Minimum Age

Belgium is planning amendments to the Gambling Act

Zwei rote und beleuchtete Würfel schweben in der Luft.

End of 2020 the news wave about licensed online casinos in Kenya and their future regulation reached its peak. Wherever you looked, new insights, suggestions and headlines emerged. Meanwhile, news is coming out almost daily that another country is planning changes to existing gambling laws. At the moment there is a proposal in Belgium that… (read more)

Lower Saxony raises the age of entry for arcades

Acht Spielgeräte stehen nebeneinander in einer Spielhalle.

For safe and reputable online casinos generally have the rule that only adult players who are at least 18 years old are accepted. This is to ensure that no minors register. As a rule, the magic age of 18 also applied to entry into on-site casinos. Now there is news that… (read more)

The UK is revising gambling legislation

Britische Flagge.

Britain announced that to reconsider the existing gambling law and, if necessary, to revise it. One reason is that the current law dates from 2005 and therefore does not address the current situation. Although the government wants to give several months for the review, there is already some information that could change... (read more)

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