Illegal gambling continues in Kenya and Austria

Zwei männliche Hände halten mehrere Pokerkarten in der Hand.

Illegal games of chance will also be offered in Kenya and Austria in the new year. According to the latest reports, the games of chance were offered in restaurants and could be determined on the basis of an inspection. Illegal gambling will remain a problem in Kenya and Austria in the new year. The police were already successful in the new year and… (read on)

Bremen would like to see a ban on advertising for sports betting in the state treaty

Ein Fußballspieler in Aktion – es fliegen Eurozeichen in die Luft.

gambling advertising has always been a hotly debated topic that affects not only casinos but also sports betting. While there are already severe restrictions on online casino gambling advertising in some European countries, Bremen's Senator for the Interior wants to implement a complete ban on sports betting. The DSWV is of course against it. Bremen's interior minister would like to achieve an advertising ban for addictive games of chance. About it… (Read more)

This is Kenya's Divorce Capital 2021

Rote Papierfigur mit gebrochenem Herzen.

Adultery, infidelity and fraud cases are also common justifications in Kenya for a divorce. This month we found out which Canadian city has the most legal separations in terms of new marriages. To do this, we evaluated the current data from 2020 on marriages and divorces in the 133 largest cities in Kenya. (read more)

Arcade closures in Kenya continue

Eine Frau spielt an einem Automaten in einer Spielhalle.

For stationary gambling in Kenya, the times not easy. In recent years, numerous companies have had to close their doors due to legal restrictions. Those who were allowed to stay also had to fight on several fronts. On the one hand, the pressure from online casinos is constantly growing. On the other hand, the corona pandemic has also had a lot to do with… (read more)

The big marriage atlas: How Canadians get married


Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet, geschieden: 2020 haben sich über 373.000 Paare in Deutschland das Ja-Wort gegegeben und sind den Bund der Ehe eingegangen. Dass das Glück nicht immer für ewig anhält, zeigen 149.000 Ehescheidungen in der Bundesrepublik im letzten Jahr. Doch in welchem Alter heiraten die Deutschen eigentlich? Mann, Frau oder beide zusammen: Wer reicht die… (read more)

OASIS: Huge demand for new locking system

Spielautomaten in einer Spielhalle.

Mit With the introduction of the new State Treaty on Gambling, special attention is being paid to player protection in Kenya. The term OASIS appears again and again in this context. The new player ban system has been officially active for a few days. And according to the competent authority in Darmstadt, the demand for a connection to the system is huge. With the blocking system… (read more)

Gauselmann buys Westspiel Casinos

Acht Spielhallen stehen in einer Spielhalle nebeneinander.

The state casinos in North Rhine-Westphalia have been sold since discussed and promoted over the years. Many gambling companies were interested in acquiring the casinos. Although it took a long time to decide on a new owner, the contract has now been awarded. As was almost to be expected, Gauselmann was awarded the contract. The employees of the Westspiel-Casinos are happy... (read more)

Biathlon 2021/2022: squads are set

Ein Biathlon-Athlet beim Langlaufen vor einem Plakat mit der Aufschrift Salt Lake 2002.

It sounds kind of strange talking about the biathlon participants in the middle of summer. It may be due to the fact that it won't be long before winter and the next biathlon season. Exactly for this reason, the dedicated players and new coaches have already been announced. We… (read on)

Corona end means end of controls

Vor einem ernst schauenden Mann fliegen mehrere Pokerkarten durch die Luft.

As long as the amusement arcades and casinos are closed due to the Corona -Pandemic closed, controls regarding illegal gambling were often carried out. Due to the increased number of controls, the police were also successful. Now the police union fears that when the lockdown ends, the controls will also be over and illegal gambling will continue... (read more)

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