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Secret.de offers more than just a normal one partner search. Because the casual dating portal advertises with the search for the dream partner, but the members should also be able to "find a sophisticated partner for a discreet erotic adventure". Registration is initially free, so that anyone can test the portal. But what is really behind Secret.de? Is this a reputable provider or just a rip-off? This is exactly what we would like to uncover at this point and also go into detail about the various features of the infidelity platform. In any case, Secret.de was able to score as serious in our test.

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Is Secret.de serious? This is shown by our field reports

Especially with a casual dating platform, the fear of fraud is of course high and partly justified. But what about Secret.de? Do the members here also have to fear the sheer rip-off? Luckily, Secret.de has turned out to be absolutely reputable, because the provider attaches great importance to the authenticity of the membership file. Any user can easily report a fake profile and can hope for a quick response from customer service. These profiles will then be blocked immediately and the members who have already contacted the user with the fake profile will be compensated. The credits that were spent for this contact are thus reimbursed to the users in a very uncomplicated manner. This also clearly underlines the seriousness of Secret.de.

Preview of the provider's website
Die schnelle und einfache Anmeldung auf der Webseite von Secret.deDie Vorteile von Secret.de sowie Kundenrezensionen

In addition, the portal uses innovative software to identify fakes, in order to detect exactly such a prevent fraud. In order to prevent fake members from registering, all professional photos that users upload to the platform are manually checked by the Secret.de editorial team. Although this means that the users have to wait for the activation after the upload, it also serves to ensure the security of all members. Although fake profiles can never be completely avoided, the proportion of such members is negligible.

Video preview of Secret.de

In the following video you will find our experiences with Secret.de in the summary. We will also show you how the registration works and also show you the first steps with the provider.

Watch the video now to get a preview of Secret.de:

The entire offer at a glance

People who fancy an erotic adventure or are looking for a new partner are Secret.de's declared target group. It is primarily users between the ages of 18 and 55 who are active on the platform. Men and women between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most strongly represented group on the casual dating portal. The age group from 35 to 44 is also very active on the portal. Kenya-wide around 650,000 members have now found their way to Secret.de, of which around 90,000 are active week after week. Unfortunately, the proportion of women on the portal is very low at just 32%. With 68%, the men are clearly in the majority here. This in turn means that the male members sometimes have to wait a very long time for an answer to their contact request or may never receive it.

Company FriendScout24 GmbH
Adresse Dingolfinger Str. 1-15, 81673 Munich
Commercial Register AG Munich, HRB: 147483 VAT ID No.: DE1846 17472 | ||124
Kontaktformular: available
eMail: [email protected]
Fax: +49 (0) 89-44456-192703

Since Secret.de takes strict action against fake profiles, most profiles are very meaningful. However, many users use the mask function so as not to reveal their entire face right away. For a first approximation, however, the available information is completely sufficient. For example, the profile provides information about your own erotic type, appearance, lifestyle, hobbies, interests and personal preferences. Although many features are also accessible via the free trial subscription, contact requests at Secret.de are always subject to a fee. Only the following range of functions is available free of charge:

  • Creating an individual profile
  • Searching and viewing the profiles of other members
  • Free starting credit
  • Receive and reply to messages
  • The member check by Secret.de
  • Creating a favorites list
  • View the profile gift of the day

Especially the fact that replying to messages is one of the free services at Secret.de is an advantage. However, the user must purchase the contact right itself. A different number of credits are due for the chargeable services. For example, women only pay 9 credits per message, while men have to spend a whopping 29 credits. For sending erotic cards, women spend 3 credits, while men have to spend 19 credits. Games cost 3 credits, gifts between 9 and 199 and specials 0 to 49 credits.

What are the offers for new customers?

Registration at Secret.de is free for all new customers. This is valid all year round and no special voucher is required to take advantage of this offer. In addition to the free registration, each user also receives a starting balance of credits in order to be able to test the platform extensively. The number of free credits will be displayed after successful registration. However, Secret.de rarely gives out further vouchers or other offers for new customers. However, there are always various specials for already registered members, thanks to which these credits can be purchased more cheaply, for example, or the same service can be obtained for fewer credits. These offers are only valid for a limited period of time.

The costs and payment options at Secret.de
Bei Secret.de kauft man Credits, die für verschiedene Dinge eingesetzt werden können
Standard 59.00 CAD/EUR/USD = 675 Credits for men, 750 credits for women
Premium: 99.00 CAD/EUR/USD = 1350 credits for men, 1500 credits for women
Premium Plus: 199.00 CAD/EUR/USD = 5400 credits for men, 6000 credits for women
Payment options: Visa, Mastercard, direct debit, cash deposit , bank transfer
Notice period: none

Costs and payment options – this is how the credits work

In thecomparison to most other casual dating providers Secret.de has opted for a completely different payment model. Because in this case, the users do not have to pay a monthly membership fee, but only pay for the contact requests and the sending of erotic greeting cards. Various credit packages are available. Women generally receive better conditions than the male members. Because as a woman, a contact request at Secret.de not only costs less, but the prices for the credit packages are also correspondingly cheaper. Below is a clear overview of the various Secret.de credit packages:

Credit package for men/women Total costs
Premium Plus 5400/ 6000 credits 199.00 CAD/EUR/USD
Premium 1350/ 1500 Credits 99.00 CAD/EUR/USD
Standard 675/ 750 credits 59.00 CAD/EUR/USD

The more credits the user buys at once, the lower the cost per credit. For example, with the Premium Plus package, ladies only pay 3.32 cents per credit, while with the Standard package, they pay 7.87 cents per credit. Of course, Secret.de offers its customers a wide variety of payment options. In addition to the 100% anonymous cash payment, the following payment methods are also available:

  • direct debit
  • Transfer
  • Credit card

The advantage of the credit model is that there is no subscription that could be automatically extended. Thus, termination is only necessary if the user wants to have his profile completely removed from the casual dating platform.

This is what data protection looks like at Secret.de

Its seriousness is important this portal is also proven by the high level of data protection. It starts with the fact that payment can be made absolutely anonymously in cash. This means that the user does not even have to send their payment details to Secret.de. In addition, a pseudonym is sufficient to create a profile. Only a valid e-mail address is required to successfully register. Thus, neither the name of the member nor his address has to be sent to Secret.de. In addition, the Adobe SiteCatalyst technology is used to also guarantee the security of the members. The data available to Secret.de will of course not be passed on to third parties. To protect user privacy, members can use the mask feature and only share their photo with selected users. If you still want to unsubscribe, you can do so easily by contacting Secret.de customer service. The fact that Friendscout24 is committed to Secret.de should also increase user confidence in this platform. Because without high demands in terms of data protection, Friendscout24 would certainly not have developed into one of the most popular dating portals in Kenya and Europe.

Customer Service Overview

There is a contact form on the Casual Dating website so that members can contact customer service with questions and suggestions. A fax number and email address are also available for this purpose. Unfortunately, however, there is no hotline that members can contact. Therefore, you do not need to expect an answer to your request at the weekend. During the week, however, customer service often replies within 24 to 48 hours or, if possible, faster. After all, the customer service is available free of charge and competently, except for the fees for sending a fax, to answer users' questions.

The user-friendliness of Secret.de

The design The platform convinces at first glance and is intended to appeal primarily to women. The Secret.de website is easy to navigate as it doesn't have any unnecessary frills. Registration is completed within minutes and the user can create their profile in just a few steps. In the first step, the profile picture should be uploaded. Then you enter your own erotic type. This is followed by further personal information on hobbies, appearance, interests, language skills, education and other habits. Finally, the new customer can define his search criteria in detail. This ensures that he or she only gets partner suggestions that are really compatible and match your own search. However, it will take some time before the profile is activated, as each photo is checked by hand. The waiting times may seem annoying to some members, but they serve to ensure everyone's safety.

App for mobile users

Secret.de offers an app so that users can thread exciting adventures from anywhere at any time easy to use app. This is available free of charge in both an iOS and an Android version. The app is available in the respective app shop or can be downloaded free of charge from the provider's website using the QR code. In addition, Secret.de also offers a mobile website view for its members. This makes it easy to contact other members while on the go. Prior registration is required in order to be able to log in to the app at all.

Conclusion: That's what our experience report says

With a strong partner like Friendscout24 behind it, Secret.de has set itself up as an absolutely reputable provider. The users themselves have control over how much money they want to invest in Secret.de. Secret.de scores particularly well with the mobile website and the app for Android and iOS, but also with the high level of data protection. In addition, all women benefit from discounted conditions and registration is basically free for all members. Even replying to incoming messages is included as part of the free membership, which can hardly be topped.

Denise Schlüter
Secret.de is the portal for sophisticated dates and affairs . Searching for contacts turned out to be very easy.
4.0 / 5.0 rated byDenise Schlueter
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Everything at Secret.de is just right for me. The site makes a very good and innovative impression. It is basically technically well implemented and works perfectly, even in the evenings when there is typically more going on. That's why I've been registered there for more than two years and regularly find what I'm looking for. Everything is uncomplicated and fast. The cost structure is very fair to the user and is really fun. If I no longer use the account, no fees will be charged to me. Secret.de is therefore my favorite and I will stay there.

written 73 months ago

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