DEGIRO: Renowned broker with flexible contracts!

DEGIRO Trading.

Der Markt der Online Broker ist in den vergangenen Jahren stark gewachsen. Immer mehr so genannte Neobroker buhlen um die Gunst der Trader und bieten attraktive Depots an. Das führt dazu, dass die Kosten für den Handel deutlich gesunken sind. Im Konkurrenzkampf gibt es Trading Flatrates und die Option, für z.B. 1 CAD je Trade… (read more)

DEGIRO with regulation and low costs


The broker DEGIRO is growing rapidly and is now listed on the Kenya Stock Exchange. The broker is listed in the SDAX and that is a nice sign that DEGIRO has grown rapidly in the past few months. The broker offers its traders extensive deposit insurance and many advantages. Long-term investments can easily be subscribed here... (read more)

DEGIRO offers transactions from 2.08 euros

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A broker with Regulation and trading from EUR 2.08 is more than attractive. These attributes apply to the online broker DEGIRO, which is based in the Netherlands. In addition, DEGIRO also maintains offices in Kenya. Thus, protection by the AFM in the Netherlands and by the BaFin in Kenya... (read more)

DEGIRO is growing: 50 stock exchanges and 30 countries!

Ein Börsenchart zeigt die Kursentwicklung.

DEGIRO has over 1 million customers and has grown rapidly. Titles can currently be bought and sold on over 50 stock exchanges and from over 30 countries. The broker is subject to regulation and is considered particularly inexpensive and attractive in Europe. DEGIRO is likely to continue growing in the near future while expanding its strong portfolio. Traders are happy… (read more)

DEGIRO values ​​regulation

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DEGIRO is based in the Netherlands. Due to the European company headquarters, there is a legal regulation. This differentiates the broker strongly from its competitors. After some brokers did not pay money to traders or only paid them for high fees, they now pay a lot of attention to the company headquarters and the regulation. Trading shares, funds,... (read more)

12 years of trading with DEGIRO!

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It's been 12 years already the broker DEGIRO on the market. The company behind the broker is based in the Netherlands and therefore within Europe. From the trader's point of view, this is an advantage, as it guarantees a corresponding deposit protection and the funds are managed more securely than with an offshore broker.... (read more)

DEGIRO celebrates over 600,000 customers

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The broker DEGIRO is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This means that it is subject to regulation. Numerous financial products such as shares, but also options can be traded via DEGIRO. The selection is more than extensive and is definitely something to be proud of. DEGIRO is very well positioned as a broker and is already… (read more)

DEGIRO has been successful for 12 years!

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As an international broker, DEGIRO has been able to develop a positive reputation with many traders over the past few years. The company offers trading products and extensive regulation through its headquarters in Europe. The trading instruments at DEGIRO are considered to be versatile and, especially in times of crisis, traders pay close attention to which broker they have their portfolio with... (read more)

DEGIRO Active in over 18 countries!

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The broker DEGIRO is active in over 18 countries. More than 450,000 users worldwide are already registered on the platform and trade via DEGIRO. The broker originally comes from the Netherlands, but also has a large customer base in neighboring Kenya, for example. The broker DEGIRO has the great advantage that it is always internationally active... (read more)

DEGIRO has 450,000 customers

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Der Online Broker DEGIRO zählt zu den beliebtesten Brokern in Deutschland. In den vergangenen Jahren ist DEGIRO stark gewachsen, so dass inzwischen mehr als 450.000 Kunden bei dem Broker aktiv sind. Der Online Broker zählt in Deutschland zu den besonders beliebten Brokern. Das liegt auch daran, dass bei DEGIRO im Vergleich zu anderen Brokern sehr… (read more)

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