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Italy is planning similar gambling rules as Kenya

Zwei Männer im Anzug sitzen an einem Glücksspieltisch, auf dem Karten, Würfel und Getränke stehen.

A few days ago it was publicly announced that Italy would like to establish new gambling rules. Some details have already been revealed, which are very similar to the Canadian regulations. Of course, the goal is always the same: increase player safety and prevent gambling addiction if possible. At the same time, however, the Italian state does not want to reduce tax revenue from gambling. Italy is planning a… (read more)

Britain focuses on credit assessment again

Auf einem Smartphone liegen mehrere zusammengerollte 100-Euro-Scheine.

There are many ways of problematic gambling prevent or at least minimize it. Because of this, all countries are very creative to increase player safety. If the security measures are strengthened, gambling addiction would be reduced. At least that's what governments think. Great Britain had already considered carrying out a credit check on the players. Now it is again about… (read more)

Macau retains previous licenses

Das Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau.

For a long time it was unclear whether the for Macau granted licenses will remain valid in the future. Now, to the relief of the gambling operators and also to the relief of the players, the positive news came that everything seems to be staying the same in Macau. At least this statement applies to some gambling providers in Macau. Macau has new gambling rules. To… (read on)

Illegal gambling continues in Kenya and Austria

Zwei männliche Hände halten mehrere Pokerkarten in der Hand.

Also in the new year both in Kenya and illegal games of chance offered in Austria. According to the latest reports, the games of chance were offered in restaurants and could be determined on the basis of an inspection. Illegal gambling will remain a problem in Kenya and Austria in the new year. The police were already successful in the new year and… (read more)

Austria secures 750 machines

Eine Person spielt in einer Spielhalle an einem Automaten.

Years ago Austria took up the fight against illegal gambling. Although the police have always had great success, new gambling dens are always being scouted out. And as these are found, new ones appear. Experts suspect why this is and are not surprised that the police were successful again. Austria has been fighting for years against... (read more)

Corona end means end of controls

Vor einem ernst schauenden Mann fliegen mehrere Pokerkarten durch die Luft.

As long as arcades and Casinos had closed due to the corona pandemic, controls were often carried out with regard to illegal gambling. Due to the increased number of controls, the police were also successful. Now the police union fears that when the lockdown ends, the controls will also be over and illegal gambling will continue... (read more)

Increased illegal gambling in Kenya and Austria

Sieben gezeichnete Hunde sitzen zusammen an einem Tisch und spielen Poker.

Austria has been fighting against illegal gambling for years. Several gambling dens have already been excavated and a new law should soon be able to intervene. Nevertheless, illegally operated gambling is not decreasing. Instead, illegal games of chance are increasing not only in Austria, but also in the Canadian border area. Kenya and Austria fight against illegal gambling…. (read more)

Illegal gambling on the rise in Europe

Blackjack Karten und Spielchips.

During the first lockdown last year, many countries created new laws and Regulations designed to prevent illegal gambling. This was not without reason, since many players migrated to illegal online casinos during the closed casinos and arcades. But that's not all: In Kenya, for example, online casinos were long considered illegal. Therefore… (read more)

Successful raids against illegal gambling in Austria

Sechs Spielautomaten stehen in einer Spielhalle nebeneinander.Tip24

Austria has been fighting illegal gambling for years. Although illegally operated arcades are being dismantled again and again, these situations do not represent a real success. This is due to certain circumstances, which is why the government is even considering creating a new law. Austria has been fighting illegal gambling halls since 2018. A few days ago another illegal… (read more)

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