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World Poker Tour to get new owner

Pokerkarten, Spielchips und Geldbündel.

Bislang glaubten Pokerfans, dass die WPT von Element Partners gekauft wird. Der Kauf war theoretisch schon abgeschlossen, lediglich die Aktionäre hätten noch zustimmen müssen. Jetzt kommt eine neue Meldung: Womöglich erfolgt dieses Geschäft doch nicht, da nun Bally´s Corporation ebenfalls ein Kaufangebot unterbreitet hat. Die WPT soll verkauft werden. Allied Esports hatte bisher nur ein… (read more)

Las Vegas: Current Situation Update

Die Casinos Palazzo, Venetian und Mirage von Las Vegas.

Lately there are exciting news about Las Vegas. Some of this news will alarm any casino fan, while other news will raise new hopes. However, even experts cannot estimate how the casino resorts in Las Vegas will continue. There is a lot going on in Las Vegas: Some casinos offer their own corona tests, while Sands has its casinos… (read more)

Las Vegas Sands has new ones CEO

Blick auf den Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

Las Vegas Sands owner Sheldon G. Adelson died on January 11 after a long illness. The illness was the reason why he resigned from his post before his sudden death. Robert Goldstein was appointed as the new CEO. We would now like to explain the visions he is pursuing with the Group. After the sudden death… (read more)

Positive development for casinos in Nevada

Blick aus der Luft auf Las Vegas bei Nacht.

Last year the gaze fell with horror on the USA. There the number of infections rose massively. Aside from fatalities to be mourned, the gambling industry has also suffered some losses. This was not only due to the week-long closures of the casinos. Visitor numbers also fell after the casinos reopened. Now could finally be a turning point... (read more)

Corona Pandemic 2020: Effects on casinos worldwide

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

The year 2020 was only a few days old when the first reports about the corona virus went around the world. And it took just as few days until the first casinos were affected and had to close. But what effects did the corona pandemic have on the casinos in the individual countries? Now, at the end of 2020, you can… (read more)

Las Vegas: reduction in the number of visitors to the casinos

Las Vegas.

The The USA was hit very hard by the corona pandemic right from the start, and even today many cities are still recording almost 3,000 new infections in one day. In order to reduce the number of cases, there are new measures for the casinos in Las Vegas. However, the operators accept these measures voluntarily. Containing the pandemic is for… (read more)

WSOP enters its final round

Royal Flush mit bunten Chips.

This year hasn't been for anyone normal year. This also applies to the local casinos. These had to close again and again and open again after a short opening. What else could players do but turn to an online casino? It was similar with the popular poker tournaments, for example the… (read more)

Las Vegas: Sands withdraws from USA

Stadtansicht von Las Vegas.

Für Las Vegas ist es eigentlich normal, dass immer wieder Casinos geschlossen und neue Casinos eröffnet oder gar neu gebaut werden. Eine Nachricht wirkt sich trotzdem schmerzlich auf Casinofans aus: Das berühmte Casino-Unternehmen Sands möchte sich aus Las Vegas zurückziehen. Wohin die Reise gehen soll, möchten wir in diesem Artikel erläutern. Der Glücksspielriese Sands zieht… (read more)

Las Vegas employees are laid off despite good sales

Casino-Hotel-Resort in Las Vegas.

Conflicting reports are currently being published : On one side there is news reporting very high turnovers in the Las Vegas casinos. On the other hand, there are now reports that a hotel and casino operator is not only laying off employees, but is still keeping casinos closed. Although sales are slowly stabilizing in Las Vegas, must… (read more)

Nevada: New Corona law for Las Vegas

Beleuchtete Straßen von Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is fighting for survival! The gambling metropolis is more dependent on tourists and visitors than almost any other region in the USA. In times of the corona crisis, however, even in “Sin City” they can only be found in extremely limited numbers. Those who have found their way to Vegas also have to adhere to strict guidelines. So… (read more)

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