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Dice games inspire people for many, many years. However, what used to only take place at the gaming table in the casino is now also possible electronically and mathematically. And so SatoshiDICE provides a very interesting dice game in its portfolio, with which numerous players from all over the world can be enthusiastic. In the following, we will take a closer look at whether registering with this provider is worthwhile, what is waiting for the players here and what experiences we have had with SatoshiDICE.

🥇 Best provider
Rating 2.5 / 5.0
🎲 Number of games 1|| |75
💻 Softwareprovider In-house development
🎁 Welcome bonus No
⚖️License|| |89

It is important to mention at the beginning of our test that SatoshiDICE is one of the reputable addresses in its branch. There are some "black sheep", but this provider is certainly not one of them. This can be seen from several aspects, which we will go into more detail on in the further course of the test with SatoshiDICE.

Our experience at a glance

In principle, only a few have to go to the company's offer words are lost. So every visitor knows when entering the homepage for the first time what is roughly required here. Then, once the game's help section is opened, there is complete clarity. A dice game is offered, which provides excitement and joy for countless players every day. A download is not required to participate in the game, the game rounds are organized directly in the browser. Incidentally, the game was developed by the provider himself, so that no external software provider had to be brought on board.

Company The Video Casino Group
Registration Number
Phone|| |131  –
Email [email protected]
Live Chat

Da die Würfelspiele ganz allein auf Dauer vermutlich etwas langweilig werden könnten, hat der Anbieter nach unseren Erfahrungen mit SatoshiDICE noch einen progressiven Jackpot integriert. Dieser steigt bei jeder Spielrunde, bis irgendwann ein glücklicher Spieler den Gewinn der Summe vermelden kann. Selbst nach längerer Spieldauer werden Spannung und Nervenkitzel auf diesem Wege aufrecht erhalten.

SatoshiDICE under review: fraud or serious?

Of course, with a provider like SatoshiDICE, the primary aim is to whether fair play is offered to the players. As our experience shows, however, SatoshiDICE fraud can be ruled out. The reason for this is that the game is proven to be fair and every player can see for themselves. The results of each round are displayed transparently, which means that manipulation on the part of the provider can be completely ruled out. In short: SatoshiDICE is reputable.

In addition, the provider also promises security, of course, because deposits and withdrawals are made exclusively with Bitcoin. There is no danger of data thieves, after all, no private data is given.

Overview of the offer

No question: As a player, you have to like the company's offer. There is not a very large selection here, as there is only one game in the portfolio. However, this brings with it different variants, which in our experience with SatoshiDICE can bring a certain variety to the squad. It is also positive to mention that participation in the game is possible without prior software download. A simple visit to the website is enough to start the game.

The website of SatoshiDICE
Homepage vom SatoshiDICE Spielauswahl vom SatoshiDICE

Online Casinos

With thePortfolios of the Live Casinos or also many other Bitcoin Casinos SatoshiDICE has very little in common. Only a dice game is offered here, which is also made available, for example, in a jackpot variant with a progressive jackpot. Before each round of play, players can set their bet and then determine if the number rolled is over or under the value set by the provider. How high the payout percentages are can also be set before the game. This means that customers can determine how much risk they want to take with their game and what profit they expect from it. At the same time, it should be mentioned at this point that, based on our experience with SatoshiDICE, the game can convince with an RTP of 99.5 percent. This means that in the long run 99.5 percent of all bets are paid back to the players.

SatoshiDICE Bonus: without a bonus offer for gaming fun

The new Unfortunately, customers are not happy with this provider. That's a bit of a shame, because casino bonuses are hugely popular with all players. There is definitely still a bit of catching up to do in this area if the number of customers is to be increased.

Deposit bonus:
Bonus conditions:
Other bonus offers:

Promotions or campaigns for existing customers are also not available in our experience with SatoshiDICE. The only real highlight in the lineup is the progressive jackpot, with which above-average winnings can be earned.

Deposits and withdrawals in the casino

Anyone who has ever looked at the payment portfolios of the PayPal casinos or regular online casinos will have come across, for example, bank transfer, Paysafecard or PayPal. However, all of these options are not available with SatoshiDICE. Playing and depositing is done exclusively with Bitcoin or the Bitcoin wallet. All deposits are always secure and are also available in the player account within a few seconds. The bets can be placed immediately without a long start-up time. If there are any fees for the deposits, the information can be seen in the deposit area.

Payment methods at SatoshiDICE
Zahlungsmöglichkeiten bei SatoshiDICE
Deposit methods: Bitcoin
Minimum deposit :
Deposit Fees:
Currencies Accepted: BTC
Auszahlungsmethoden: Bitcoin

The same applies to the payouts, which can be easily processed via Bitcoin Wallet. For the payout, players only have to go to the cash register area and specify the respective payout amount here. The payouts are processed quickly, so that an entry in your own Bitcoin wallet can also be recorded quickly. In our experience, the provider can confidently beone of the top Bitcoin casinos.

Security and regulation

Because If the provider's game is proven to be fair, players don't have to worry at all about their game rounds. Fraud can definitely be ruled out - even though no control by a responsible regulatory authority is necessary. If a player does not agree with the result of a round, he can check this result and see for himself whether it is correct. Security during the game rounds is definitely taken care of here.

In addition, the use of Bitcoin also has advantages for payments. While in "normal" online casinos, for example, credit card data or account information must be disclosed, Bitcoin casinos do not require any such information. This also means that there is no risk of criminals stealing your data when making payments takes care of the questions and concerns of the players. This can be contacted via e-mail address, which can be used around the clock. The only things to note here are a certain waiting time of several hours and the fact that the e-mail is only answered in English. However, support in these ways is always helpful.


Zum Angebot des Casinos gehört neben dem Spiel natürlich auch ein Kundensupport, der sich um die Fragen und Anliegen der Spieler kümmert. Kontaktiert werden kann dieser per E-Mail-Adresse, die rund um die Uhr in Anspruch genommen werden kann. Zu beachten ist hierbei lediglich eine gewisse Wartezeit von mehreren Stunden und die Tatsache, dass die Beantwortung der Mail nur in englischer Sprache geboten wird. Hilfreich ist die Unterstützung auf diese Wege aber allemal.

If you want to save hours of waiting time, you can consult the provider's FAQ section. This is not particularly extensive, but at least clarifies the most important questions about the offer. So this option is perfect for getting some information without a lot of effort.

Ease of use of the casino

Problems navigating the portfolio should not arise, as the website is basically consists of only one level. There are no sub-menus or other sub-pages. If the players click through the various points, a new window is usually simply opened, so that all important information can be viewed without much effort. Crashes or other errors do not have to be accepted during use, which is why the user-friendliness can be summarized as good overall according to our test with SatoshiDICE.

Mobile App

The portfolio of the provider with a mobile game variant that can be easily called up in the respective browser of the end device. An additional software download is not required, so that no specific operating system or a certain amount of storage space is required at the same time. The mobile offer is easy to use and control, so that overall no disadvantages can be reported in our SatoshiDICE test.

Conclusion: The game brings excitement and great winning opportunities

Although the While the selection is certainly limited compared to other online casinos, registering with SatoshiDICE brings with it excitement and thrills. The dice game alone can be described as exciting, but it really gets hot with the associated progressive jackpots. The game is understandable in every respect, especially since the provider also provides a small manual “next door”. For other questions or ambiguities, contact should be established with customer support, which will respond reliably and helpfully to problems. So the provider did not really attract attention in any area. Only the waiver of a welcome bonus could bother one or the other player. Based on our experience with SatoshiDICE, the offer is still worth registering and can be recommended without restrictions.

Steffen Breitner
Anyone who likes the excitement of dice games will love SatoshiDICE, because you are waiting here additional progressive jackpots.
2.5 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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