Macau keeps previous licenses

Das Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau.

Long time it was unclear whether the licenses granted for Macau would remain valid in the future. Now, to the relief of the gambling operators and also to the relief of the players, the positive news came that everything seems to be staying the same in Macau. At least this statement applies to some gambling providers in Macau. Macau has new gambling rules. To… (Bethard)

Macau: Gambling rules are to be tightened

Macau bei Nacht mit dem berühmten Turm in der Mitte.

Macau undoubtedly represents strong competition for Las Vegas. This gambling metropolis has experienced a huge boom in recent years, which is why even US-based gambling groups have relocated their businesses to Asia. This applies to Sands, for example. But now the latest news reveals that the gambling rules are to be tightened for Macau. That… (read more)

Ukraine: First problems with the new gambling law

Die ukrainische Stadt Lviv.

Almost every country in Europe has this for the first time Gambling legalized and channeled, so to speak. This applies in particular to online casinos. These were banned in most countries and are therefore permitted for the first time. Such a statement also applies to the Ukraine – there has only recently been a… (read more)

Ibiza affair: Austria's finance minister was questioned

Glücksspielautomaten in einer Spielhalle.

For over a year, regular surveys have been carried out to resolve the Ibiza affair. So far, no important information could be obtained. Now the committee hoped to get interesting evidence by questioning the Austrian finance minister. But this also literally threw a spanner in the works for the committee. Blümel had to appear before the Ibiza Committee. The surveys… (read more)

Las Vegas: Sands withdraws from USA

Stadtansicht von Las Vegas.

It's actually normal for Las Vegas that casinos are closed again and again and new casinos are opened or even newly built. One piece of news, however, has a painful effect on casino fans: the famous casino company Sands wants to withdraw from Las Vegas. In this article we would like to explain where the journey should go. Gaming giant Sands is pulling… (read more)

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