Risk Warning

Financial products such as forex trading, CFD trading or trading in securities are not not only associated with opportunities, but also with risks. This applies in particular to games of chance such as sports betting, poker and online casinos. Therefore, only use capital that you do not need for everyday life and that you can lose if the worst comes to the worst.

By using cpaws-ov.org, you accept that we assume no liability for the information presented here although they have been researched with the greatest possible care and have been created to the best of our conscience. In particular, all information does not constitute financial advice and is not an offer, advertisement or recommendation to buy or sell. and market surveillance authority bans (ESMA) in the EU have been stopped. We therefore no longer offer binary options on our site!

Das Bewerben, der Vertrieb und der Verkauf an Privatanleger von Binären Optionen ist seit dem 2. Juli 2018 durch Europäische Wertpapier- und Marktaufsichtsbehördeverbote (ESMA) in der EU gestoppt worden. Wir bieten Binäre Optionen deshalb nicht mehr auf unserer Seite an!

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