Ibiza Affair

Casinos Austria: Another Allegation Regarding the Ibiza Affair|| |49

Außenansicht der Casinos Austria Filiale in Baden.

Obwohl die Ibiza-Affäre ihren Ursprung im Jahr 2017 hat, wurde sie erst im Jahr 2019 bekannt. Diese Affäre führte unter anderem zum Rücktritt vom ehemaligen Vizekanzler Heinz-Christian Strache und zum Rücktritt von Johann Gudenus, der damals als Nationalratsabgeordneter tätig war. Seit Bekanntwerden des berühmten Videos, das auf Ibiza gedreht wurde, laufen die Ermittlungen. Unter anderem… (read on)

Ibiza affair: Austria's finance minister was questioned

Glücksspielautomaten in einer Spielhalle.

For more than a year, regular surveys have been carried out to break up the Ibiza affair. So far, no important information could be obtained. Now the committee hoped to get interesting evidence from a survey of the Austrian finance minister. But this also literally threw a spanner in the works for the committee. Blümel had to appear before the Ibiza Committee. The interrogations… (read on)

Investigations into the Ibizia affair continue

Ein gezeichneter Gerichtssaal mit Richter, Staatsanwalt und Ausschuss.

The new year is barely a few weeks old , the investigations into the Ibiza affair are already going on. This time the manager of Novomatic is interrogated as a witness and the focus is on the topic of sponsorship. We reveal whether there are already results of the investigation and how it could go on. The investigation into the Ibiza affair continues…. (read more)

Exciting affairs in the gambling industry

Ein 20-Euro-Schein hängt auf einer Leine zum Trocknen.

Player safety has been a focus of government and gambling associations for years. Because of this, there are always new regulations on how to protect players. However, these rules do not prevent corruption and fraud from happening. The casino operators are no exception here. We have briefly summarized the most interesting fraud cases from this year. In the year… (read more)

Layoffs at Casinos Austria

Nach Farbe sortierte Chips-Stapel für Casinos.

Austria was one of the first countries to experience high Covid19 was struggling with infection numbers. As a result, many on-site casinos suffered a drop in revenue. Due to the losses, the company Casinos Austria AG now has to lay off several employees. This could be 400 to 600 employees. Due to poor sales figures, the Casinos Austria AG group has to... (read more)

New facts about Novomatic regarding the Ibiza affair

Drei Spielautomaten nebeneinander.

The Ibiza affair has kept all casino fans in suspense since 2019. In some cases, Novomatic was suspected of multiple bribes, which could not be proven. Now the case seems to be different: Chat histories have been published that substantiate previous allegations against Novomatic. If this evidence is correct, Novomatic could have been behaving incorrectly since 2005. There is new evidence… (read more)

Novomatic records a decline in sales

Spielautomaten stehen in Spielhallen, Casinos und anderen öffentlichen Locations.

Many companies and corporations suffered during the Corona shutdown significant loss of sales. As a rule, these arose when a store was closed or a group suffered a drop in orders. However, no one could have guessed that it would also affect a large corporation like Novomatic. However, there seem to be other reasons why Novomatic is generating less revenue in 2020. The… (read more)

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