Corona in the USA: Nevada decides to make masks compulsory again

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

Die Hoffnung, dass die Corona-Pandemie endgültig vorbei ist, hat sich zerschlagen. In den USA sind die Zahlen neuer Infektionen relativ schnell in die Höhe geschnellt, weshalb Nevada erneut die Maskenpflicht einführt. Dies betrifft auch die Casinos. Mit welchen Folgen müssen die Casinofans in den USA rechnen?

MGA hopes for herd protection through vaccination

Eine Frau mit Maske steht rechts vom Coronavirus.

The corona virus has been raging for almost 1.5 years and has caused considerable damage. Nobody expected that the pandemic would spread so quickly and that even longer lockdowns would not bring the desired success. The gambling industry in particular has been hit hard as this is the area where the longest lockdowns have been imposed. When the casinos opened, they were… (read more)

Casinos in Kenya will soon be open again

Ein Roulettetisch, bei dem zahlreiche Spielchips gesetzt wurden. Eine rechte Hand setzt gerade neue Chips.

Finally, they are also falling in Kenya Incidence numbers and loosening are announced again and again. Below a certain incidence limit, the federal states can decide for themselves when and which industry will open. Outdoor gastronomy is often allowed to open first, but sometimes casinos and arcades are also affected. We give a small overview of when the casinos in Kenya will start with a… (read more)

Las Vegas in normal operation from June

Las Vegas: MGM, das New York-New York und die Achterbahn.

Während die deutschen Casinos und Spielhallen immer noch auf eine Öffnung warten, sieht es in den USA anders aus. Zumindest in Nevada dürfen die Casinos ab Juni wieder in den Regelbetrieb übergehen. Das wurde vom amtierenden Gouverneur so entschieden. Welche Maßnahmen damit verknüpft sind, möchten wir kurz erläutern. Las Vegas Casinos dürfen ab Juni komplett… (read more)

Caesars demands billions from insurance companies

Ein Einkaufszentrum im Caesars Palace.

The corona pandemic and the associated Lockdowns are having a significant impact on casinos around the world. Most of them have had to post large losses in sales, while some have already partially closed their businesses. The casinos are now trying to minimize the financial losses in a creative way: While Corona aid is sometimes being applied for in Kenya, the casinos in the USA are suing their insurance companies.... (read more)

Westspiel is waiting for corona help

Ein Rouletterad, bei dem die Kugel auf der roten 23 steht.

It's no longer a secret: The gaming industry was hit by the corona pandemic and hit particularly hard by the repeated lockdowns. Many of the local casinos and arcades do not offer their gambling online. This means: As long as the casinos are closed, no income is generated. For this reason, the casinos have to come up with some ideas... (read more)

Gauselmann criticizes the British government

Die unbesetzten Spielautomaten einer Spielhalle.

Every country is going differently with the corona pandemic. Depending on the current situation, a lockdown has been set, which runs for different lengths of time. Many governments keep extending the lockdown, which logically leads to displeasure among the population and the economy. The gambling industry, which has been closed for five months in Kenya, for example, has been particularly hard hit. In… (read more)

Las Vegas: Update on the current situation

Die Casinos Palazzo, Venetian und Mirage von Las Vegas.

Lately there has been exciting news about Las Vegas. Some of this news will alarm any casino fan, while other news will raise new hopes. However, even experts cannot estimate how the casino resorts in Las Vegas will continue. There is a lot going on in Las Vegas: Some casinos offer their own corona tests, while Sands takes its casinos… (read more)

Illegal gambling in Europe zu

Blackjack Karten und Spielchips.

During the first lockdown last year, many countries created new laws and regulations aimed at preventing illegal gambling. This was not without reason, since many players migrated to illegal online casinos during the closed casinos and arcades. But that's not all: In Kenya, for example, online casinos were long considered illegal. Therefore… (read moreThe Lotter

Corona pandemic 2020: effects on casinos worldwide

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

The year 2020 was only a few days old when the first reports around the world regarding the corona virus. And it took just as few days until the first casinos were affected and had to close. But what effects did the corona pandemic have on the casinos in the individual countries? Now at the end of 2020 you can… (read more)

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