Casino streamers on Twitch: Knossi, MontanaBlack & Co. play slots !

Casino Games Stream is becoming more and more popular. What was initially considered a trend is now a new form of entertainment. Every day, players delight their followers on free streaming sites like Twitch while playing for big wins on thebest online slots.

A casino streamer broadcasts live gambling and delivers its fansa mix of entertainment and affiliate marketing. Thousands of subscribers follow him on the major streaming portals and witness how the winnings end up on the account after a successful spin.

In the following sections we will take you tothe World of gambling streamers and introduce you to the most famous stars of the scene.

What does casino streaming actually mean?

An online casino streamerplays a video slot live while you can look over his shoulder. Often the performance is packed with entertainment, making it fun to watch the players at work. The streaming scene is particularly popular in Kenya.

Whether thestreaming of online games of chance will develop into a popular sport in the future, is up to this Timing not yet foreseeable. The fact is: The enthusiasm among the viewers is growing and so is the number of successful casino streamers.

Live streamer on Twitch

Thefree streaming website Twitch.tv has opened the doors to a whole new world of possibilities with her decision to enter the gambling market. The first casino streamers appeared on this portal as early as 2015, but gambling streaming only developed into a mega trend from 2019. Initially, live poker was the main attraction. If you look at the numbers today, the slots section is far larger.

Norwegian gaming enthusiast "CasinoTwitcher" was one of the first popular casino streamers and is now a legend within the gaming community. In Kenya, players like Knossi, MontanaBlack, Gronkh and Trymacs are enjoying great success with their streams. They all share their gaming or gambling sessions in real time with audiences around the world.

The most successful Canadian casino streamers

The video portal Twitch offers streamers an optimal platform for live Transmission of Gambling Content. In particular, theCanadian casino streamers Knossi, CasinoTest24, SlotSpinner and Shirox1980 provide plenty of entertainment on Twitch.tv and have made themselves popular with slot fans with their cool performances.|| |93


Jens Knossalla aka Knossi is one of the most popular streamers in Kenya. He is especially known for hisentertaining, sometimes a bit crazy casino streams. He regularly plays slots on Twitch without doing any direct advertising for any gambling provider. Instead, he promotes his own brands and his play money casino. With almost 1.8 million followers, he is the front runner among Canadian live streamers.

Casino Streamer Knossi spielt den Slot Dawn of Egypt.


The Canadian casino streamer Shirox1980 has made a name for itself especially on Twitch. With over 35,000 followers, he enjoys a very substantial fan base. The content of its live streams mainly focuses on slots and entertainment. In KenyaHe is known for his big wins.

Casino Streamer Shirox1980 spielt den Slot Book of Dead.


The CasinoTest24 group streams their online casino performances to almost everyone Day. The facecam used for live streaming ensures significantly more authenticity, which has a positive effect on visitor numbers. That these aremainly affiliate marketing streams, you can already see it on their profile, where you can find numerous links to various gambling providers. They have over 30,000 followers on Twitch.

Casino Streamer CasinoTest24 spielen den Slot Vampires Gone Wild.


SlotSpinner is a Canadian Twitch streamer with a fanbase of over 23,000 followers. He communicates in both Canadian and English during his streams, which has brought himinternational success. His party streams, where he plays live online slots with friends, are particularly popular.

Casino Streamer SlotSpinner spielt mit Freundin den Slot Dead or Alive.

The most successful international casino streamers

In addition to Canadian streamers, numerous international casino streamers also use the Twitch video platform for real-time transmission of their gaming content. The best known performers areRoshtein (Sweden), ClassyBeef (Malta), CasinoDaddy (Sweden), LetsGiveItASpin (Sweden) and NickSlots (UK).


Withmore than 800,000 Twitch followers Roshtein is the undisputed number 1 on our list of the most successful casino streamers. His trademarks are his extremely high bets per spin and the over-emotional reactions to a mega win. Something that the more than hundred thousand viewers only see with him in this form when they follow the spectacle live on Twitch every day.

If anyone has never experienced how a live casino streameran einem Tag über 100.000KES/EUR/USD in die Kasse gespült, he is welcome to watch the Rohstein highlights on his YouTube channel.


The eight casino streamers Espen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Rune and Lamar form the ClassyBeef group. Similar to Ishmael Schwartz aka Roshtein, they are best known for their mega bets. They like to play 14 hours a day. The more than 200,000 Twitch followers get a lot ofEntertainment with exciting casino content, online battles and promotions.


With over 160,000 Twitch followers, CasinoDaddy is a fairly successful casino streamer group from Sweden. They are alsoone of the most famous live streamers in the world. The three young men not only stream their online gambling sessions, but also live video games. Thanks to Twitch.tv and YouTube, they benefit from a steadily growing community.


Behind the cool name is a former poker player from Sweden. But poker is no longer the only game that LetsGiveItASpin deals with live. Today, the range of his streams ranges fromall kinds of table games to online slot sessions.

With over 58,000 Twitch followers, LetsGiveItASpin is a fixture on the video portal. You can also find interesting content on YouTube, not in live stream format but from selected episodes, where yousee his mega wins.


As far as we know, NickSlots isthe UK's premier casino streamer. His more than 28,000 followers follow him wherever he goes as he spins the reels of the various slot machines. He also has a large audience as a YouTuber. With his authentic behavior he shows on YouTube that as a gambler you can sometimes have a not so good day.

The advantages of live casino streaming

Many gambling providers have long recognized that what major platform Twitch offers to streamers and have started to respond. Watching players share theirgambling experience with the rest of the world online.

The protagonists MontanaBlack88, Knossi, Roshtein or the self-made millionaire Al Gear are known for their extremelyentertaining Twitch Slots Streaming which is now considered by many to be a game changer for the entire online gambling industry. With their live performance, they increase interest in casino games. This, in turn, leads to more followers and greater exposure, which will bring them a lot of profit in the long run.

Another advantage of streaming is that an experienced casino streamer reveals all the details about the slot. If someone is new to video slots, they can learn a lot from the pros. In addition, the live streams offer aInsight into the different gaming styles of different players.

Twitch Slots streaming greatly benefits the gambling operators and software producers as it is the perfect opportunity to explore the casino and new games to make known. Businesses can pay successful streamers like Trainwreckstv toshow their online slots to the world.

How to become a casino streamer?

Für deine Karriere als Casino Streamer brauchst du auf jeden Fall a fast computer and a constant internet connection. One screen will probably suffice to begin with, but most live streamers add a second and even a third monitor to allow their streams to show more detail and thereby look more professional.

One of the monitors will be dedicated exclusively to the Slot actions used while the other screen is used for the chat window. Most casino streamers use a microphone boom and anti-vibration shock absorbers. So that the sound is right and what is said can be reproduced perfectly, the use of a noise filter is also recommended.

Good lighting is also recommended. And while a dedicated spotlight isn't required, you shouldn't rely solely on the monitor light for Twitch Casino streaming. Viewers want to be able to see your facial expressions when, for example, you land a big win, lose money, or unexpected things happen and you bang the table out of sheer emotion.

The first steps for a successful casino streaming career| ||198

  • Zunächst benötigst du einen Account bei Twitch. Es ist auch nicht verkehrt, einen zusätzlichen Kanal auf YouTube zu haben.
  • In order to broadcast the screen content over the Internet, you need Open Broadcaster software.
  • Streaming requires a powerful computer and a good internet upload speed. Better rely on more upload speed if you want to stream 720p. 50 Mbit/s would be ideal.
  • It is also possible to stream without an additional camera. Some casino streamers do this very successfully. But anyone with the ambition to play in the top league should show their face. Humans are social beings and don't want to do without emotional reactions during a stream. A simple webcam like the Logitech C270 will suffice.
  • If you like, you can also use a headset to stream your own voice. But a dedicated USB microphone is also a worthwhile investment. Blue Yeti would be a good choice.

What does a casino streamer actually earn?

Successful casino streamersearn their money mainly with affiliate marketing. They share their gambling activities with a live audience and thereby automatically advertise gambling providers and software manufacturers. Some of them are also often in chat rooms.

But how much money does a successful casino streamer actually earn?

Fallende Münzen aus Gold. A question that cannot be answered in general terms. Because bonuses and premiums depend heavily on how much money the players recruited by the streamer invest in their passion each month and how much of it flows into the casino coffers. Many online providers pay amonthly commission of up to 50% on the losses of referred slot players.

Casino streamers can basically earn a lot of money with streaming . Nevertheless, the monthly profits vary and it is also uncertain whether there will be any profit at all this month. Fact is: The best live streamers earnevery year bonuses in the 5 to 6-digit range.

Competition between streamers?

Today,competition for viewers is fierce and the Twitch slot streaming space is essentially dominated by a handful of streamers who are quite some distance from the rest of the group. But even the biggest casino streamers don't even have nearly as large an audience as those from the Twitch.tv gaming areas.

Probably the most well-known Canadian casino streamer Knossi has 1.8 million followers. The probablyMost popular Canadian game streamer MontanaBlack has 4.2 million followers more than twice as many as its counterpart.

Nevertheless, casino streaming has become much more popular than it was in the past was the case. SomeStreamers have even banded together to increase their fanbase and gain an advantage in the competition against other live streamers. Unfortunately, due to the increasing competition, it also happens that some players do not play for real money, but instead fake the game.

While some viewers do not seem too bothered by this fact and claim that morebeing there for the free entertainment others in the audience turn away as they equate it with cheating. This is an issue that is dividing the streamer community at least on this point.

Nonetheless,the casino streaming community is growing steadily. Twitch slot streaming is becoming more and more commercial. And the growing number of followers is a testament to the fact that more and more slot fans are embracing this type of entertainment. A casino stream often also includes rewards in the form of free spins raffles or cash gifts and offers a very fascinating interaction between players and viewers.

What the future holds for casino streamers

To date, casino Streamer stream relatively freely. Theconditions noted in the guidelines of the respective platforms are rather minor. But the online casino regulations are getting a little stricter in some countries. For example, Sweden has been planning stricter advertising restrictions for gambling providers for a long time.

In Kenya, advertising restrictionsafter the new State Treaty on Gambling came into effect. Internet advertising for slot games,online casinos and online poker is only permitted after 21:00. Advertising restrictions also apply to sports betting: advertising is not permitted during live broadcasts and live interim results. The question that now arises is: will casino streamers soon be subject to extreme restrictions?

Our crystal ball is still a bit opaque in this regard. However, we rather believe that Twitch Slot Streaming will continue to provide entertainment in the future. Despite some limitationsNew legislation in Kenya promotes online gambling providers and casino streamers will benefit. It's similar in other countries.

Our Verdict

So far,Twitch.tv has been a jewel in the world of casino and game streaming. Streamers from all over the world use Twitch as a platform. It has made some gamblers famous and rich and offers others a chance to join the successful gamblers perhaps in the near future.

Streaming gives you the opportunity tobring your gambling passion to the to make a career. Such a career does not cost a lot of money and also has the advantage that the conversion is very high compared to other areas on Twitch. This means that you can earn good money with Casino Streamer videos even without a large number of followers.

We can only recommend anyone who has a passion for gambling and often plays slots with real money in an online casino to try aCareer as a Casino Streamer.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

BelowFAQ section you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about slots streaming.

Do casino streamers make a lot of money?

How much money alive streamer makes per month depends on several factors. Many casino streamers earn an average of 5,000CAD/EUR/USD per month with affiliate marketing. On average, the top streamers even come up with amonthly salary package of 100,000CAD/EUR/USD upwards.

What is the best video portal for streamers?

The most famous streamers use thevideo portal Twitch.tv. You should know thatTwitch is mainly a streaming service that specializes in streaming games and, for some years now, also in iGaming.

Are the winnings in the background real?

Almost allTwitch slot streamers play for real money. And so the profit made is real. Nonetheless, there are still doubts in the streaming community regarding theauthenticity of some players. It is suspected that some casinos deliberately manipulate win size and win frequency in favor of some casino streamers. If that's the case, then that's more of an exception.

What are the qualities of a good streamer?

A successfulCasino streamer should above all be entertaining and the opposite of boring. There's nothing wrong with showing your emotions throughout the game, regardless of where the reels stop. The better the entertainment, the higher the number of viewers.

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