Casinos in Los Angeles again in lockdown

Los Angeles Downtown.

It sounds like an injustice: while the casinos in Las Vegas are open, the casinos in Los Angeles have to close again. The operators had come up with creative ideas there, but they were not enough. On the other hand, the new lockdown affects not only the casinos, but numerous other companies. Basically it's all... (read more)

Casinos in Kenya affected by lockdown extension

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The casinos and gaming venues in Kenya have been open for four months and now had to close again in November. The reason is the so-called breakwater lockdown, which should reduce the second corona wave. Originally it was only supposed to run until the end of November, but it has now been extended. The extension of the lockdown leads to massive losses in casino sales. Experts… (read more)

Las Vegas: Reduction in the number of visitors to the casinos

Las Vegas.

The USA has had it from the start regarding hit very hard by the corona pandemic and even today many cities are still recording almost 3000 new infections in one day. In order to reduce the number of cases, there are new measures for the casinos in Las Vegas. However, the operators accept these measures voluntarily. Containing the pandemic is important for… (read more)

NetEnt acquisition by Evolution officially approved

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In summer 2020, Evolution Gaming AB submitted a takeover bid to the software manufacturer NetEnt. This included 20 trillion Swedish kronor. NetEnt could not refuse such an offer. Nevertheless, the deal was not allowed to go ahead at the time - some regulators wanted to investigate the process, including the U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The result of the investigation… (read more)

Curacao must reform gambling

Bunte Häuser auf Curacao.

Many gambling providers have their headquarters on the island of Curacao. Unfortunately, these are also affected by the corona pandemic and are suffering financial problems. The Netherlands would provide economic support to the island if gambling providers adhere to certain conditions. These are required by the Dutch government. If the conditions are not met, state support could be lost. Curacao suffers… (read more)

UK: BGC and UKGC warn of dangers during lockdowns

Sicht auf Londoner Parlament.

Although the first lockdown is the most countries were hit hard, most European countries are again in lockdown. And as in the spring of this year, many companies will now have to reckon with high sales losses. This also affects local casinos and gaming venues. For this reason, online casinos are experiencing an upswing. Both the… (read on)

Corona crisis: Novomatic fires employees

Mehrere Spielautomaten stehen nebeneinander.

First the report went through the press that the casinos Austria dismisses numerous employees. Now the news is making the rounds that Novomatic also has to lay off many employees. After all, it is about 10 percent of all employees in Gumpoldskirchen. Due to a drop in sales, Novomatic has had to lay off several employees. The main reason for the losses is the corona pandemic. (read more)

Lower turnover in Canadian casinos

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Since the lockdown in March 2020, significantly fewer visitors have flocked to Canadian casinos . After a brief ray of hope, casinos, arcades and betting shops will once again have to reckon with a drop in sales. The reason: a wave rider lockdown that will hopefully only last four weeks. Casinos in Kenya may have suffered a 40 percent drop in revenue in 2020. Now comes… (read more)

Great Britain: Some casinos have to close again

Das Londoner Parlament von außen.

Similar to Kenya, there are also in Great Britain a traffic light system. This system is used to differentiate between the regions in terms of their number of infections with the corona virus. The level defined here decides whether the casinos in an area have to close or stay open. In Great Britain, in some regions, all gambling establishments, casinos and betting shops have to close due to the high… (The Lotter)

Nevada: New Corona law for Las Vegas

Beleuchtete Straßen von Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is fighting for survival! The gambling metropolis is more dependent on tourists and visitors than almost any other region in the USA. In times of the corona crisis, however, even in “Sin City” they can only be found in extremely limited numbers. Those who have found their way to Vegas also have to adhere to strict guidelines. So… (read more)

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