Entain expands its range in Canada with the acquisition of Avid Gaming

Tennismatch in einem voll besetzten Stadion.

The gambling industry is not only very exciting due to the diverse range of games on the Internet. It never gets boring because gambling companies buy each other or merge with each other. Thanks to these takeovers, a provider's product range is not limited to just one country - rather, it is possible through mergers that certain games can be found in other... (read more)

Entain geht nicht an DraftKings

Ein leeres Fußballstadion, in dem weder Spieler noch Zuschauer vorhanden sind.

A few weeks ago there was an announcement that DraftKings was interested in Entain. The former would have offered the second-named company several billion US dollars, which the group wanted to pay with both cash and shares. As surprising as the offer was made at the time, DraftKings withdrew its offer. The takeover negotiations between Entain and DraftKings are… (read more)

Entain also offers high player protection for e-sports

Zwei Hände, die einen Controller für Play Station halten.

One has almost the impression that every casino news is only about player protection: Most countries have modified their gambling laws in order to be able to offer a sufficiently high level of player protection. We have already explained in another article that various security features are often used. Now the point is that Entain also has its… (read more)

Entain introduces its own betting limits

Auf einer Computertastatur liegt ein gelber Tennisball. Unter dem Ball liegen viele 1- und 2-Euro-Münzen.

Although most countries already started to set betting limits for online games of chance last year, the gambling provider Entain has created its own betting limits. The company has been working on this program for 18 months. Thus, Entain even anticipates the change in the law. We would now like to explain what the betting limit at Entain looks like. For months, Entain has been working on a… (read more)

BetMGM and Borussia Dortmund enter into cooperation

Eine Fahne vom BVB weht im Wind.

Although many gambling groups are merging and it It is also completely normal for sports betting providers to work with popular sports clubs. What is unique, however, is that BetMGM is now working with Borussia Dortmund. This is the first time in the history of sports betting that an American and a Canadian company are collaborating closely. BetMGM would now like to work even more closely with Borussia Dortmund…. (read more)

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