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Great Britain: Gamblers at risk of addiction should be protected with Gamstop

Eine mit Handschellen gefesselte Person bedient eine Computertastatur.

Die Spielersicherheit steht in jedem Land an erster Stelle. Deshalb gibt es viele Ideen, wie suchtgefährdete Spieler geschützt werden können. In Großbritannien wurde nun eine weitere Idee entwickelt, die vor Spielsucht schützen soll. Entwickelt wurde diese Idee gemeinsam vom britischen Glücksspielverband und Gamstop. Der britische Glücksspielverband BGC arbeitet mit Gamstop zusammen, um an Spielsucht gefährdete… (read more)

UKGC fines Genesis Global millions

Der Londoner Palast im Morgengrauen.

Die britische Aufsichtsbehörde ist bekannt dafür, dass sie streng vorgeht und auch sehr hohe Geldstrafen ausspricht. Im aktuellen Fall trifft es Genesis Global Limited, die sich nun mit einer Geldstrafe in Höhe von 3,8 Millionen britischen Pfund konfrontiert sehen. Der Grund: Dieser Glücksspielanbieter soll gegen mehrere Regeln verstoßen haben. Auch in Deutschland sind Internet Casinos… (read more)

Great Britain focuses on creditworthiness checks again

Auf einem Smartphone liegen mehrere zusammengerollte 100-Euro-Scheine.

There are many ways to prevent or at least minimize problem gambling. Because of this, all countries are very creative to increase player safety. If the security measures are strengthened, gambling addiction would be reduced. At least that's what governments think. Great Britain had already considered carrying out a credit check on the players. Now it's about again... (read more)

Flutter increases security, especially when it comes to youth protection

London bei Nacht mit beleuchtetem Big Ben.

Great Britain is one of the countries that particularly operates strictly in the field of gambling. For this reason, the government already promised two years ago to revise the gambling law. First and foremost, it was about one point that is important to all countries: player safety. Despite the promise of the rework, Flutter is already responding and making changes... (read more)

Entain does not go to DraftKings

Ein leeres Fußballstadion, in dem weder Spieler noch Zuschauer vorhanden sind.

Vor A few weeks ago, the message was published that DraftKings was interested in Entain. The former would have offered the second-named company several billion US dollars, which the group wanted to pay with both cash and shares. As surprising as the offer was made at the time, DraftKings withdrew its offer. The takeover negotiations between Entain and DraftKings are… (read more)

Lottoland and Tipico penalized by two different countries

Auf einem Tisch liegen mehrere Lottoscheine.

Gaming regulators not only have the task of issuing new licenses. You must also verify that licensed gambling operators comply with the license requirements. If this is not the case, there are sanctions that can even lead to the withdrawal of the license. Before that, however, there are penalties or a warning. Here the providers are given the chance to... (read more)

Great Britain: BGC wants a mediator

Drei Schiedsrichter stehen nebeneinander und sind von hinten zu sehen.

The British The Gambling Association wants a change that not only benefits players, but also the industry and gambling operators. An ombudsman is to be appointed who will act as a mediator between several bodies. We explain the background. The British Gambling Association calls for an ombudsman. This takes on similar tasks as a referee. (©KeithJJ/Pixabay) Gambling Act… (read more)

Britain: But no betting limit

Ein Rouletterad, bei dem die Kugel auf der 0 zum Liegen kam.

Gambling is experiencing in the UK a reform. Originally it was planned to introduce a betting limit. After all, one already exists in most other EU countries. But as it looks at the moment, the UKGC does not want to plan a betting limit. We would like to explain why this is and what measures are planned instead. According to a poll… (read more)

Football Index has to pay out players

Zwei Beine und Fußball. Im Hintergrund weitere Fußballspieler, die verschwommen sind.

In March of this year, a completely unexpected message went through the media: Football Index has filed for bankruptcy. The company had tried to prevent this with a number of measures. Unfortunately, this idea did not lead to success. Now another message comes as a surprise: Football Index has to reimburse some losses. After filing for bankruptcy, Football Index must… (read more)

Entain introduces its own betting limits

Auf einer Computertastatur liegt ein gelber Tennisball. Unter dem Ball liegen viele 1- und 2-Euro-Münzen.

Although most countries already in the While last year began setting betting limits for online gambling, gambling operator Entain created its own betting limits. The company has been working on this program for 18 months. Thus, Entain even anticipates the change in the law. We would now like to explain what the betting limit at Entain looks like. For months, Entain has been working on a… (Read More)

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