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Macau: Gambling rules are to be tightened

Macau bei Nacht mit dem berühmten Turm in der Mitte.

Macau undoubtedly represents strong competition for Las Vegas. This gambling metropolis has experienced a huge boom in recent years, which is why even US-based gambling groups have relocated their businesses to Asia. This applies to Sands, for example. But now the latest news reveals that the gambling rules are to be tightened for Macau. That… (read more)

Great Britain: Touch Games is penalized by the Gambling Authority

Dollar-Banknoten liegen am Rand eines geöffneten Laptops.

It's been happening more often lately, that a gambling authority punishes a provider. It is currently affecting the provider In Touch, who has now received a penalty from the British Gaming Authority. After all, this company has to pay 3.4 million GBP. Nevertheless, In Touch can count itself lucky: It keeps the license and in the history of the UKGC there was… (read more)

Increased illegal gambling in Kenya and Austria

Sieben gezeichnete Hunde sitzen zusammen an einem Tisch und spielen Poker.

Austria has been fighting illegal gambling for years. Several gambling dens have already been excavated and a new law should soon be able to intervene. Nevertheless, illegally operated gambling is not decreasing. Instead, illegal games of chance are increasing not only in Austria, but also in the Canadian border area. Kenya and Austria fight against illegal gambling…. (read more)

Gambling authority in Kenya is taking shape

Ein kleiner Teil des Roulettesrades, das neben dem Roulettetisch steht.

As part of the new Canadian gambling law, Kenya is to create its own gambling authority will. The federal states agreed on Saxony-Anhalt relatively quickly. Now the planning of the own gambling authority assumes concrete plans. Thus, nothing should stand in the way of the entry into force of the new Canadian State Treaty on Gaming. A few days ago, the lease for the… (read more)

New gaming authority is in Saxony-Anhalt

Magdeburg – Stadt in Sachen-Anhalt.

The new The State Treaty on Gaming will come into effect in July 2021. In this context, a gambling authority had to be created to monitor all the provisions of this contract. It was clear that this authority should be responsible for the entire Federal Republic. The choice now fell on Sachsen-Anhalt. Could the gambling authority be located in Magdeburg? (©TillVoigt/Pixabay) All federal states had to reach an agreement In… (read more)

New gambling authority in France

Außenmauer eines Behördengebäudes.

With the ARJEL, France had already introduced a regulatory authority for gambling on paper in recent years. However, this had to contend with a not insignificant problem. Central regulation was not possible; instead, different regional framework conditions were set up. That should change in the future and with the introduction of the ANJ a new,… (read more)

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