Credit card payments at William Hill no longer possible

Eine Person hält mit der linken Hand den Geldbeutel und holt mit der rechten Hand eine Kreditkarte raus.

Not only the countries themselves, but also the gambling operators are doing their best to protect players from gambling addiction or harm from gambling. For this reason, William Hill has now announced that its players are no longer allowed to use credit cards. This eliminates a very popular and important means of payment. At the moment, William Hill is the only provider… (Betclic)

Ireland: New gambling law provides for high penalties

Drei Spielfiguren-Männer stehen vor einer gefüllten Geldbörse. Ein Männlein zieht an einem 100-Euro-Schein.

In Ireland online casinos are still not regulated. This means that online gambling is still illegal in this country. But that should change next year at the latest, as the current gambling law is being revised. Online casinos will also be included in the new law, but if they do not comply with the new regulations they will have to… (read more)

Ireland is making changes to the Gambling Act next

neu glueckspielgesetz

Sports betting in particular is very popular in Ireland and has been for several decades. Actually it can be said that every Irishman grows up with sports betting. Because even the children are taken to the racecourse on Sundays and public holidays. Given this information, is it any wonder that the gambling law in force in Ireland is also several decades old? So it became… (read more)

Ireland: Gambling Act has been newly regulated

Zwei Pferde mit Jockeys in einem Pferderennen.

Since December 1st, Ireland has had a new one gambling law. However, the previous law has not been completely revised, only a few important paragraphs have been added or changed. All of this was done to increase consumer protection. Given that the current gambling law dates back to 1956, it was a necessary matter. Ireland has the existing… (read more)

Credit cards in online casinos under criticism

Mehrere Kreditkarten auf einem Haufen.

The British gambling authority UK Gambling Commission has has caused a stir on the market several times in recent years with serious decisions. This trend continues. 2020 also started with a real bang for the British industry. Because the use of credit cards in gambling was banned in April 2020. Not only are affected… (read more)

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