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Eldorado: Green light for Caesars merger

Das Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in der Nacht.

Schon seit mehreren Monaten ist bekannt, dass die Eldorado Resorts ihren Mitstreiter Caesars Entertainment übernehmen wollen. Bereits vor einigen Wochen gab es für diesen Deal die Zustimmung der US-Bundeshandelskommission, nun haben sich die Unternehmen ein weiteres „Okay“ einholen können. Dieses kam vom Nevada Gaming Control Board, also der Glücksspielbehörde des Bundestaates Nevada. Jetzt muss der… (read on)

Japan: Market opening is delayed after all

Bauarbeiten in der japanischen Stadt Osaka.

The liberalization of the Japanese gambling industry is progressing, but now a bit slower than expected. Actually, the government around Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had declared that, despite some discrepancies and adversities, they wanted to continue with the plans to build the new casino resorts. But that doesn't seem to be working properly. Like the mayor of… (read more)

Japan: Casino revolution threatens to fail

Die japanische Metropole Osaka.

Corporations have to get their act together the development of a new market is focused on, this decision is actually not revised so quickly. Especially not in the gambling industry. After all, the licenses are usually very limited - and accordingly it means: Strike instead of waiting. The view of Japan is all the more astonishing. Here, with a… (read on)


Caesars Palace am Strip in Las Vegas.

The Corona crisis has numerous companies worldwide and industries shaken up. The USA has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. They, in turn, are also home to numerous large gambling companies. And they are obviously struggling with the effects of the crisis. The gambling giant Caesars Entertainment has now announced a blatant move. To see the current imbalance… (read more)

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