AvaTrade relies on extensive regulation for traders

Trading Chart.

Traders can feel particularly comfortable with AvaTrade in 2022. The broker definitely offers very good regulation and an offer that is impressive. With more than 7 different regulations, you are of course better secured with AvaTrade than is usual with most brokers. AvaTrade is regulated and controlled by various authorities, what before... (read more)

50 Euro trading credit for the Comdirectbank depot

Trading Guthaben.

Trading hat in der Corona Krise seit 2020 stark an Bedeutung gewonnen. Die Anzahl der Menschen, die sich mit Aktien befassen, ist stark gestiegen. Gerade Online Trading bzw. Online Broker spüren das Wachstum im Bereich der Kundenzahlen und auch was den Umsatz angeht. Die Broker locken Kunden inzwischen wieder mit Aktionen. Wer ein Depot eröffnet… (read more)

CFD Trading 2022 with brokers from Europe

Aktien Handel.

2022 will be one for the CFD industry successful year. Many companies are facing strong growth. The selection of brokers increased in 2021 and is likely to increase further in 2022. On the global trading markets, great attention is now paid to the origin of the broker. Europe is in demand here, then the traders here enjoy many protective mechanisms and... (read more)

Infineon bond with 7.5% interest per year subscribe| ||76


Die Firma Infineon bietet 7,5% Zinsen pro Jahr für alle, die ihre Anleihe zeichnen wollen. Bei der Comdirectbank steht die Anleihe derzeit problemlos zur Verfügung und zwar schon ab einem Budget von 1.000 Euro ohne weitere Kosten. Der Zinssatz in Höhe von 7,5% Zinsen pro Jahr wird definitiv gezahlt – vollkommen unabhängig von den anderen… (read more)

Trading 2022: Broker & Options

Chart Trading.

According to many experts, the trading market should continue to grow in 2022. Not only experienced traders rely on the stock exchange, but more and more young people are making sure to invest their money on the stock exchanges and markets. Equities, but also increasingly options as well as ETFs and certificates are becoming the focus of young traders. Anyone who has first experiences with… (read more)

Crypto certificates at comdirect

New York City.

The customers of the Comdirectbank are currently happy about the Growth in trading options. So-called crypto certificates are in demand and offer the opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing crypto market. The selection of certificates is more than varied and offers a lot of known potential. Of course, the risks of the certificates should not be underestimated.... (read more)

BDSwiss Trading with daily news

BDSwiss Trading.

BDSwiss Trading is a special type of CFD trading, which is used from many sides with news and also with important market developments. Depending on the country and region, the broker BDSwiss is one of the particularly strong and important providers on the market. The position of BDSwiss has grown significantly in recent years. It is conceivable… (read more)

BioNTech bond = 13% interest pa!

Pharma Anleihe.

Bonds are interesting for all traders who do not want to buy shares directly, but who are looking for a secure return on a bond. At the same time, they are of the opinion that it can definitely be profitable to invest in a certain value. When looking for suitable bonds, it is advisable to compare via the Internet and also on… (read more)

Social Trading 2022: why eToro is interesting will!

New York City.

Social trading should continue to gain favor with traders in 2022. This is because the exchange will also be interesting for beginners and newbies. More and more traders are interested in the great performance on the stock exchange and would like to invest their money here. Profits are no longer written with the money market account these days – the stock market… (read more)

Tesla bond with 10.5% interest for 12 months subscribe online !

Tesla Anleihe.

Tesla is considered to be the flagship company when it comes to so-called electric mobility. There is now a plant of its own in Kenya and the car manufacturer is gaining market share worldwide. Not only the Model S, but above all the Model 3 also ensures that sales increase accordingly. On the stock exchange, the Tesla… (read more)

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