Brazil: Gambling shortly before legalization

In einem Casino stehen mehrere Roulette-Tische, die von vielen Spielern besucht sind.

Hardly another country has taken that many decades to authorize gambling for its own country. We are talking about Brazil, which still does not have a valid gambling law, but is about to do so. At least the majority of the House of Representatives has approved legalization. Brazil is one step further with regard to the planned gambling law. Now all that's left to do… (read more)

Brazil declares war on lootboxing

Ein Jugendlicher sitzt mit Kopfhörern vor dem PC. Im Hintergrund ist auf dem Bildschirm ein Videospiel zu sehen, das verschwommen erscheint.

While in many countries online for the first time Gambling has been legalized or newly regulated, other countries are declaring war on the loot boxes. Strictly speaking, these are not games of chance, but they can trigger a gambling addiction. This is the opinion of many experts, which is why Brazil is currently taking tougher action against them. There are even countries that already have loot boxes as… (read more)

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