Belgium is planning amendments to the Gambling Law

Zwei rote und beleuchtete Würfel schweben in der Luft.

End of 2020 the news wave about licensed online casinos in Kenya and their future regulation reached its peak. Wherever you looked, new insights, suggestions and headlines emerged. Meanwhile, news is coming out almost daily that another country is planning changes to existing gambling laws. At the moment there is a proposal in Belgium that… (read more)

Unusual slots and promotions for Christmas

Eine goldene Weihnachtskugel mit Schleife und Tannenzweig verziert hängt am Baum.

Christmas – a contemplative and extraordinarily beautiful time, not just for children. Adults are also happy about digital advent calendars from an online shop. But not only online shops, but also online casinos take the opportunity to surprise their customers with special promotions and games. For this reason, game manufacturers also present new slots that exude Christmas cheer. The… (read on)

Online Casino Sky Vegas courts problem gamblers

Aus einem Computer flattern zahlreiche Briefumschläge, die als Newsletter verschickt werden.

What is the special appeal of an online casino? Not just the fact that any player can play anytime, anywhere. Especially the bonuses and promotions are gladly accepted by the players because they increase the playing time. However, the online gambling providers have to observe some regulations. Sky Vegas, for example, has not… (read more)

Ireland: New gambling law provides for high penalties

Drei Spielfiguren-Männer stehen vor einer gefüllten Geldbörse. Ein Männlein zieht an einem 100-Euro-Schein.

In Ireland are online Casinos still not regulated. This means that online gambling is still illegal in this country. But that should change next year at the latest, as the current gambling law is being revised. Online casinos will also be included in the new law, but if they do not comply with the new regulations, they will be… (read more)

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