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Each of us likes to prove our skills. Be it in a private round with your closest friends or online with numerous players from all over the world. The skill games are specially created for this “performance comparison”. They are now available online in numerous versions and varieties, so that the old Mau Mau cards are safely in the drawer - today they are played online. Lots of providers are opening their doors to thousands upon thousands of players these days. In addition to the feeling of impressing other players with their skills, winners are usually also rewarded with big prizes.

What are skill games?

Provider for skill games

Choosing the platform Skill game platform is the be-all and end-all if you are successful in the long term want to be. We show here what is important when making a selection and how you can easily find the right provider.

Important criteria

  • Reliability – Security and licensing
  • Game selection - large portfolio
  • Fairness – when choosing an opponent
  • Community - for the game at any time

The term "skill" comes from English and means something like "ability" or "possess an ability". In the meantime, however, the word has also become ubiquitous in Canadian, so that certain skills of a person or a company are spoken of in many areas. From this you can already see what is important in the skill games: the ability. In contrast to games of chance, the success of the players does not stand or fall with "Commissar Chance" but lies in their own hands. This is why the skill games are so popular, because every player can regularly use their own skills to make nice profits. In principle, skill games should be familiar to everyone, since well-known card and board games such as "Skat", "Backgammon", "Mau-Mau" or "Uno" can also be referred to as skill games. However, the online repertoire has long since been made much more valuable, so that numerous new and modern skill games can now also be found here. So there is no lack of choice, which means that every player can usually find a game here in which their skills are superior to those of their fellow players.

This must be taken into account when choosing the provider

Der Markt wächst und gedeiht und so wird es für die Spieler immer schwerer, die wirklich guten und seriösen Anbieter wie Realistic Games from the masses. Beginners in particular need help here, which is why we want to present the different criteria for evaluating a provider in more detail. If these points are observed, the offers can be optimally compared with one another, which ultimately means that the best provider for skill games can be found.

Seriousness and licenses

Because the game here is usually for real money gains the providers of the skill games must be officially licensed and regulated. The licenses are always issued by the competent authorities in the provider's "home country", or in the country where the company is based. For example, if a provider is based in Malta, then the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority is responsible for licensing and regulation. On the other hand, if the head office is in the UK, then the UK authorities are responsible for licensing and regulating the provider. In general, only providers who actually have a valid license should be shortlisted. Otherwise, a serious and safe way of working cannot be guaranteed. However, possession of a license is only required if the players can actually withdraw any winnings. If the stake is only exchanged for a non-payable, virtual currency, then no official license is required.

Accessibility of customer support

The work of customer support plays a major role in the evaluation of a skill game provider. This should always be helpful at the side of the player and therefore always easy to reach. In the best case, the company provides a live chat, which usually helps to answer the question in a few seconds. However, a telephone hotline and e-mail support are now standard. But quality should also be considered here. Response times of more than 48 hours are not particularly beneficial, but at the same time the employees should also give satisfactory answers and score points with a certain degree of friendliness. Even if the support is not a direct indication of the seriousness, good conclusions can usually be drawn from the handling.

Game portfolio

The range of games is of course always a matter of taste in a certain respect. Some players have their indispensable favourites, while other gamblers are “driven” by the offer. In the best case, the offer can be tested free of charge, so that it is easy to see what kind of portfolio the players are dealing with here. In our experience, the providers have always divided their offer into different categories, which makes it easier to get an overview of the portfolio. Which categories are ultimately represented here is of course in the hands of the provider. In most cases, however, it is about card and board games, action and arcade games, mental games and sports games. In order to encourage customers' ambition a little, tournaments or competitions are often held, in which there are special bonuses and prizes to be won. If a provider wants to score points with its quality, there should be a wide selection and an attractive offer.

Provider's payment methods

The selection of available payment methods is also an indication of possible strengths of the bookmaker. First of all, however, it is important that the current security precautions are always observed during the payments. In other words, every payment should be fully encrypted. This also applies to other areas of the offer, because wherever sensitive or personal data of the player is entered, there should be sufficient protection. Of course, there are also plus points if a certain selection is possible for the transfers. In addition to bank transfers, electronic payment options should be included in the repertoire, for example, as they guarantee the fastest possible payment processing. Credit cards are normally not missing from any portfolio anyway.

Possible bonus offers

As is well known, most players can be won with a new customer bonus. However, the wide range of bonus offers has meant that many players take such an offer for granted. In reality, however, it is just a nice extra that is intended to make it easier for new customers to start the program. But here too there are huge differences, because basically only very few providers really have something to give away. The bonus conditions are therefore particularly important, as they provide information about how fair and profitable the bonus is in the end. If these requirements cannot be met at first glance, then the bonus offer should be avoided. Of course, it is also gratifying when a few nice promotions are offered here and there for existing customers. These are usually in the form of small game vouchers or free spins and ensure an additional level of gaming fun with really good providers.

Overview and user-friendliness

The providers naturally set visual highlights first and foremost with a modern look. However, the "packaging" does not play the main role here, because a target-oriented structure and a clear structure are at least as important. After all, every player wants to be able to quickly find their way around the portfolio without first having to sift through numerous subcategories and menus. Instead, it is desirable that all areas and menus can be reached within a few mouse clicks and that newcomers and beginners can also find their way around without a long period of familiarization. Here, too, the providers can earn plus points again, for example by including search functions or certain filters in the offer.

What are the best skill games?

Which game is ultimately the best game on the market for each player is of course also a question of personal taste. However, some general favorites can be identified that are enjoyed by the majority of players. Not without reason, of course, because these are high-quality games in which the players are put to the test, but also rewarded with big wins. In order to also provide a good overview of the "diversity of species", we have examined the five best and most well-known skill games in detail:


Skat is a well-known classic in Canadian game rounds and at the regular tables. The card game is also extremely popular online, since your ability to play is a very important factor here. The game is played here in a standardized way with three players and 32 cards. Two cards remain face down on the table, the remaining 30 playing cards are dealt in three decks of ten cards each. After the "bidding" the duel starts, in which one player has to assert himself against the other two. The game is usually played according to the rules of the international skat regulations.


Knobeln is a board game for at least two players. The game is extremely popular in the gaming community, as a round lasts only about three minutes and several games can be played in a row. The game is played over a total of three rounds, with a total of five different dice being used. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by rolling 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s. After the third round at the latest, the dice must then be entered in the table provided. The highest number of points is then determined by skillful combinations.

"Spin 7"

"Spin 7" is one of the most popular arcade games at the moment. The game is played here with two players in a duel mode, which is basically a bingo variant. Various boxes are displayed here in the form of playing cards with the numbers from 1 to 99. The aim of the game is to form as many rows of five as possible. For this purpose, the player has various jokers at his disposal, which can provide some advantages if used skillfully. After 15 rounds, the player who has scored the most points by correctly collecting the playing cards wins.

“8-Ball Billiards”

8-Ball Billiards is a classic sports game Variant. The game is played with seven full balls and seven half balls, as well as one white ball and one black ball. The game is opened in which the white ball must be played against the colored balls. When a ball is pocketed, the type of ball belongs to the player who pocketed that ball. The game is actually self-explanatory, because the winner is the one who first completely pocketed his ball type. To win, all you have to do is play the black ball into the correct hole. Because of these simple game rules and the typical game atmosphere, 8-ball billiards has been one of the most popular games from skill game providers for several years.


Uno is under the represented by the name "Mau Mau" and is of course one of the "all-time favourites" in the portfolio. Even though many players may be familiar with the rules, we have briefly summarized them here. This is a card game played by at least two players. With a playing time of four minutes, the period of time is quite short, which means that most players play several rounds in a row here. Each player is dealt seven cards at the beginning of a game round. The object of the game is to be the first to discard all of your playing cards. For the winner there is not only fame and honor, but also a nice prize.

Playing skill games successfully: Here's how

Successful playing skill games is primarily a matching provider required. The criteria for the selection are known, so that every player should quickly find his contact point here. Within the game, it is then of course necessary to concentrate primarily on one's own abilities. For example, if you have a particularly strong memory, you are usually in good hands with the memory games. On the other hand, those who have proven to have a lucky hand at the card table should seek their luck here. A very important factor for success in gaming is experience. Countless game situations occur again and again, so that experience can be worth its weight in gold here. Above all, no player should be provoked by the performance of their fellow players. A bit of luck is always involved, so even an obviously better player can lose a round. However, frustration will not help.

Conclusion: Skill is crucial

The skill games offer the greatest chances of winning for many players. Here the gamblers do not have to rely solely on their luck, but can increase the chances of winning with their own behavior. In the meantime, the choice of providers is so large that you can easily find a suitable game that both challenges your own skills and is fun at the same time. Which game is then the favorite for each customer is a matter of taste. While many players appreciate the classic game variants of "Rummy" or "Skat", other players rely entirely on the modernity of "Spin 7" and Co. Thanks to the broad market, the selection here will continue to increase in the coming months and years that we can get ready for many new and interesting games.

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