Atlantic City wants to ban smoking in casinos

Der Strand von Atlantic City mit seiner typischen Casinoarchitektur und dem Riesenrad.

On Total smoking ban in all Atlantic City casinos is on the cards. Should this plan be implemented, experts fear not only a decline in customer numbers, but also job cuts. All of this would also entail a tax loss for the state. It could soon be a… (read more)

Brazil: Gambling on the verge of legalization

In einem Casino stehen mehrere Roulette-Tische, die von vielen Spielern besucht sind.

Hardly another country has taken that many decades to authorize gambling for its own country. We are talking about Brazil, which still does not have a valid gambling law, but is about to do so. At least the majority of the House of Representatives has approved legalization. Brazil is one step further with regard to the planned gambling law. Now we just have to... (read on)

Wynn will soon be represented in the Arab Emirates

Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.

It's still just a plan , which will certainly soon be put into practice: the famous Wynn gambling group would like to open a luxury resort in the Arab Emirates. When it came to the location, Wynn opted for a very unusual place: the resort is to be built on the artificially created island of Al Marjan. Wynn is planning a luxury resort… (read more)

Italy is planning similar gambling rules to Kenya

Zwei Männer im Anzug sitzen an einem Glücksspieltisch, auf dem Karten, Würfel und Getränke stehen.

A few days ago it was publicly announced that Italy wants to set new gambling rules. Some details have already been revealed, which are very similar to the Canadian regulations. Of course, the goal is always the same: increase player safety and prevent gambling addiction if possible. At the same time, however, the Italian state does not want to reduce tax revenue from gambling. Italy is planning a… (read more)

Macau retains previous licenses

Das Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau.

For a long time it was unclear whether the for Macau granted licenses remain valid in the future. Now, to the relief of the gambling operators and also to the relief of the players, the positive news came that everything seems to be staying the same in Macau. At least this statement applies to some gambling providers in Macau. Macau has new gambling rules. To… (read more)

Sweden wants to reduce the betting limit

Auf einem abgedunkelten Smartphone liegt ein Zehn-Euro-Schein.

Sweden's players were allowed a lower amount at online deposit casinos than they used to before. As a reason, the government mentioned player safety, which should be given special attention during the corona pandemic. According to a new report, the current betting limit is to be reduced again. Sweden is planning to increase the weekly betting limit again… (read more)

Italy: Casino in Campione about to reopen

Der Hafen von Campione d´Italia bei Nacht.

Tue The corona pandemic has caused a great stir in the last two years. The gaming industry in particular was affected by the restrictions and was usually the last to reopen. There were also some local casinos and arcades that had to close forever due to the lockdowns. However, despite the corona pandemic, there are also rays of hope, such as Campione in... (read more)

Crown Casinos have to pay a million AUD fine

Sydney mit seinem berühmten Opernhaus.

It seemed as if the negative headlines regarding Crown Casinos were over. And it also seemed as if this gambling company could soon open the already built casino in Barangaroo. According to a new report, there is a setback and Crown Casinos has to pay a million AUD fine. How does this penalty affect Barangaroo… (Read more)

Responsible Gaming Certification goes to Melco


Gaming fans have many options to enter Find a legal casino that offers high security when playing. Proof that a casino is safe lies in its license. If a casino does not have a license, it could be an unsafe gambling provider. Another option is to look at the awards you have received. The Responsible Gaming Certification is… (read more)

Suncity Closes Effective Immediately

Macau mit seinem typisch extravaganten Architekturstil.

The junket company Suncity Gaming Promotion Company Limited has closed its business effective December 10th closed. This was by no means unfounded. Suncity, or the head of this group, has recently been under strong criticism. He was also arrested as part of an investigation. That may have been the deciding factor, which is why all shops are now closed. The… (read more)

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