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Lotto has been a part of society for many, many years. Numerous players from all over the world regularly try their luck in national lotteries and since the advent of internet lotteries, draws in completely different nations have also been bet on. Smartbillions.com takes a completely new approach to the lottery. The provider is active as an Ethereum lottery provider and accordingly enables use with the innovative cryptocurrency. But is everything going right? We checked the provider for its seriousness and recorded all important information in our experiences with smartbillions.com below.

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Although the Ethereum lotteries are of course still very young providers and a very young market , some dubious providers have nevertheless already spread in the industry in the past. Fortunately, we can give the all-clear right at the beginning of our test report, because smartbillions.com fraud is not to be expected here. The reason: The game results are forgery-proof and can be viewed at any time after the draw.

Our experiences at a glance

smartbillions.com, being an Ethererum lottery, is of course still a very young company. After all, the cryptocurrency has only recently been able to reach the really broad society. Either way, it is a very interesting provider, after all, with a little luck, players can become millionaires here. The provider has financed itself through various investments with which a goal of around 200,000 ETH should be reached. These funding amounts are divided in such a way that the jackpot can be paid out and marketing costs can also be capped.

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To summarize our experiences with smartbillions.com primarily as very interesting. Although only one lottery is held here, the players don't have to wait long for their possible winnings. Setting your own numbers takes just a few seconds, and the result of the draw is available after around one to two minutes. The Ethereum lottery has very little to do with the classic lottery draw that many players may know from television. Various stakes can be used for the draw, and players can also secure ticket discounts if they make the offer from smartbillions.com palatable to their friends or colleagues. At first glance, no criticism can be expressed, even if at least the English language should be pointed out. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed, so that a little knowledge of English can definitely not go amiss.

smartbillions.com Check: Fraud or serious?

Seriousness naturally plays an important role in games of chance overriding role. Lotto is no exception, especially since enormous amounts are often at stake here. All the better that with the Ethererum lottery any kind of fraud can be completely ruled out - all the results of the draws are stored in the block chain and can also be viewed here afterwards. If a player feels that he has been treated unfairly, he can easily convince himself that the result is correct. Thus, there are no signs of a smartbillions.com fraud or dubious working methods of the provider. Quite the contrary: every player can rely on the correct course of the draws in every single round of the game and always enjoy the highest level of transparency.

Overview of what smartbillions.com has to offer

smartbillions.com is a so-called Ethereum lottery. Everyone should be familiar with the term lottery, played with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. Players do not need any special software to take part in the draws, instead they can easily participate in the game rounds using their computer's browser. First of all, a certain amount is booked to the player's account, which can then be used to place bets in the lottery.

The website of smartbillions.com
Die Homepage von smartbillions.comDie Wallet bei smartbillions.com

Different from the regular lottery However, the Canadian Lotto Association does not offer 49 numbers here, but only the numbers from 0 to 15. For the players, this means that the chances of winning are significantly better here than in the nearest lottery acceptance point. If your own lottery ticket with six numbers has been placed, it takes about one to two minutes until the draw is evaluated and the results are known. A player's win now depends on how many correct numbers are hit. Important to note: Unlike the regular lottery, the order plays an important role here. Your own stake can be between 0.001 ETH and 1 ETH. Of course, a higher stake means that higher winnings are paid out. The jackpot for six correct numbers at 0.001 ETH is 7,000 ETH. If you play with 1 ETH, you will collect a whopping 7,000,000 ETH if you get six correct ones. In order to be able to better illustrate the possible profits, we have listed the prices to be expected with a stake of 0.001 ETH below:

  • 2 Correct: 0.003 ETH
  • 3 correct ones: 0.025 ETH
  • 4 correct ones: 0.5 ETH
  • 5 correct ones: 20 ETH
  • 6 correct ones: 7,000 ETH

It might be good for many players to know that certain discounts on lottery tickets can be used. Customers can secure the discounts by recruiting new players. So if you invite your friends or colleagues to a few rounds of the lottery at smartbillions.com, you can still get a few advantages from this yourself.

Deposit bonus:
Bonus conditions :
Other bonuses: Lotto ticket discounts|| |213

Ein- und Auszahlungen

The deposits to the player account are of course all made with the help of the Ethereum wallet. Players must first set up a new wallet access or fall back on a well-known wallet. The deposit is made by entering the casino's payment address, which deposits the desired amount into the player's account. Of course, the deposit is always possible safely and can be carried out without concerns of fraud or counterfeiting. The deposited amount is also credited immediately, so the players can start their lottery round directly.

The payment options at smartbillions.com
Die Zahlungsoptionen bei smartbillions.com
Payment options: Ethereum eWallet| ||234
Account management possible in:
Payout methods: Ethereum eWallet

The process for a payout from the player account is almost identical. Again, the players have to call up the wallet area, but now their own wallet address has to be entered. After that, all you have to do is determine how high the desired payout amount should be. It is particularly pleasant to mention in connection with the payments that the withdrawals can of course also be found immediately in your own wallet. Those who were successful don't have to wait long for their prize, but can use it again straight away.

Security and regulation

The provider does not have a license to sell the lottery. This is not because the provider does not meet the legal requirements, but rather because no license is required at all. After all, his smartbillions.com fraud can be ruled out in every respect, since the provider convinces with the highest level of transparency in all payments and game rounds. Customers can see the draw results themselves, and payments with Ethereum are completely secure. So there is no reason to worry with this provider, instead all players can sit back comfortably and place their bets with a good feeling. A little tip on the side: It is always helpful when determining the seriousness if the smartbillions.com experiences of other users are also checked. There are no negative headlines here either, so that we can give the provider great praise.

Customer support

The provider's customer support is such a thing. A support department with its own hotline or live chat is not offered. Not even a suitable e-mail address can be found on the lottery's homepage. However, contact with the employees is of course still possible via the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Contact can be made easily here, but it can take a few hours for you to get a response. Canadian players should always keep in mind that customer support is only offered in English. Otherwise, the advice is very reliable and normally leaves no further questions unanswered.

For a rough overview of the offer, we can also recommend the provider's FAQ area. Numerous important questions are clarified here in English, so that, for example, the successful deposit is shown step by step as an example. In addition, explanations of the game or other small help can also be found on the website. The structure of the FAQ area is simple, but this is exactly why the players can save a lot of time. Despite the not-yet-optimal opportunities to talk to customer support, this area makes a pretty decent impression and can by no means be described as disappointing. If you are familiar with lotteries, or if you are not completely unfamiliar with Ethereum, you will be able to find your way around on the provider’s website within a few moments. The drawing options can be found directly on the start page, explanations and help are just below the playing area. Thus, a good overview cannot be dismissed out of hand, especially since there are only a few sub-pages or other areas. A "lost" is excluded here. However, there is a small catch, at least for the Canadian players, because no changes can be made to the language yet. By default, the entire website is therefore displayed in English.


Wer sich ein bisschen mit den Krypto-Lotterien auskennt, bzw. wem Ethereum nicht ganz fremd ist, der wird sich auf der Webseite des Anbieters innerhalb weniger Augenblicke orientieren können. Die Ziehungsmöglichkeiten sind direkt auf der Startseite zu finden, Erklärungen und Hilfen liegen genau unter der Spielfläche. Somit lässt sich eine gute Übersicht nicht von der Hand weisen, zumal nur wenige Unterseiten oder weitere Bereiche existieren. Ein „Verlaufen“ ist hier ausgeschlossen. Allerdings gibt es zumindest für die deutschen Spieler einen kleinen Haken, denn bislang können noch keine Änderungen an der Sprache vorgenommen werden. Standardmäßig wird daher die gesamte Webseite auf Englisch angezeigt.

Mobile App

Of course, smartbillions.com closely monitors the developments on the market. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that the lottery's portfolio also includes its own smartbillions.com app. With this, players can also access the offer when they are on the move and therefore do not have to do without their lottery draws on the train or bus. The lottery app is offered as a so-called web version, which can be used without a previous download. The website is simply called up with the mobile browser, which then makes it available in an adapted version. Disadvantages in terms of navigation do not occur, at the same time the technical implementation of the whole thing makes a good impression, since with a decent Internet connection there are no unnecessary waiting times or other disadvantages.

Conclusion: smartbillions.com definitely has something to offer

Our overall conclusion on the smartbillions.com experience is positive. The provider offers an interesting offer with its fast lottery and can definitely set itself apart from the competition due to the million chance in a comparison of the Ethereum lottery providers. If you play with the right bet here and hit six right ones, you really clear up. You don't always have to use your own PC, since the mobile version of the game can also be described as reliable and attractive. The loyalty offer for the players, who can secure a few discounts on their tickets, is also commendable. The only thing that could be done better is customer support, but the little help and instructions are very positive. In short: Apart from a few little things, the portfolio is completely convincing.

Steffen Breitner
smartbillions.com offers an Ethereum lottery with potential millions in winnings and fast draws.|| |291
3.0 / 5.0 rated bySteffen Breitner
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