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Auf einem Laptop liegt eine kleine Lupe, unter dem Laptop liegen Geldscheine und Geldmünzen.

Glücksspielkonzerne befinden sich generell auf Expansionskurs. Einigen gelingt das geplante Vorhaben, während andere ihre Ziele nicht erreichen. Auf Flutter Entertainment trifft letzteres nicht zu, denn nun wurde bekannt, dass in Griechenland mehrere Portale von Flutter Entertainment online gehen. Hierzu zählt unter anderem das bekannte Portal PokerStars. Flutter Entertainment darf in Griechenland sowohl Online Casinos als… (read more)

Lower Saxony raises the age of entry for arcades

Acht Spielgeräte stehen nebeneinander in einer Spielhalle.

For safe and reputable ones Online casinos generally have a policy of only accepting adult players who are at least 18 years old. This is to ensure that no minors register. As a rule, the magic age of 18 also applied to entry into on-site casinos. Now there is news that… (read more)

Italy is planning similar gambling rules as Kenya

Zwei Männer im Anzug sitzen an einem Glücksspieltisch, auf dem Karten, Würfel und Getränke stehen.

Few days ago publicly announced that Italy wants to establish new gambling rules. Some details have already been revealed, which are very similar to the Canadian regulations. Of course, the goal is always the same: increase player safety and prevent gambling addiction if possible. At the same time, however, the Italian state does not want to reduce tax revenue from gambling. Italy is planning a… (read more)

Britain focuses on credit assessment again

Auf einem Smartphone liegen mehrere zusammengerollte 100-Euro-Scheine.

There are many ways of problematic gambling prevent or at least minimize it. Because of this, all countries are very creative to increase player safety. If the security measures are strengthened, gambling addiction would be reduced. At least that's what governments think. Great Britain had already considered carrying out a credit check on the players. Now it's about again... (read more)

Sweden wants to reduce the betting limit

Auf einem abgedunkelten Smartphone liegt ein Zehn-Euro-Schein.

Sweden's players were allowed a lower limit during the corona pandemic Deposit amount at online casinos than you were used to before. As a reason, the government mentioned player safety, which should be given special attention during the corona pandemic. According to a new report, the current betting limit is to be reduced again. Sweden is planning to increase the weekly betting limit again… (read more)

Toto-Lotto GmbH wants to start online casino

Ein Roulette-Rad von oben fotografiert – die Kugel steht auf der roten 23.

Es New casinos are constantly being opened locally. It is just as normal when there are new online casinos. Some of these are run by well-known gambling groups, after other online portals from the same provider work without any problems. On the other hand, it is new and rare when a lottery company comes up with the idea of ​​starting its own online casino... (read more)

Online provider Sisal to be bought by Flutter

Der Dom in Mailand mit vielen Besuchern.

Flutter has decided to acquire Italy's dominant online gambling operator: Sisal. The clear goal behind this is to become the market leader in every country. Flutter is prepared to incur high costs for this. But not only Flutter is looking forward to the takeover, Sisal is also enthusiastic about it. Sisal was founded in Milan… (read more)

Players recover losses due to multiple judgments

Auf mehreren Geldscheinen liegt ein großer Stapel mit Münzen.

Who gambles must expect that he not only wins but also loses. To minimize this risk, gambling providers keep increasing their security options. But what happens when a player has lost an enormous amount of money? Lately there has been an increase in court rulings that gambling providers have to use to reimburse losses. But that's just… (read on)

Unusual slots and promotions for Christmas

Eine goldene Weihnachtskugel mit Schleife und Tannenzweig verziert hängt am Baum.

Christmas – a contemplative and extraordinarily beautiful time is not only for children. Adults are also happy about digital advent calendars from an online shop. But not only online shops, but also online casinos take the opportunity to surprise their customers with special promotions and games. For this reason, game manufacturers also present new slots that exude Christmas cheer. The… (read more)

Netherlands: Negative results of inspection of arcades

Ein mobiles Türschloss schwebt vor einem Bild mit vielen Zahlen.

A few weeks ago the gambling regulator in the Netherlands announced that they were stepping up checks will be carried out. Of course, player safety was the priority here. However, it should also be checked whether the provisions of the Gambling Act are being observed. After all, gambling has only recently been legalized in Holland. Therefore one cannot necessarily assume that already… (read more)

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