Brazil declares war on lootboxes

Ein Jugendlicher sitzt mit Kopfhörern vor dem PC. Im Hintergrund ist auf dem Bildschirm ein Videospiel zu sehen, das verschwommen erscheint.

During In many countries, online gambling has been legalized or newly regulated for the first time, other countries are declaring war on loot boxes. Strictly speaking, these are not games of chance, but they can trigger a gambling addiction. This is the opinion of many experts, which is why Brazil is currently taking tougher action against them. There are even countries already using loot boxes as… (read more)

Apple and Google are fighting lawsuits over gambling apps

Ein geöffneter Laptop zeigt die Googleseite.

During Many countries are legalizing online gambling and introducing new betting limits and other restrictions in connection with this, corporations like Google and Apple have to deal with lawsuits. Allegedly, these corporations would make apps available that players could use to access illegal gambling offers. This means that these corporations are also adjusting to the new situation... (read more)

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