same applies to the investment process and the payment of the amount and interest.

Keine Kosten und Gebühren für die Anleger

Es muss im Rahmen einer Investition über ReaCapital nach unseren Erfahrungen mit keinerlei zusätzlichen Kosten und Gebühren gerechnet werden. Eine Anmeldung bei der Plattform kann zunächst unverbindlich erfolgen, ohne dass hierfür irgendwelche Gebühren verlangt werden. Das gleiche gilt für den Investitionsprozess sowie für die Auszahlung des Betrages sowie der Zinsen.

No bonus in the program

Many investment options currently available to customers are associated with additional bonus offers . Our experience has shown that disadvantages in terms of conditions are often to be concealed. This is not the case with ReaCapital. The lack of a separate bonus for deposits is not a disadvantage - the good conditions speak for themselves.

Deposits and withdrawals are made by bank transfer

Deposits and withdrawals in a ReaCapital financed Project can only be carried out by bank transfer. The investment process is as follows: the investor can first find out about the project and then decide how much he wants to invest. When registering, you can also decide whether the money should be transferred directly or whether a direct debit authorization should be granted. The money will then be transferred to a separate trustee account until the project starts. The interest is calculated from the day on which the money is received in this account. After completion of the project, the money and interest are then automatically transferred back to the investor's account.

Payment methods available from ReaCapital provider
Banküberweisung als einzige Einzahlungsmethoden
Payment options: Bank transfer| ||192
Mindesteinzahlung: 250 Euro
Fees: No
Account management possible in: Euro
Payout options: Bank transfer

High level of security through additional security via a second object

The customers can invest in over In our experience, ReaCapital can rely on a relatively high level of security. However, there is no such thing as absolute security, such as that which applies to deposits in a current account. Because even with careful planning and control, it cannot be completely ruled out that a project of this kind will go differently than planned. Minor deviations initially have no effect on the agreed return. For additional protection, customer deposits are secured with a second object. This can compensate for any payment default. In principle, however, there is a residual risk should a project sponsor become insolvent. For this reason it is also important that the investor acts responsibly and only invests part of his assets and spreads his capital over several projects.

Good support from the service department

The customers can rely on solid support from the provider. If questions arise that cannot be clarified via the offer on the website, the service department is available. Direct contact can be made both by telephone and by e-mail. Simple inquiries can also be made using a compact contact form. In our experience, customers do not have to wait long for satisfactory answers.

The website provides all the important information

Before a customer contacts the service department directly, it is recommended to first thoroughly browse the ReaCapital website. First of all, the business model is presented in great detail, for which a specially produced video is also available. The individual projects are also presented on a separate page. In addition to the current projects, the projects financed in the past can also be found on this page. With a click on the respective project, much more detailed information can be found. An FAQ is also available for questions relating to the processing of investments and the general business model, which answers the most important questions in simple words. Overall, the site is very clearly structured and it shouldn't be difficult to find the necessary information.

Mobile App

Mobile control is becoming increasingly important in the area of ​​banking and investment. For example, it is now common for current accounts that all important functions can also be used via an app. The situation is different at ReaCapital, where no app is offered. However, this is in line with the concept, which does not require continuous activities or interventions. After the investment has been made, there is no further need for action on the part of the customer. Investors are regularly informed of current information by e-mail. The lack of an app is therefore not a disadvantage.

Conclusion - ReaCapital offers a well thought-out model for real estate investments

Even without the big money, private investors now have interesting opportunities from the high returns benefit in real estate. With the ReaCapital platform for crowd investing, you can invest directly in selected lucrative real estate projects, with terms of one to three years already promising returns of six percent and more. The investment process is very simple and basically only requires registration, which can be done online. The money is then either collected or transferred directly by the customer. You can get involved in a project from as little as 250 euros.

At the end of the term, both the agreed yield and the investment amount are paid out. Additional security is provided by the fact that the customer's investment sums are secured by a second object. The support and service area was also convincing in our test of ReaCapital. In addition to detailed information about the projects, customers are also regularly informed about the progress. On this basis, an absolutely serious and well thought-out business model can be assumed. On the other hand, customers need not fear fraud or rip-off.

Roland Herrmann
With ReaCapital, you can benefit directly from attractive real estate projects!
4.0 / 5.0 rated byRoland Herrmann
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