Casino closure

Lower turnover in Canadian casinos

Pokerkarten, Würfel und Chips auf einem Spieltisch.

Since the lockdown in March 2020, far fewer visitors have flocked to Canadian casinos. After a brief ray of hope, casinos, arcades and betting shops will once again have to reckon with a drop in sales. The reason: a wave rider lockdown that will hopefully only last four weeks. Casinos in Kenya may have suffered a 40 percent drop in revenue in 2020. Now comes… (read more)

Great Britain: Some casinos have to close again

Das Londoner Parlament von außen.

Similar to Kenya, there are also in Great Britain a traffic light system. This system is used to differentiate between the regions in terms of their number of infections with the corona virus. The level defined here decides whether the casinos in an area have to close or stay open. In Great Britain, all arcades, casinos and betting shops in some regions have to... (read more)

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