Portugal: No more gambling advertising during the day

Links liegen zwei Karten und drei Stapel mit Chips – daneben steht ein Mann, der die Dinge betrachtet.

Europe Countries react individually to increase player protection in their own country. While some are lowering the betting limit, other countries are attempting to make gambling safer by banning advertising. This decision has now also been made in Portugal: there should be no more gambling advertising during the day. Gambling groups are allowed to talk about the possibilities of online gambling… (read more)

Spanish Gaming Authority: Gambling is not a concern

Plaza Callao, Madrid.

Spain was one of the first countries to introduce new regulations and rules in the first lockdown. These were intended to increase player protection as many played more during the lockdown. It was also the case that young people also started to gamble. For this reason, for example, advertising in Spain has been drastically restricted. Now published… (read more)

The gambling law is being reconsidered in Great Britain

Britische Flagge.

Great Britain announced that it would reconsider the existing gambling law and if necessary wanting to revise. One reason is that the current law dates from 2005 and therefore does not address the current situation. Although the government wants to give several months for the review, there is already some information that could change... (read on)

Canadian public prosecutor's office is investigating against online casinos

Mann hält Tablet in Hand und freut sich über Geldscheine.

No online casino probably expected this: the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office is investigating against some online casinos. In addition, the focus is on sports betting providers and lottery companies that not only offer state lotteries. Large and well-known companies are primarily affected. But not every affected group is mentioned publicly. The Frankfurt public prosecutor's office is going against online casinos, sports data providers and lottery providers... (read more)

Casinos in Spain: advertising restrictions do not apply to state providers

Bingo-Karte und Mann mit Geld in der Hand.

A new law will soon come into force in Spain: It is intended to regulate advertising restrictions for casinos. These restrictions apply to both online casinos and land-based casinos. However, one division was excluded: the state providers of games of chance. They can continue to advertise without restriction. Spain imposes advertising restrictions on gambling. However, these only apply to… (read more)

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