Italy: Legal gambling should be strengthened - Novomatic on board|| |49

Zwei Gondeln fahren durch Venedig – links ist die Kathedrale zu sehen.

In Italien wurde eine neue Studie erstellt, deren Ergebnis nicht wirklich überrascht: Das legale Glücksspielangebot soll erhöht werden, um das illegale Glücksspiel zu bekämpfen. So sehen es zumindest die Glücksspieler selbst. Die Argumente sind nicht von der Hand zu weisen. Zufälligerweise dehnt zum gleichen Zeitpunkt Novomatic seine Präsenz in Italien aus. Italiens Bevölkerung möchte legale… (read more)

Greentube available online in the USA

Ein für Atlantic City – New Jersey – typisches modernes Gebäude.

The corona pandemic with its many lockdowns has clearly shown how popular online casinos are. It's no wonder that many gambling companies are shifting their product range to the online area or expanding their existing online range. Novomatic also pursued this idea, at least its subsidiary Greentube: The offers of the Austrian gaming group will soon be available in the USA. Greentube offers… (read more)

Study proves: online casinos in Austria are winners of the pandemic

Ein Spielautomat, dessen drei Walzen auf Triple Diamond stehen.

Most people already suspect this have: During the corona pandemic, most gambling providers generated losses. This was of course primarily due to the month-long closures, so that many players took advantage of the online casinos. But what about the corporations that not only offer casinos and arcades on site, but also operate online... (read more)

Ibiza- Affair: Novomatic clears up about donations

Eine Person hält mehrere 500-Euro-Scheine in der Hand.

The investigations into the Ibiza affair are still ongoing. A few days ago, important people were questioned again, from whom it was hoped that an explanation would be given. However, the committee came to a completely different conclusion than originally thought. For example, it was explained when Novomatic distributed donations and to whom they were allowed to go. In summary, there was… (read on)

Ibiza affair: Austria's finance minister was questioned

Glücksspielautomaten in einer Spielhalle.

For more than a year, regular surveys have been carried out to break up the Ibiza affair. So far, no important information could be obtained. Now the committee hoped to get interesting evidence from a survey of the Austrian finance minister. But this also literally threw a spanner in the works for the committee. Blümel had to appear before the Ibiza Committee. The surveys… (read on)

Novomatic: Johann Graf transfers assets to son Thomas

Bürokomplex mit Glasfassade und Mitarbeitern in Büros.

Johann Graf, founder of the Gaming company Novomatic has created a real empire for itself. The 74-year-old is considered a multiple billionaire and has managed to turn the Austrian company into a real giant in international gaming. Now a generation change is looming in the empire. At least around a fifth of his assets in the holding company Novo Invest… (read more)

Investigations into the Ibizia affair continue

Ein gezeichneter Gerichtssaal mit Richter, Staatsanwalt und Ausschuss.

The new year is barely a few weeks old when the investigations into the Ibiza affair continue. This time the manager of Novomatic is interrogated as a witness and the focus is on the topic of sponsorship. We reveal whether there are already results of the investigation and how it could go on. The investigation into the Ibiza affair continues…. (read on)

Corona Pandemic 2020: Effects on casinos worldwide

Las Vegas Strip bei Nacht.

The year 2020 was only a few days old, when the first reports about the corona virus went around the world. And it took just as few days until the first casinos were affected and had to close. But what effects did the corona pandemic have on the casinos in the individual countries? Now, at the end of 2020, you can… (read more)

Exciting affairs in the gambling industry

Ein 20-Euro-Schein hängt auf einer Leine zum Trocknen.

Player safety has been a priority for years Government and gambling associations focus. Because of this, there are always new regulations on how to protect players. However, these rules do not prevent corruption and fraud from happening. The casino operators are no exception here. We have briefly summarized the most interesting fraud cases from this year. In the year… (read more)

Corona crisis: Novomatic fires employees

Mehrere Spielautomaten stehen nebeneinander.

First the press reported that Casinos Austria was laying off numerous employees. Now the news is making the rounds that Novomatic also has to lay off many employees. After all, it is about 10 percent of all employees in Gumpoldskirchen. Due to a drop in sales, Novomatic has had to lay off several employees. The main reason for the losses is the corona pandemic. (read more)

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