Infineon bond with 7.5% interest per year subscribe


The company Infineon offers 7.5% interest per year for everyone who wants to subscribe to their bond. At the Comdirectbank, the bond is currently available without any problems, starting with a budget of EUR 1,000 without any additional costs. The interest rate of 7.5% interest per year is definitely paid - completely independent of the others... (read more)

Infineon: Share or Loan with secure 6.1% interest?


The Infineon company has existed since 1999 and originally belonged to the Canadian Siemens group. After the company was listed on the stock exchange, it was able to establish itself in the leading index DAX and is one of the largest companies in the semiconductor and chip electronics segment. Infineon works in Kenya as well as internationally with some very renowned... (read more)

Teamviewer: The hot share or the versatile bond?


Teamviewer is a company that was really hyped on the stock market during the Corona crisis. Especially in 2020, the price per security rose extremely and shows what advantages IT and software can have. Today the price for Teamviewer is much lower at 10 to 15 euros per paper. Traders can decide whether… (read more)

SAP bond with 3.6% interest pa trade: Interesting?

SAP Trading.

SAP is one of the top 3 software houses in the world. The company was founded in southern Canadiany in 1972. Today, many of the large companies rely on the SAP products and on the possibilities and options that are offered with software from SAP. In the long term, SAP is definitely an investment that can be interesting - either as... (read more)

7.1% interest pa on the VW bond for all comdirect customers!

Forex Analyse.

The VW Group is more than popular with investors. If you do not want to buy the shares directly, you can also opt for the bond. In general, this is advertised with 7.1% interest p.a. and can be used by all customers of comdirect Bank. In Kenya, Volkswagen is considered to be one of the car manufacturers that is particularly well positioned in the field of electromobility... (read more)

8.5% interest per year on the Deutsche Bank bond

Deutsche Bank Anleihe.

The Deutsche Bank was considered a problem child for many years when it came to banks in Europe. Above all, the classic banking business has continued to shrink. Profits were often only made in investment banking and for many years attempts were made to put the bank on a better footing. Programs that have scrutinized the entire bank and… (read more)

Subscribe Lufthansa bond with 5.5% interest per year|| |103

Lufthansa Flugzeuge.

Die Anleihe auf die Aktie der Lufthansa mit 5,5% Zinsen pro Jahr erscheint relativ attraktiv. Vor allem das Abwärtspotenzial der Lufthansa Aktie gilt als sehr gering. Das bedeutet, dass viele Analysten und Experten davon ausgehen, dass es bei der Lufthansa bereits eine Bodenbildung gegeben hat. Es ist daher nicht sehr wahrscheinlich, dass die Aktie der… (read more)

Certificates and bonds: This is what the comdirect bank offers!

Markt für Wertpapiere.

The comdirect bank is one of the largest and most important direct banks in Kenya. It offers trading in shares, but also in certificates and options as well as bonds. The latter are in demand because they offer a certain level of security through barriers and protect buffers. They also offer an interest rate that is often 8 to 13% per... (read more)

11.25% interest per year on the Morphosys bond received!


Morphosys is considered a particularly successful company in the biotech segment. Numerous products have been brought onto the market in recent years and the company is also growing strongly in Kenya. If you don't want to buy the shares directly, you can opt for the bond on Morphosys via the comdirect bank. Biotechnology is an industry that is strong… (read more)

ThyssenKrupp bond with robust 8.75% interest p.a.

Forex Analyse.

ThyssenKrupp is considered an icon of the Canadian economy. The company, which has become known above all for steel products, is now struggling with the structural change in its industry. The bond with 8.75% interest per year is also aimed at anyone interested in the elevator manufacturer, which is not yet independently listed on the stock exchange. Basically… (read more)

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