Macau retains previous licenses

Das Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau.

Long time it was unclear whether the licenses granted for Macau would remain valid in the future. Now, to the relief of the gambling operators and also to the relief of the players, the positive news came that everything seems to be staying the same in Macau. At least this statement applies to some gambling providers in Macau. Macau has new gambling rules. To… (Read more)

Responsible Gaming certification goes to Melco


Gaming fans have many options to find a legit casino, which offers a high level of security when playing. Proof that a casino is safe lies in its license. If a casino does not have a license, it could be an unsafe gambling provider. Another option is to look at the awards you have received. The Responsible Gaming certification is… (read more)

Suncity is closing with immediate effect

Macau mit seinem typisch extravaganten Architekturstil.

The junket company Suncity Gaming Promotion Company Limited has closed its business effective December 10th. This was by no means unfounded. Suncity, or the boss of this company, has recently been under strong criticism. He was also arrested as part of an investigation. That may have been the deciding factor, which is why all shops are now closed. The… (read more)

Macau: Gambling rules are to be tightened

Macau bei Nacht mit dem berühmten Turm in der Mitte.

Macau undoubtedly represents strong competition for Las Vegas. This gambling metropolis has experienced a huge boom in recent years, which is why even US-based gambling groups have relocated their businesses to Asia. This applies to Sands, for example. But now the latest news reveals that the gambling rules are to be tightened for Macau. The… (read more)

China punishes online casino players

Auf einer Laptop-Tastatur liegen eine Kreditkarte, zwei rote Würfel und Spielchips.

China is almost the only country where gambling has always existed are still forbidden. While other countries have regulated gambling both locally and online to increase player protection, China continues to rely on penalties. These affect not only the providers of online gambling, but also the players. Impunity is currently being offered to those affected. China… (read more)

Las Vegas: Update on the current situation

Die Casinos Palazzo, Venetian und Mirage von Las Vegas.

Lately there has been exciting news about Las Vegas. Some of this news will alarm any casino fan, while other news will raise new hopes. However, even experts cannot estimate how the casino resorts in Las Vegas will continue. There is a lot going on in Las Vegas: Some casinos offer their own corona tests, while Sands its casinos… (read more)

Corona Pandemic 2020: Impact on casinos worldwide

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

The year 2020 was only a few days old when the first news about the corona virus started to spread around the world. And it took just as few days until the first casinos were affected and had to close. But what effects did the corona pandemic have on the casinos in the individual countries? Now, at the end of 2020, you can… (read more)

Las Vegas: Sands withdraws from USA

Stadtansicht von Las Vegas.

For In Las Vegas, it is actually normal for casinos to be closed again and again and new casinos opened or even newly built. One piece of news, however, has a painful effect on casino fans: the famous casino company Sands wants to withdraw from Las Vegas. In this article we would like to explain where the journey should go. The gambling giant Sands moves… (read more)

Close cooperation between Gauselmann and Fortuna Düsseldorf

Merkur-Spielarena in Düsseldorf.

Basically, the gambling group Gauselmann works and the football club Fortuna Düsseldorf have been together for years. The Merkur Arena football stadium, sponsored by Gauselmann, was rented by Fortuna Düsseldorf a long time ago. Now the time has come for the two to enter into even closer cooperation. The Gauselmann group is now working even more closely with Fortuna Düsseldorf and has become an exclusive partner. (©shouplade/Pixabay)… (read more)

Casino Eldorados suffer a drop in sales

Exklusive Gebäude in Las Vegas.

Macau and Las Vegas have several things in common: they represent the Eldorados of casinos, even if this is the case is the case on different continents. Now they have the second thing in common: They had to accept a drop in sales this year. These were not only achieved during the closing times due to the corona virus. Unfortunately, even after the reopening, there were fewer... (read more)

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